How to Lead a Yoga Retreat, Step by Step

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First step – Where do you want to go? From the beach to the volcanoes, from the countryside to sacred sites - we have a location that will work perfectly for you. We will walk you through the scope of our location options. If you have something specific in mind outside of the locations we offer, we are open to looking into new locations that are right for you.


Now that we have a location, propose a date that works for you, and we will check availability at the locations that you would love to visit. Keep in mind, most True Nature retreats are Saturday to Saturday.


Once we have your dates and locations set, we will provide you with a contract that outlines all of the terms and details for your retreat. We will discuss options such as activities, spa treatments, karma yoga "service projects," sample itineraries, and more.


After your retreat is confirmed, we will set up registration and create a webpage specifically for your trip. You can then send students there to find out the details and to register. It will be so easy for your community to enroll and we handle all payments, registration, and student support.


Now that we have finalized your retreat details, it’s time to let your community know. We will provide you with our True Nature: Steps to Marketing a Retreat guide and connect you with our professional Marketing Team to help create a promotional plan that works for you. The number one source of marketing is word-of-mouth. So begin talking to your students now – it is never too soon to dream big! Our team will keep you up to date with your enrollments to keep the energy moving.


As your program gets closer, our support team will be in touch with you and your registrants to provide necessary and helpful information to prepare for the journey. We will send out a final instructions note that provides the info you and your students will need for a smooth trip. Basically, all you have to do is create a program for the week, pack your bag and GO!


True Nature Travels organizes all group ground transportation from the airport to your Retreat Center. You will be safely transported to the venue where their friendly staff will be sure that you are acquainted with the facility and settled in. During your stay, we will provide you with 24/7 support, to ensure a smooth and fun experience. If anything comes up, just text or call us and we will work with you and the Retreat Center to resolve any issues. Our ultimate goal is for you and your group to have the experience of a lifetime.


Once you return from your trip it’s time for you and your participants to digest and share your experiences. True Nature Travels will provide an evaluation to see what your group enjoyed and what could have made their journey even more special.

Ask your students to write testimonials and share photos of the trip. We are happy to post on our social media and encourage you to let your community know about the trip.  It’s never too early to start promoting your next adventure.

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