Unwind from the grind and treat yourself to seven days of self-care in Tuscany!

Imagine an entire week filled with yin and yang yoga, aromatherapy, meditation, hiking, and inspirational conversations over nutrient rich Italian food and local wine, all underneath the warm Tuscan sun.

It is time to begin your transformational journey to wellness, happiness, and peace.

You deserve this.

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Sample Itinerary

Every retreat is unique and, as such, the itineraries are ever-changing! We finalize the itineraries about 3-6 weeks before the retreat, but after 10 years of hosting retreats, we do have a general idea of what most schedules look like.

Most retreats include one-to-two daily yoga classes. One class takes place in the morning, either just before or just after breakfast. After the first class and meal, you have free time to explore, relax, or take part in optional add-on activities. Lunch (if included in your retreat) will take place midday, during this free time. There is then, usually, an afternoon class followed by dinner. Occasionally some teachers choose to offer an evening restorative class or group gathering after dinner as well.

In addition, there is usually one dedicated “excursion day” in which we do not have scheduled yoga classes. This is a day for people to take advantage of some of the more involved tour and excursion offerings and is always a lot of fun!


Again, this is a very general look at what your retreat schedule could be. We work closely with the teachers to design unique itineraries that reflect their style and the group that’s traveling with them. Once your specific retreat itinerary is complete, we will send it out via email, usually two or more weeks before the retreat starts. Please keep in mind all retreat itineraries are subject to change.



  • 6 Nights Accommodations
  • 3 Whole Foods Meals Each Day
  • Round-Trip Group Transport to/from the Airport
  • Daily Yoga Practices
  • Personal Retreat Time (having time to nap, explore, walk, read, and just be)


Discover the beauty of Tuscany and embrace the laid-back-lifestyle of the Italian countryside. This stunning farmhouse has been renovated to create the dream retreat center. Enjoy living in this private villa where you will have comfortable, spacious accommodations, delicious and authentic Italian cuisine, breath-taking views of Tuscany, and a gorgeous yoga hall overlooking the rolling hills. During your free time, enjoy lounging by the pool, visit nearby Sienna, sip wine from the local vineyards, and learn what makes Italy a top destination for travelers worldwide.

Ashley McEachern

Ashley Holly McEachern is an international yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, and global wellness consultant with Core Essence. She teaches deeply transformational yoga practices infused with self-love and strength. Ashley has taught yoga in over ten countries and has pioneered online and aromatherapy yin yoga classes in Toronto.

Website: www.ashleyholly.com

Instagram: @ashleyholly


Having Ashley as my yoga instructor has been such an uplifting experience. Not only in my yoga practice but in my life as a whole. She has such a vibrant spirit and her passion for the practice pours out with her every word and movement. It is so inspiring to sit in front of her and watch her lead you through a class because she is so committed to you as a student of yoga and a student of life. She is there to help you succeed. Ashley has this warmth and knowingness about her that instantly makes you feel comfortable and safe. It encourages you to let go of whatever it is you’re holding onto because she is right there with you, to guide and support you. Ashley cares deeply about her students and above all else, she listens. I am so grateful to her and her unwavering commitment to health and happiness. A class with Ashley is like a soul massage. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

– Musician and Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee, Meghan Bonnell

I sit at my desk for 8 hours a day on a computer. Since going to Ashley’s Yin classes, my carpel tunnel symptoms are gone and I don’t get huge knots in the back of my shoulders that constantly ache. Her classes are a part of my life so I can keep living… even with all the sitting. If you have an office job, you need to go to these classes. They will change your life in every way possible.

– Shannon Simmons, Founder and Best Selling Author of Worry Free Money, The New School of Finance

You don’t want to miss Ashley’s class. In fact, you’ll be happy to rearrange your day just so you can make it.  Ashley is a phenomenal yoga teacher. She can expertly read a room, and just seems to know what her students need moments after walking into the studio. Ashley has taught me a lot about mindfulness and how to listen to what’s going on in my body. I’m a runner and can be pretty hard on my body, so Ashley’s various classes — yin, hatha and flow — is the perfect compliment to a busy fitness routine. I’m grateful I stumbled into her class. Once you do, you’re an Ashley convert.

– Dawn Cuthberton, Managing Editor, Global News Toronto

I met Ashley at a turning point in my life. Her Vinyasa and Yin classes, and her gentle and compassionate teaching helped me to recognize and deliver the physical and emotional healing that my body had been asking for.

– Dominic Bortolussi, Founder, The Working Group

While on your retreat you will also have the opportunity to take part in adventure activities and wonderful excursions. Some of the possible options include:

  • Olive and Wine Tasting
  • Tours of Local Villages
  • Bike Tour
  • Museums
  • Local Shopping
  • Hiking

*The price of activities are not included in tuition

Please be sure to review Our Policies.


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Getting There

You will be booking your flights for the Florence Airport (FLR). Before booking tickets, please be sure you have received your official confirmation note that the retreat has met its minimums. There will be one group airport shuttle each way based on our flight window guidelines. Be sure your flights align with the provided flight windows if you wish to use the group shuttle.

Booking your Flight for the Best Price Possible!
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Travel Insurance

We cannot emphasize more the importance of travel insurance. As we all know, especially as travelers, “life happens.” Whether it’s family, work, mother nature, or a change of heart, it is important to be prepared in case you need to unexpectedly change your travel plans. Often for less than $100, you can purchase a travel insurance policy and be protected in the event that you need to make a change or need to be covered financially prior to or during your trip. To purchase insurance with the True Nature discount, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions about traveling abroad? After you register, we will provide you with a Participant’s Package with helpful information. Also be sure to check out our Participant FAQs. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at info@truenaturetravels.com and let us know how we can help!

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