Welcome to the Yoga, Play Explore retreat – a week of life-changing adventures, fun, and yoga practice in Bali!

Join Jen Daniels, Jack Lynch, and Loren Hardy for a once-in-a-lifetime yoga retreat! This talented trio will guide you through twice daily yoga practices that will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond. Discover the true gifts of yoga through focused asana, pranayama, and meditation balanced seamlessly with playfulness, joy, and love! We will dive deeply into our passion for yoga, on and off the mat.

Picture this…a morning Mysore-style yoga practice followed by a trip to an elephant sanctuary, a reading with a spiritual healer or a trip to the monkey kingdom. Then, a creative Vinyasa yoga practice chock full of hip opening, back bending, and inversions. All of this and add to that three incredibly delicious meals a day! What more could you ask for?

If this sounds like an ideal week in your life, join us in Bali! We can’t wait to practice and live this amazing experience with you!

  • 6 Nights Accommodations in Bali  
  • 3 Whole Foods Meals Each Day 
  • Group Transportation to/from Airport
  • Twice Daily Yoga Sessions
  • Infinity Swimming Pool 
  • Plenty of time to relax and unwind 


The retreat will be held at a boutique hotel and yoga retreat oasis located five minutes outside of the village of Ubud, Bali in Indonesia. The center is  dedicated to creating a place of happiness where groups or individuals can come to relax, adventure, deepen their practices, eat great food, play in the sun and get back to being themselves.

Enjoy a chic yet unpretentious mix of modern and traditional Balinese design, nestled between a serene river on one side and ancient rice terraces on the other. All of the staff on their amazing team come from nearby villages, and will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. The open air yoga studio is on the third floor of the main villa with breathtaking views of rice terraces, traditional temples, coconut trees, and the jungle canopy. After yoga, cool off with a dip in the pool or enjoy a massage, facial or full body treatment in our spa.

The fresh, organic food is a highlight for all of our guests. All the produce is organic and comes from the retreat center’s garden or the local market. A delicious blend of Balinese and Western cuisine is served in the open air, bamboo roof dining area, crafted amazing local chefs. Vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian options are served alongside an amazing array of colorful juices, smoothies, beer, wine and tropical cocktails. Upgrade to Raw meals during the retreat for an additional charge. Juices and other specialty drinks are not included in the retreat package. 

Jen Daniels, RYT 500

Words to live by: “Get wildly enthusiastic about the little things, play with leaves, skip down the street, run against the wind…”  -Leo Buscaglia

Why do I teach yoga?  When asked in teacher training, “Why do you want to teach?” I had to pause. It just seemed like the thing I was supposed to be doing, but why? Yoga and movement brings me joy, invokes my curiosity and leads me to explore. I hope to impart that sense of joy seeking, wanderlust and exploration of both ourselves and the external world to my students. Mindfulness practices have taught me to be more considerate, compassionate, and kind and I hope that my students feel a little more filled with love after every class. 

What’s my teaching style? Our yoga asana practice should feel good in our bodies today and for a long time to come. Therefore, I tend to focus on alignment with the freedom to do what feels right in your body at that moment. Whether teaching a vigorous Vinyasa class or a slow, mindful Yin or Restorative class, I try to invite curiosity of ones body and mind during every practice, sprinkled with a little humor so we remember not to take ourselves too seriously. 

Jack Lynch, E-RYT 500

Words to live by:  “Awareness is the greatest agent for change” — Eckart Tolle 

Why do I teach? We all find our way to the mat for some reason…for me it was to find self love because of a spinal disease.  I spend much of my early adulthood trying to discover a magic way to straighten my kyphotic spine from Scheuermann’s disease.  Believe me, I tried everything.  Then came my discovery of yoga….  It provided me with tools to soften my spine as well as heart concerning my appearance.  I just knew I had to teach this to other people so they could learn the art of acceptance and being enough. 

What’s my teaching style? Through the Ashtanga system I learned to like myself as each posture became like scales played on a musical instrument.  Only I was that instrument.  The prescribed nature of this challenging practice became a familiar place of beginners mind and meditation.  So let’s set a course to find your music within.  To redefine stories that could serve you better one breath at a time.  I promise to make you laugh along the way….

Loren Hardy, E-RYT 200

Word to live by: “Find yourself…and be that.”

Why do I teach yoga? Yoga has been such a gift in my life; it has kept me grounded during more tumultuous times and has been a source of unlimited, flowing potential.  I’ve been practicing yoga for more than half of my life and at a certain point in my exploration it became so clear that I needed to share the abundance of gifts that yoga has to offer with others.  In the best possible way, I really have no choice.   I honestly believe that it is my calling, my dharma, my Flow to share the abundance of gifts that yoga has to offer. 

What’s my teaching style? My true vision for my classes is to give students a sense of flow; to have them fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus to the point that everything outside of the present moment simply melts away.  Dynamic and creative sequencing, linked intimately with breath, fully occupies the mind and fosters a deep connection to yourself, your source, and to all beings.  Students have described my class as challenging, and at the same time deeply restorative. Fostering that connection to self and drawing students into the present gives them a break from the chaos of daily life.  Not only is that restorative, it also gives them a glimpse of the flow that is possible, both on and off the mat, with continued practice – that’s really what it’s all about! 


“I could not think of a better yoga teacher trio than Loren, Jack, and Jen.  These three each have their own unique style that, mixed together, will project a great energy and balance for their students.  

Loren’s flow style classes allow me to really tune into my body and let myself explore both familiar and new poses safely and freely.  She is able to read the room and queue up a sequence that both matches the vibe of the class and offers a fair challenge to students looking to advance their practice.  Her ability to educate students while maintaining such a smooth flow in her classes has me hooked and I’ve been a regular ever since attending my first class with Loren! 

Jack’s classes help me build strength and proper alignment in my poses.  His Ashtanga expertise is evident in every class and he spends a lot of time educating students on the traditional teachings and style of yoga.  I feel more confident in my yoga practice after his classes and he incorporates his awesome sense of humor that reminds his students that yoga should be fun and enjoyable or you’re doing it wrong!

I’ve taken an aerial yoga class with Jen and immediately felt the positive effects of her happy and bubbly personality.  She was able to lead a complicated class with ease and explain difficult poses well so even a beginner like me could hop right in (literally!). I walked away from her class feeling like I left any stress or negativity at the door, and couldn’t wait to try another.

These are 3 experienced yoga teachers that have a lot to offer students looking to take their practice to the next level or simply enjoy the daily benefits of yoga.  I have no doubt that any retreat attendee is going to feel like they hit the jackpot with this tremendous trio!” ~Maria B

While on retreat you will have the option to take part in activities and excursions. Some of the possible offerings include:

  • Sunrise Hike to Local Summits 
  • Swimming and Snorkeling at the Beach
  • Elephant Safari Ride and Sanctuary Tour
  • Bike Tour
  • Sound Healing
  • River Rafting
  • Volcano, Hot Springs, and Coffee Plantation Tour
*Cost of activities is not included in Retreat Package

Please be sure to review Our Policies.


To register, go to our Online Registration Platform. A non-refundable $35 Payment Processing Fee will be added to the tuition rate upon registration.

For technical questions or alternative payment options, please contact us.

Getting There

You will book airfare to the Denpasar International Airport (DPS), also known as the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Before booking tickets, please be sure you have received your official confirmation note that the retreat has met its minimums. There will be one group airport shuttle each way based on our flight window guidelines. Be sure your flights align with the provided flight windows if you wish to use the group shuttle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions about travelling abroad? After you register, we will provide you with a Participant’s Package with helpful information. Also be sure to check out our Participant FAQ. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at info@truenaturetravels.com and let us know how we can help!