Santa_t_tim_heatherJoin instructor Sara Lovelace for a week-long exploration of embodied presence and delightful living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The lush, environmentally conscious Santa Teresa Boutique Hotel Spa and Yoga Center provides the perfect home for daily outdoor vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, and meditation classes. We’ll journey into the sweetness of the natural world and the divine nectar within our own bodies, minds, and souls. With an emphasis on softness and self-respect, this retreat gives you a safe space to remember the delighted child you once were and still are.

In the midst of four acres of tropical beach, opportunities for play abound! Swim in the ocean or insunsetarms one of the many natural tide pools surrounding the center. Go for long, peaceful walks to smell the rich varieties of flowers in the area. Take advantage of Santa Teresa’s reputation as one of the “hippest surf towns” and test your yogic balance on the board. Practice self-care with a massage, facial, or acupuncture sessions. There will also be an option to leave a drop of honey in gratitude with a day of Karma Yoga to serve and open our hearts to the beautiful community of Santa Teresa.

  • 7 Nights Accommodations (6 Nights at Retreat Center, First Night at Hotel near Airport)pool-2-768x512
  • 3 Gourmet Meals Each Day
  • Daily Yoga Sessions
  • Karma Yoga Project
  • Personal Retreat Time



The retreat will be held at an intimate beachfront hotel and yoga center located in Santa Teresa, a breathtaking white sand beach on the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. Situated on four acres of unspoiled tropical beach, you will find beautiful swimming areas and also outcroppings of rock where natural tide pools form. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared daily and include healthy vegetarian options along with fish and/or chicken. The food is organic when available and prepared with nourishing ingredients.

Sara Lovelace

saralovelaceI received my 200-hour certification from Integral Yoga in 2007. What I thought was a sort of finishing line was only the beginning of deepening a surprise-filled practice and teaching career. I find that the students always teach me more than I teach them. Their laughter, their bravery, their discipline, their ability to risk possible tumbles and small moments of defeat always inspires me. I’ve seen students navigate every kind of challenge: mental, physical, and spiritual. By observing the grace and solace that the practice gives them during these tough times, I’ve learned how vital yoga is. By witnessing it in others, I’ve been able to recognize how radically it’s transformed me.

I later earned another 200-hour level certification from Om On Yoga in Richmond, VA, and a 300-hour certification from the Asheville Yoga Center. My dedication to training, and to diverse styles from yin to vinyasa, allows me to reach a variety of students with the kind of practice they need most at the time. I encourage laughter, strength, softness and inspired expression in all of my classes. As a holdover from the mixtape generation, I still believe in the art of the playlist! My students in Richmond, VA, have made some interesting requests down through the years. They know how much I love a challenge.

I’m also a writer who should practice the art of sitting down to write more often. Some of my work is featured on Elephant Journal.


“There are so many options for yoga study and practice in the market today. Finding a teacher that suits your needs can be challenging. Sara Lovelace’s dynamic class offerings never disappoint! Whether it is yin, vinyasa, restorative, or meditation, each experience is guaranteed to be infused with yoga tradition, healing modalities, poetry, humor, and music. Her masterful balance of these elements combined with a safe and oftentimes challenging practice create a unique and thought-provoking experience every time. Sara’s love for yoga and commitment to yoga as a practice for healing and all aspects of life is truly felt as a student. As a student, you will laugh, cry, fall, breathe, shout, dance, challenge yourself, and deepen your practice. Sara is a dear friend and a talented teacher.” -Hillary Beasley

“If I were to describe the yoga class of my dreams on a piece of paper, Sara Lovelace’s class would blow that description out of the water. It is impossible to capture in words what transpires on the mat in her class, but whatever it is keeps me coming back every week for more. Yes, Sara is highly knowledgeable about the physical aspects of the saralovelace2poses as well as the anatomy and physiology of our bodies, but it’s the spiritual, emotional, and mental practice in her teachings that offers the true transformation on the mat. Sara has a huge heart and a great sense of humor, a vast collection of music, and beautiful guided meditations that bring me further than I knew I could go. I keep showing up for Sara’s classes because they exercise every part of me–body, mind and spirit. I hope that if there is a heaven it looks a lot like Sara’s savasana after our last downward dog.” -Valley Haggard

“Sara’s teaching has completely transformed my life. I probably would not have given yoga a second chance if it weren’t for Sara. Sara’s mastery of all that yoga embodies is evident in her clear instruction, humility, and compassion. Sara encourages me to embrace my curiosity and confusion, live free of judgment, and live my yoga on and off the mat. Sara’s spontaneous, down-to-earth, and inspiring teaching makes me feel as if I can accomplish anything. And if I don’t, thanks to Sara I don’t judge myself too harshly. I’m a better person because of the beautiful light Sara shines through as she guides me through my yoga practice.” -Sherida Kemp

“I am beyond grateful to have met a teacher like Sara. She is so welcoming and encouraging– and I always feel like I leave class with more knowledge about my practice. Sara has a knack for making the seemingly impossible become feasible by preparing the body for each next step and breaking down postures through smart language and a personality that makes you laugh through the “awkwardness” of twisty and challenging movements. I would (and often do) highly recommend experiencing a yoga class under Sara’s care. The compassion and thought she puts into her themes and sequencing comes through every time.” -Sara Lowery Anderson

“Sara’s classes brought me into a deeper intimacy with the whole of yoga and myself. Her creativity, devotion to the practice, and nurturing love make each class a transformative experience. Through her teaching and example, I have connected with a part of me I didn’t know existed and I will be forever grateful.” -Billie Southworth Carroll

While on your retreat you will also have the opportunity to take part in adventure activities and excursions. Some of the possible options include:supyoga

  • Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Boat Ride to Tortuga Island with Snorkeling
  • Hiking in Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve
  • Zip-lining/Canopy Tour
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing Trip
  • And More

*Price of Activities is not included in tuition


costa-rica-spaDiscover the true meaning of relaxation at the center’s Spa, offering a variety of first-class spa services performed by professional therapists. Treatments are all given with 100% natural products. Offering massages, wraps, exfoliation treatments, facials, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, and other beauty treatments. The Spa is located in front of Santa Teresa Beach so that you may enjoy the sounds of the sea and its cooling breezes.

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Paying your initial deposit of $300 will lock in your tuition rate and hold your space for the trip. A $35 Service and Administration Fee will be added to the tuition rate.  

For technical questions or alternative payment options, please contact us.

Getting There

All international flights will arrive at the San Jose International Airport (SJO). Before booking tickets, please be sure you have received your official confirmation note that the retreat has met its minimums. There will be one group airport shuttle each way based on our flight window guidelines. Be sure your flights align with the provided flight windows if you wish to use the group shuttle.beach-2-768x512

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