Your Retreat Package

If a participant chooses to forgo any services included the retreat package, they do so of their own volition and are not entitled to a refund for the services not used. This includes meals, hotel accommodations, excursions, transportation, and any other package inclusions as listed on the retreat web page.

Registration & Occupancy Type

We do our best to honor your registration choice. If we cannot fulfill the occupancy type that you selected due to enrollment pairings and/or minimums, we will notify you 90 days prior to your trip.

Single accommodations include a private room and bathroom (unless otherwise indicated). Shared accommodations are 2 - 3 people of the same gender. If group accommodations are listed as a registration type, please note we must have a minimum of 4-7 participants of a single gender who have selected group occupancy in order to offer this option. The group minimum requirement will be indicated on your registration form.


Initial deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable

50% of payments are refundable up to 90 days before program excluding initial deposit

89 days prior to a program, tuition is non-refundable

Full tuition is refunded if the trip is canceled due to low enrollment.

True Nature is not responsible for any loss incurred due to currency conversion rates.

Group Shuttles/Flight Windows

Most True Nature trip packages include group ground transportation to and from the retreat center.

In order to utilize these group shuttles, Participants' flights must fall within the flight window guidelines we provide in our confirmation and "Time to book your flight" emails.

If a participant chooses to forgo this transport, books flights that do not coincide with our provided program flight windows, or arrives/departs from a different location than the provided pick-up and drop-off point, the participant is responsible for arranging their own transport and covering any associated costs.

In the event that the actual arrival time does not coincide with our windows (such as in the case of flight cancellation or delay,) participants will incur the expense of alternative transport.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Policies are subject to change.