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Why Wellness Programs?

Studies continue to show the importance and impact of wellness in the corporate setting. Incorporating areas such as Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Movement, can greatly enhance the well-being of the individuals that make up your team.

The Fruits of WorkPlace Wellness

Lower costs

The savings on health care costs alone make for an impressive ROI.

Greater productivity

Participants in wellness programs are absent less often and perform better at work than their nonparticipant counterparts.

Higher morale

Employee pride, trust, and commitment increase, contributing to a vigorous organization.

The impact of well-being extends far beyond how people feel -- it affects the number of sick days employees take, their job performance, burnout, and the likelihood of leaving your organization.

Here are just some of the costs of poor well-being:

A culture of wellness is important individually, collectively, and to the entire organization. An immersive retreat or conference is a prime opportunity to introduce new practices and implement new wellness strategies into a team's ethos. Gain a competitive edge by having a staff steeped in optimum health and wellness.

Why Work With Us?

In 2003, True Nature established itself as a leading pioneer in the wellness travel and retreat industry. Today, we bring 20 years of experience to the quality of professional service, programming, and life-enhancing global experience we provide. The True Nature teaching faculty consists of highly respected experts in their fields, including educators with advanced degrees, prestigious movement teachers, published authors, and internationally celebrated recording artists. Our faculty specializes in a wide range of wellness modalities including movement, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, communication, team building, corporate culture, conscious music, and much more.

How Our Team Can Support Your Team

True Nature uses collaborative data collection techniques to curate high-quality customized corporate wellness retreats. The results may include designing your complete retreat experience, including booking you a phenomenal retreat venue. Or, we can help you uplevel your existing agenda by sending you an exceptional faculty member or a True Nature team. However we can support you, our staff is ready to collaborate, inspire and uplift your next event.

Ongoing Support Program

Unique to True Nature, we offer an ongoing support program to maintain accountability and sustainability for your team. Our professional coaches will set up training for your leadership staff to become experts. Plus, we offer quarterly wellness assessments to support your ROI. Our goal is to make sure our wellness programs are implemented and integrated back in the workplace.

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