Dolce Vita (Sweet Life)
Umbria, Italy Retreat With Anne Barbaret

Joining Anne on her retreat is to create the space and to make the time for experiencing the practice of yoga on a daily basis for six consecutive days. In this remote place in the Italian hills; you leave behind the stimulation and demands of daily life so that you can truly immerse yourself in the practice of meditation, pranayama and asana.  Anne does not see it as an “escape” but rather a very needed “refuge” where we can nourish & replenish our own selves; and create mindful connections with others & our new environment.

A typical day will start with about an hour of meditation and breath exercises before breakfast; the second part of the morning Anne will take you on an asana practice where she leads you to learn and understand how to be a practitioner of yoga rather than just a doer of poses. After lunch, and some free time we will regroup for an afternoon session before dinner. 

Anne’s teachings are rooted in the BKS Iyengar lineage and she is inspired in bridging her yoga practices with her vipassana meditations & Zen Buddhist personal studies. She is a certified Iyengar teacher in San Francisco, CA where she has lived for the last 28 years after leaving France.

  • 6 nights accommodations 
  • 3 meals per day starting with dinner on the first night and ending with breakfast on the last day
  • Group Ground Transportation to/from Rome Airport to Retreat Center
  • Daily yoga practices
  • Personal retreat time (having time to nap, explore, walk, read, and just be)


In the heart of green Umbria, this hidden gem is tucked amongst the rolling hills. This charming farmhouse has been restored according to the principles of bio-architecture and is ideal for those interested in truly retreating from the world. Get closer to nature and spend your retreat coming into harmony with the natural rhythms of life at this eco-friendly wellness center. With 17 historic rooms, a pool of vitalizing water, three stunning yoga rooms, a restaurant with wonderful vegetarian cuisine, and lots of beautiful outdoor space.  to enjoy this is a venue not to be missed! 

The interiors of the farmhouse are in typical Umbrian style, with terracotta floors and exposed beams and bricks. The center is furnished with an original mix of classic and ethnic, which gives charm and elegance to your retreat experience. In their luscious park, surrounded by oaks trees, the swimming pool of natural waters is an amazing privilege. The pool is in the form of a natural pond, surrounded by volcanic boulders, and consists of three basins connected to each other by a system of rocky cascades. It is a place to rejuvenate and find true wellness, with a large Jacuzzi in the center. 

This remote Tuscan farmhouse is the perfect place for a nature holiday in the green heart of Italy, with its untouched landscapes lined with historic towns. The closest village is a 15 minute walk. The retreat center is available year-round, giving you access to Italy throughout all of its breathtaking seasons.

Anne Barbaret

Anne Barbaret made the San Francisco Bay Area her home in 1995 when she moved from France.

She got her teaching credentials from the Iyengar Institute of San Francisco, the oldest Iyengar teacher-training program in the United States; she is a Certified Teacher (Level 2). She continues her ongoing studies with Senior Iyengar teacher Pete Thomson, and practices Vipassana meditation. The integration of her mindful practices are applied in a way to make students understand how to approach their practice and poses, so that they can develop the skills to work on their own.

As a teacher, Anne encourages her students in finding the benefits of Yoga individually, leading her class with passion & skills (with a hint of French accent!). She is attentive to everyone’s needs & physical limitations. Anne feels very inspired by the Iyengar yoga style which reveals in each one of us what we need to focus and work on the most while being fun and fulfilling! 

When not on the mat, you will find Anne swimming in the San Francisco Bay or hiking the Marin Headlands or cruising in the city on her bike. She spends a few months in France every year to visit family and friends.


“Anne is a wonderful yoga teacher. She’s studied Iyengar yoga for years and knows how to teach students of all ages, capabilities and levels of experience. Her classes are focused, yet fun. I always feel better after a yoga practice with Anne. I would recommend her highly!” -A.

“This was an enlightening and effective immersion into the Iyengar style of yoga, which is new to me.  Anne was a focused and passionate teacher.  I have been practicing “vinyasa flow” for about 10 years and now I see (and feel!) the distinctions.  Now that I’ve returned to my daily routine and vinyasa practice, I’ve noticed my back is much stronger.  My back was never “weak” but I do feel some added strength that came from the Iyengar poses.” -L.

“The concentration, continuity and consistency that I received from being a part of Anne Barbaret’s Yoga Retreat in St-Briac sur Mer moved me 3X farther in my Iyengar Yoga practice than if I had not gone.  I already have next year’s retreat calendared.” -J.

There are so many beautiful and wonderful adventures you can take advantage of during your stay. This venue is located in the beautiful countryside of Umbria. The closest village is Castel Giorgio; a 15 minute walk. While on your retreat you will also have the opportunity to take part in adventure activities and wonderful excursions. Some of the possible options include:

  • Italian cooking course
  • Wine tasting on an Italian vineyard
  • Olive oil tasting at a local olive grove
  • Day tours of local villages and historic sites
  • And more!

*Price of activities are not included in tuition

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Getting There 

You will be booking your flights for the Rome International Airport (FCO). Before booking tickets, please be sure you have received your official confirmation note that the retreat has met its minimums. There will be one group airport shuttle each way based on our flight window guidelines. Be sure your flights align with the provided flight windows if you wish to use the group shuttle. The drive time to the center is approximately 2 hours.

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A non-refundable $35 Payment Processing Fee will be added to the tuition rate upon registration.

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