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Tips on How to Travel With Your Bike on an Adventure

traveling with your bike on an adventure1

You are ready and set to travel with your bike on an adventure. Have you packed all the essentials for your trip? This post will ensure that you do just that. You do not want to find out thousands of miles away from home that you left some essential items. While you want to keep your luggage light and bring as few items as possible, you must not leave out the essentials. It is better to over-pack than to find yourself in the middle of nowhere stranded and desperate. Here is a list of essential items to bring along on your trip.

Essentials packing list and tips on how to travel with your bike on an adventure

traveling with your bike on an adventure1

1. Hydration kit

It is crucial you say hydrated throughout your rides. When travelling, do not assume that you will find shops open. Especially when going on a biking adventure on a trail you have not explored before, it is likely that you will have to ride many miles before you can find an open shop. Bring your water bottle with you. The bigger it is the better. Also bring some electrolytes to add to your water to keep you hydrated for longer and to provide you with the energy you need

2. Cycling shoes

traveling with your bike on an adventure2There are two main types of cycling shoes you can choose from: road shoes or mountain bike shoes. While road cycling shoes are specifically designed to be used for cycling only, mountain bike cycling shoes can be used to both cycle and walk short distances. Cycling shoes offer you better performance and energy efficiency when you are riding than the standard shoes. Bring a pair or two of cycling shoes on your trip. Also, pack a pair of flip flops or standard shoes. No matter how comfortable your cycling shoes are, you will need to get off them at some point especially when not riding.

3. Tool kit

In the bare minimum ensure your tool kit has a pump, multi tool with chain breaker, puncture punches, glue, tyre levers and tubes. If you have some space left, pack some spare spokes, extra links of chain and some nuts and bolts. You will need the tool kit to disassemble and assemble your bike when packing.

Your best mountain bike under 1000 dollars is designed to offer top notch functionality. Similarly the best mountain bike for 500 offers high performance features. However, in case you encounter a puncture in the woods, you will be able to fix it at least in the bare minimum to get you to a trail center or a bike shop. Bring some lube or grease to lubricate your bike whenever necessary.traveling with your bike on an adventure5

4. GPS

Whether on your phone or a separate GPS tracker, you will need the GPS to navigate unfamiliar trails. You can also use it to record your rides and you can relive your adventure when you are back home

5. Cycling gear

These include breathable cycling clothes, helmet gloves, goggles, padded knee and elbow support. Your clothes should be breathable and of high quality fabric. If travelling during the rainy season, bring along a light weight water proof rain jacket. Pack your riding jerseys and t-shirts, socks and a light jacket for when you ride in the evenings or chilly early mornings. Depending on your itinerary, you can pack enough gear for each day. Otherwise if you will have time to clean you can do a few sets of clothes.

6. Camera

This is not a must have but it would be good to be able to capture those heart-warming views for memories sake. Remember to carry an extra pair of camera batteries or a camera charger for longer biking adventure trips.

7. Insect repellant and sunscreen

traveling with your bike on an adventure6You will be out in the trails for the better part of the trip. Bring some insect repellant and apply before starting your rides to avoid having your fun rides and adventurous spirit dampened by insect bites. If you have severe insect bite allergies, consider sticking to open road trails. Also, some sunscreen will come in handy on those hot and sunny days.

8. First aid kit

You never know when you or a fellow rider may need one. You may pack the smallest kit size possible but ensure it has all the essentials of a first aid kit. Bring the first aid kit together with the tool kit on every ride.

9. Lock

Bike theft is rampant across the world. Therefore, pack at least one certified lock for your trip. In fact, it is recommended that you use a minimum of two certified locks to lock your bike. At any point you are not riding whether visiting the washroom or taking a meal break, ensure that you bike is locked.

To successfully travel with your bike on an adventure, you will need to pack all the essentials for your trip. While you want to keep your luggage weight at the minimal, it is important bring with you all the essentials ranging from biking gear and equipment, hydration kit, first aid kit, repair tool kit, GPS to self care essentials.

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