Looking for a different kind of climbing trip? The intention of this trip is to have fun, learn and leave feeling more psyched on climbing than ever before. Hazel will be teaching mental training tools to help you with fear of falling, fear of failure and how to find flow on the wall. Hazel’s approach is holistic and whilst performance results are important her coaching is predominantly focused on enabling you to get the most out of your climbing. Climbing is more fun when you are focused on what you’re doing in a present and determined way. If you are susceptible to saying ‘take’, not climbing to your limit or being distracted whilst climbing then this is the trip is for you.

Hazel FindlayHazel will be teaching specific workshops throughout the holiday, however, she’ll also allow time to let you climb freely and test what you’ve learned. There will also be time for specific one on one coaching and she will provide you with a post-trip plan so you know how to keep the ball rolling once the trip is over.

Kalymnos, Greece has been called the mecca for rock climbers. Located on the Aegean Sea, this island is covered in some of the world’s best limestone and offers endless vertical routes and striking overhangs. Your climbs will feature unbelievable views of the crystalline ocean, so join us and soak in the beauty that makes Greece one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

When you’re not climbing, take advantage of the opportunity to explore this untouched Greek island. Dine on delicious, fresh Greek cuisine; go snorkeling in the warm Aegean Sea; explore the local villages on foot, bus, or scooter; tour ancient Greek ruins; wander the orchards and gardens of Vathi; take a day trip to one of the neighboring islands; or simply sit back and relax!

  • 6 Nights Accommodations
  • 2 meals per day
  • Round-Trip Group Transport to/from the Port
  • Climbing Practices
  • Personal Retreat Time (having time to nap, explore, walk, read, and just be)


This luxurious hotel in Kalymnos, Greece sits by the sea and has unrivaled access to some of the best climbing spots in the world. Practice your climbing skills at the Grande Grotta, relax on the warm sands of Masouri Beach, or swim in the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea. Every day will start with a traditional Kalymnian breakfast and end with a delicious Greek dinner. Explore the nearby taverns or escape to the beautiful natural surroundings at this ocean-side Greek boutique hotel. It’s guaranteed to be a week full of un-forgettable adventures!


Hazel has been climbing for 24 years and teaching mental training for 4 years. She has climbed small boulders to big walls. As a junior she used to compete on a national and international level. She has climbed 2 8c’s, was the first women to climb E9 (British trad grade) and has free climbed El Capitan 4 times. She runs workshops all over the world and has a long one-one client list who she teaches remotely or face to face.


“Everything I picked up from Hazel in Kalymnos has been brilliant, really given me the confidence to up my game, much quicker than I was expecting, too!” -Past Retreat Participant

” I’ve just got back from one of the best climbing trips I’ve had in a long time, which was a result of Hazel’s coaching. I climbed with confidence, self-belief, and pure joy! Four weeks with Hazel undid 18 months of mounting fear and I’m absolutely back where I wanted to be: loving being on rock! ” -Past Retreat Participant

“The day with Hazel was time very very well spent. By the end of the day I led a grade harder than I had previously – it was a great feeling! I’m more excited about climbing, I have a set of tools to help me push myself, my abs were killing me and I had a great day! She continues to be supportive. Couldn’t ask for anything more.” – Past Retreat Participant

“I had been struggling with lead climbing for some time and I started to look for ways to get past my plateau. My main issue was a fear of falling so I started to research that topic and I came across a podcast on trainingbeta.com’s website that featured Hazel. In the interview Hazel talked about the mental aspect of climbing and that she was going to begin coaching. I checked out her web page and what she stated about the mental aspect of climbing really resonated with me. I reached out to Hazel in hopes that she would still be taking on new clients. I was happy to hear back from her that she was and I was excited to start this part of my climbing journey.” -Past Retreat Participant

“The length of training was for 6 weeks and after a consult and skype chat we set out some goals. The focus would be on fall practice. I wasn’t sure how remote coaching would work but I was happy with the amount of communication I received from Hazel. I would go through my exercises for the week and report back to her and we would correspond through email and skype about how to move forward. Even though it was through an email I felt Hazel was very attentive and supportive of my progress on the goals we outlined. I also appreciated the approach she takes to fall practice and having a gradual exposure to the practice, it really helped me ease into it.” -Past Retreat Participant

“By the end of the 6 weeks, I was much more comfortable falling on lead and was able to onsight more difficult routes than I had before. I’m still working on my mental game but with the coaching, I received from Hazel I feel I have a better skill set to move forward as I progress on my climbing journey.” -Past Retreat Participant

Kalymnos is a stunning Greek island full of opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and fun! During your retreat, you will have free time to explore all this incredible island has to offer. Some tours and activities that are available on Kalymnos include:

  • Tour the local ruins
  • Shop for some Greek souvenirs
  • Go scuba diving in the Aegean Sea
  • Tour the Island to Vathi on scooter
  • Explore the food markets in Pothia
  • Hike around the island
  • Visit the Cave of Skalia
  • Kayaking trip on the Agean Sea
  • Boat trip to Leros

*Tours and activities are not included in the tuition

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It is a prerequisite for this trip that you are comfortable climbing grades 5.9-5.10. 

Getting There

There are two options for arriving in Kalymnos. You can either fly into Kalymnos Island National Airport (JKL) or take a ferry to the Kalymnos port. We will provide a group shuttle from both the airport and the port to the retreat center. Before booking tickets, please be sure you have received your official confirmation note that the retreat has met its minimums.

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