Registration and Marketing


Normally the process begins with a call with one of our team members to learn more about you and to answer any questions you might have. This is followed by picking a location and date together. Once we determine your location, date, and projected number of students, we will send you a draft contract to review. To confirm your retreat you will pay a security deposit (amount varies depending on the center.) This deposit will be returned back to you with our final payment (your teacher commission) upon the completion of your retreat.

How is registration handled?

We use an online registration system called Reg Fox. It’s a very simple and user-friendly system that collects all of the necessary information we need to register your students. From this info, we have many different reports that will help us organize your group, from flight arrivals to special dietary needs. You will be able to go online and see how your registration is going at any time.

Who makes room assignments?

Students have the opportunity to list a roommate when registering. Shared rooms have up to three people of the same gender per room. Friends and couples may room together upon request. It is our policy not to put a 3rd person in a room with couples.

You will have access to the rooming list throughout the process for input.

Do I collect deposits?

We collect deposits for you through our online system. We keep track of all participant payments and work with your group with any questions regarding payment.

Do you handle participant communications?

Yes, we will send all pertinent information to your participants through email. They will know what to bring, what to expect and general information about where they are going. So basically, we handle all logistical issues. If they have questions about your practice or program that we cannot answer we will let you know.

Do you create marketing materials, if so what type?

We have a talented and knowledgeable marketing team who will create a marketing campaign for you and your group. This includes a retreat webpage, a listing on our retreat calendar, custom-designed posters and handbills (for your local publicizing) shipped to you, inclusion in our newsletters, and promotion through our social media channels. We will also send you our “Steps to Marketing a Successful Retreat” packet we created, to give you a comprehensive outline of how you can participate in making your registration abundant. Our marketing team is also available throughout the enrollment period and will offer you hints & tips for successfully promoting your trip.

What type of web and social media support do you offer?

Our high traffic website attracts many potential retreatants. Your very own retreat webpage will be posted immediately on our site. We will work with inquiries and keep you informed. True Nature is very active on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will announce your retreat on our channels once the retreat is live, promote during the registration period, and cross-post the week of your retreat to give you the highest visibility possible. We also list our retreats on a variety of online retreat directories.

How many participant referrals can I expect?

Most of your participants will come from your student base and your local studios, as they know you and will want to come for intensive practice in an exotic venue. On average, 20% of students will come from True Nature. We work hard to give your retreat as much visibility as possible and expect this average to continue to grow.

Travel and Arrival Questions

Are my travel expenses included or do I pay for them?

We normally do not pay for air transportation for teachers. If you are interested in including this in your contract, we can discuss a formula that includes your airfare. Once you reach a minimum of 10-15 participants (depending on center), your lodging and meals are free. Ground transportation to and from the airport is included in our package.

Do we all travel together?

Usually, people book their own flights and look for the most economical option. We will give you arrival and departure windows of time to align with the group transportation included in the retreat tuition. We also have a group travel agent who can connect with participants to help book flights.

What are the entry requirements?

As a general rule, passports should have at least six months of validity after your departure from your destination. Requirements can vary by country and may be dependent on your country of origin. Terms of entry are always subject to change and should be confirmed independently with your airline before traveling. We remind your participants about this throughout the retreat process.

Will someone be meeting us at airport?

For most of our centers, a representative will meet you at the airport or ferry port with a True Nature Travels sign with your retreat name on it, so your participants can easily find them. Arrival instructions will be provided to your participants 2-3 weeks prior to the retreat.

What if someone arrives or departs at a different time than group?

When we are connecting with your participants we give a very clear time frame of arrival and departures. If for some reason they cannot make this time, we can book private transportation for participants with an extra fee included. If they are extending their trip we will give them all the necessary information about the retreat and some suggestions about where to go and what to do outside the retreat setting.

What can I expect from the first day of traveling?

Arrival day can vary depending on the location; however, the first day typically involves group transportation from the airport or ferry port to the retreat center (distance varies), a group orientation at the center, a private orientation for leaders of the studio space and other important things to know, and your first group meal.

Costs and Extras

What is included in the retreat?

We design a program that is just right for you, so our retreat inclusions can differ. Once we craft and agree to the specifics, you will know exactly what is included. Room, meals, ground transportation to and from the airport, some activities, and taxes are typically included in our packages. Treatments, tips, excursions are generally not included. We are always available to work with you and your participants to make it very clear what is a part of the package.

How much is the initial deposit? And are there other deposits? When are they due?

The initial deposit required at sign-on varies depending on the location. After this initial deposit, there are typically no more payments made up-front by you. We collect deposits from your students, so there are no other deposits you are responsible for.

Are deposits refundable?

Your initial deposit is non-refundable. The initial deposit from your students is also non-refundable.

How much do I get paid? (per student)

This is up to you. First, we work together to create an exciting program that will entice your student base. Once we have finalized this, we give you our Presenters Rate (“wholesale price”). We then provide a suggested Tuition Rate for your retreat based on market research. You can then price your retreat and commission above the wholesale price as you would like. Of course, you need to keep in mind a retreat price that will be sellable. We find that most teachers earn $300-500 per student, so with 20 students, you will take home between $6000-10,000 plus your free room and board. It’s a great way to spend a week and earn a livelihood!

What is the minimum amount of students I can bring?

The retreat minimum varies by retreat center but is between 10-15 students. We do have another program in case the minimum is not met and could review these guidelines with you.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid within 2 weeks of the retreat ending. After the retreat, we will calculate actual occupancy and send your check + your initial deposit.

Can 2 teachers co-teach? If so what is the rate per student?

Yes, two teachers are welcome to work the program together.

Do I pay for my accommodations?

No, if you meet our minimum of 10-15 paid students. Normally, two teachers can stay free in a double room with 20 paid students. This may vary from center to center.

Can I have a private room?

Depending on the location you choose (how many rooms they have and how many students register) you can have a private room for an additional fee that can be deducted from your teacher commission.

Are my tips and excursions included?

These expenses, along with treatments, are not a part of the program price.

If you have enjoyed the services you have received, we recommend tipping the hotel staff $6-10 per day ($42-70 for the week). These tips will be divided amongst the staff. No additional tipping is required at the center. For spa treatments, this is totally up to you and anywhere from $0-20 per service is typical. Shuttle driver: $3-5 per person depending on the number of people in the van. Tour guides: they do not expect tips, but if you feel you have had an outstanding adventure $5-10 per person is a nice gesture.

Do your centers accept US dollars? What is the currency and exchange rate?

This varies by center and country. We will send out currency information to your participants prior to the start of the retreat.

What if I need to cancel?

Once we commit to each other, we hope that there will not be a reason to cancel, but in the event it is necessary, you will notify us and we can review the cancellation policies in your contract. Deposits are non-refundable.

Safety and Medical

What are the medical concerns?

We recommend that either a family member or friend have a copy of your daily itinerary and your passport in case of a State-side emergency. We also will have an emergency number in the unlikely event we need to contact some at home.

We encourage everyone to check with their physician for any necessary personal preparation. Please refer to the CDC (Center for Disease Control Website) for more information and recommendations:

How close is the nearest hospital?

This will vary by retreat center; however, most of our centers have a hospital or clinic within an hour of their location.

Who will my contacts be and will they be accessible?

You will be working with our team here at True Nature, including working directly with Joshua Canter, the Founder/Director of True Nature Travels. We want to support you fully in this effort and are available through email, phone, texting, and Skype. We try to answer emails multiple times daily and do take weekends off. During your retreat, Joshua is available through text to help your in-retreat efforts in any way he can.

Do people get sick a lot from the food?

We work with centers with the ability to meet most dietary needs. We collect these from your participants in advance and provide them to the center before your arrival. For people with sensitivities, we suggest they bring GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) drops or pills to help with any digestive problems that may come up.


Do I design my own program? Classes and meal times?

Yes, we work together to create a program that will be profound and appropriate to the environment you will be in. This can include visioning your retreat theme and building an itinerary that supports your focus. In addition, we will work with you on your weekly schedule including class times, meal times, free time, etc.

Can I choose the extras that can be included in my retreat?

Yes, you can. We will guide you to what has worked on past retreats and then you can decide what feels right for your group. Most often excursions are planned on-site as different people have different interests and there are so many options. Sometimes choosing one group activity and let the rest of the week unfold is a good way to go.

Are there guides for all the extra excursions, programs and activities?

For most of the activities offered, a guide will be included. This will vary location to location. They are typically English speaking and safety-oriented. Our guides work hard to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Can I have a Service (“Karma Yoga”) component to the retreat?

Service is a core foundation for TNT that we are committed to. Our Founder created an organization called CREER (to believe) that is a service-oriented non-profit organization. Depending on which center you choose to visit, we can create a service piece for your program from painting buildings to reading to school children to planting gardens - we will find what is right for your group.


Do they accommodate special diets?

Our centers do accommodate most special dietary restrictions like allergies, vegan and non-gluten diets. They serve wholesome, fresh, organic (when possible) meals that are simple and delicious.

Is the food organic?

Each of our centers does their best to serve organic fruits and vegetables when possible.

Is the water safe to drink?

At most of our locations, the water is safe to drink; however, there are some exceptions in certain places. We usually recommend drinking bottled water in the cities. At the retreat centers, there is unlimited filtered water, so you can fill your water bottles (please bring one with you).


How many rooms does the center have? Maximum occupancy and occupancy options?

This depends on the center. All of our centers can accommodate 20 students or more. All have multiple occupancy options (singles, doubles and triples +) depending on your registration. Once we decide which center we can give you the specific details for that locale.

What kind of access do I have to communications (phone/internet)?

Your cell phone data will not work unless you have an international calling plan (check with your provider). It is recommended to bring a calling card to make long-distance phone calls or to add international calling from your provider. Wireless internet is available at most centers.


Each center is different. All centers can accommodate 20+ people for a yoga program. After we decide which venue is right for you, we can give you detailed information about the entire property.

What features does the center have? (pool, spa, grounds etc.)

Each locale is unique and has different amenities. When we know which center you will be visiting, we will give you comprehensive information about the property.

Can someone with mobility issues get around?

Most of our centers are working to be 100% accessible. Please check with us in regards to current access at each center.

What equipment and supplies do they offer in the group rooms?

Each center has different props and materials available. Please check with us in advance to clarify what is available for your retreat.

How luxurious are the accommodations?

All of our centers are in a natural setting, beautiful and comfortable. Some are more luxurious than others. As a part of deciding which center would suit you and your students best, we will review each possibility.

Will there be other guests/groups at the hotel?

Unless we sell out the center, there could be other guests on-site. In many of our retreats, there have been other clients at the property and it has never been an issue.


Yes, for the majority of our centers you will be assigned one of the group rooms on the property and it is yours to use 24/7. For those centers that cannot offer 24/7 access, you will just need to provide your group room schedule in advance so we can ensure priority access.

If I offer treatments to my students, how does that work?

Many of our teachers are also licensed practitioners in some area of healing who would like to offer a treatment as apart of the retreat. Each center has different policies in this area. Typically, if one treatment is a part of your program, you can use the group room for this and no fee is needed for the center. Check with us, if this is something you want to explore.


True Nature loves animals however we do not allow pets on trips. In the cases of a certified service animal, arrangements may be made in accordance with venue policies.