Join us for a truly transformational week in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The Andean mountains contain some of the world’s purest energy for you to meditate, hike, practice yoga, and experience the sacred. We will be staying at the beautiful eco-retreat center, famous for their gardens, accommodations, and fresh, healthy gourmet food.yoga1-768x360

During this week we will be utilizing the energy of PachaMama (earth mother) to go deep into the sacredness within you and the Earth. Alandra will be guiding us into deeper connections to our heart, body, breath, and Being so that we may remember the sacredness and preciousness that we are, access our promise, become more grounded and centered with what is, and move through whatever blocks or beliefs we may have that keep us from resting in the love, peace, and beauty that we are.

Ariel Swan joins Alandra to teach daily yoga (yin) and pilates classes to keep us strong and centered in our bodies. Authentic local ceremonies will be offered to prepare us to enter the sacred energies of the High Andes and the spirit of PachaMama.

IMG_5509-VillageCrafts-768x576We will also be working with one of the center’s programs that help the local communities: Children’s Nutrition, Permaculture, School Construction, River Clean-up, or Native Tree Planting are options depending on the current needs. You will experience a great source of happiness from extending oneself in giving back to others and serving through this opportunity.

After the week is over, there is an extended four-day hike for those that wish to explore Machu Picchu. It follows the spectacular but lesser used Lares Trail. Far off the beaten track, this trail has hardly changed in the last 500 years; you will glimpse the old way of life away from the tourists surrounded by magnificent snow-capped mountains. This not-to-be-missed trip has a limited amount of spaces so book early to hold your place!20160414_160757_HDR-1024x576.jpg 


  • 7 Nights Accommodations at a Beautiful Retreat Center in Peru
  • 3 Delicious Whole Foods Meals Each Day
  • Round-Trip Group Ground Transport to/from the Airport
  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, and Entering the Sacred Course
  • Despacho Ceremony at the Sacred Site of Moray
  • Farewell Fire Ceremony
  • Lots of Time to Rest and Receive Optional Massages
  • Day of Volunteer Service in the Local Community

*Optional 3-Night/4-Day Trek up the Lares Trail to Machu Picchu


bedroom1Sach’a Munay, the center’s name, translates as “love from the ancient forest.” It is nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees, nourished by a magnificent waterfall in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This lovely spot is in the Andes Mountains and home of the twelve mountains known as Apus—“luminous beings.” Those who come to the center have the opportunity to commune directly with these mountains, as well as with the local curanderos and pacos (healers), who engage with us for ritual and ceremony.

The guests at this center enjoy delicious meals with locally-grown and lovingly-prepared ingredients. Each guest room is a reflection of the Peruvian culture of the Sacred Valley. The entire center embodies kindness, love, and wholeness that seem to permeate the magical place.

Alandra Napali Kai

Alandra offers intuitive readings, numerous workshops, individual intensives, and women’s retreats. She has been alandranapalikaiworking in the fields of transformation, healing, facilitation, and awakening for over 20 years with clients from all walks of life in over 20 countries. Her training covers a wide variety of modalities. She assists the individual in recognizing and connecting back to the truth, the sacred, the love, and potential inherent in one’s Being.

Her methods are intuitive and guided from her connection to the unseen and her gift of being a vessel for the Divine. Her main influence for all her work is her teacher, Dhyan Vimal. Her work is embodied, deep, celebratory and asks for the best of you to come alive and live your heart out! This will be Alandra’s second retreat in Peru. She also leads retreats in Costa Rica every February. For testimonials and more information about Alandra, her sessions, workshops and Retreats please visit her website.

Ariel Swan

arielswanAriel has been teaching for over 15 years. She started as a dancer and dance teacher and found pilates and yoga through a back injury. She fell in love and has been practicing and teaching ever since. She hopes she can inspire her students to enjoy their bodies, build strength and length, and find a deeper understanding of themselves while doing it. Ariel is inspired by her background in dance, her teacher Dhyan Vimal, and believes that it doesn’t matter what your posture looks like on the outside but rather how it feels on the inside. She loves music, doesn’t want anyone to take themselves too seriously, and hopes each student leaves her class with a bit more understanding, sense of peace, and the ability to take what is practiced on the mat out into their lives. She teaches in Vancouver, Canada, and has taught retreats in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the US.


“Alandra, your essence has impacted my life more than you will ever know, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your authentic honesty and inspiration. I have shifted in so many ways and am more aware and awake…divine appointment is what I call it…to meet you and have a new experience of life. Thank you!”  -Julie Ann Schutte, yoga teacher, US

waterfall-768x576“I attended the workshop in Costa Rica in February 2016. Everything about it far exceeded my expectations. I am unable to do justice in words here around how what I learned has impacted my life. I am more centered, happier, patient, and calm. My growth continues as I absorb what I learned deeper each day. This was not a workshop that ended after the week was over. That was just the beginning. Alandra answered long lost questions within myself that I did know existed. It was truly a rebirth. Taking time with Alandra is a gift. Her beautiful daughter, Ariel instructed us in yoga and pilates. Her classes are works of art. We worked on our mind, body, and spirit. It was an amazing unfolding that has brought me back to myself. The experience will live on forever in my soul.” -Debra, sales executive, NYC

“I have attended a number of workshops with Alandra over the years and they are always excellent. With each different workshop or retreat, she has been able to help me grow in remarkable, unexpected ways. This retreat offered me the rare and precious opportunity to focus inward and hit the reset button on a slew of unhelpful patterns that I had unconsciously allowed to creep into my life. Alandra is an extraordinarily gifted teacher and facilitator who is able to draw out exactly what is needed in each individual. I highly recommend Alandra as your guide if you are interested in exploring your unlimited potential for big shifts in life.” -Anneliese Gryta, lawyer, US

“Alandra has the remarkable ability to quickly cut through the stories, justifications, denials and self-deceptions to uncover the root cause and effect of patterns that limit us and cause us suffering in our lives. She provides a safe and sacred space in which she nurtures, nudges, and provokes to facilitate an honest and thorough self-exploration. The result is a truly beautiful awakening and rebirth…an amazing voyage!” -Jane, San Diego, CA

“If you are ready to dig deep inside yourself and face aspects of your life and of who you are that hold you back from living your life according to your heart, this workshop offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to do that in the most loving and supportive environment. Alandra is a true leader, teacher, and healer. Her boldness and honesty will challenge you; her compassion and softness will nurture you. Alandra gives 100% of her time, energy, and focus to this workshop and its participants. The bonds created with the other women are powerful, unlike anything I’ve experienced before.The memories will forever live in my heart and give me the strength and courage to live my life based on my highest truth.” -Kathy, HR professional, Canada

Optional Activitiesruins-300x200

  • Trip to P’isaq ruins and hike down to the famous P’isaq market to shop
  • 1/2 day trip to the spectacular Ollyantaytambo ruins
  • Massage and Spa Offerings
  • Authentic Coca Leaf Readings

Optional Tour: “The Lares Trail to Machu Picchu”

Participants will have the opportunity to join this four-day hiking excursion. An exceptional alternative to the Inca Trail, the Lares is way off the beaten track and has hardly changed since Inca times. Hidden within the magnificent  Andes is a part of Peru where you have all the appeal of the Inca Trail, like magical mountain scenery and the legacy of the Incas, but without the tourist crowds. Somehow, it has slipped from view and retains an authenticity like nowhere else in Peru. Travel here and you will meet Andean farmers dressed in traditional brightly colored ponchos, wander markets trading as they have done for centuries, see thatched stone and adobe houses, and watch herds of llamas and alpacas roam free. The Lares Valley is particularly well known for its very high quality brightly colored weavings and characteristic upturned hats; many of the popular tourist markets being supplied from here. There are several variations on this trek which you can do according to how much time you have available.


We leave the retreat center early in the morning, drive to the provincial town of Calca in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and climb northward to a spectacular high pass before dropping down to the village of Lares on the east slope of the Andes. Here we take a delicious dip at a hot spring in the meadows outside of town and then enjoy a picnic lunch. Then we begin a leisurely half-day hike up the valley of the rushing Trapiche River, before reaching the highland village of Huacahuasi, where we camp for the night. Huacahuasi (3,600 m/11,800 ft) is an authentic Andean community located in an impressive valley. Typical house constructions of the Quechua communities living at high altitude can be observed here. (L,D)



We climb steadily, traversing an open, treeless landscape of ground-hugging plants and flowers among pastures of Andean bunch-grass scattered with roaming herds of alpacas and llamas. Reaching an altitude of 4,500m (14,760 ft) we cross the pass of Ipsayccasa. The pass offers breathtaking views from Mount Veronica (5,750m/18,864 ft) and the surrounding snow-capped peaks. Then we descend to Ipsaycocha or Ipsay Lagoon. We may see Andean geese, Puna Ibis and other water birds in the wetlands here as we journey through the heartland of these Quechua people, who are locally nicknamed “Huayruros.” These seeds from the jungle have two colors: black and red; similar to the dress of the villagers. We reach the village of Patacancha, a well known textile Andean community that still preserves ancient Quechua traditions and dressing code. We set our camp nearby and spend the night amidst awesome scenery. (B,L,D)


Ollantaytambo_Peru-300x204Our transport takes us down the valley to Pallata where we will see the Inca ruins of the early-Inca site of Pumamarca (Puma Town). After we arrive in Ollantaytambo, from here we will take the train to Aguas Calientes. Tonight you will have accommodations in the town of Aguas Claientes. (B, L, D)


We rise early, enjoy breakfast, and then we visit Machu Picchu. You will have free time to explore, take photos, and of course, if you have the energy, choose to hike up Huaynapicchu Mountain that has spectacular views and magical energy. This will take approximately two hours up and back. Also: you must get in early as there are only 400 people a day allowed to hike up. After free time you will have a 2-hour guided tour, then it’s time to head by bus back to Aguas Calientes, return to Ollantaytambo on train, and then we’ll take a bus to Cusco. (B, L)

Price Includes:

  • English Speaking Guide
  • Camping 2 nights
  • Hotel 1 night
  • Meals
  • Permits
  • Ground transportation

Room Prices:

  • Singles $720
  • Doubles $640
  • Triples  $620

*Itinerary is subject to minor changes. Register for the trek on the main retreat registration.


Please be sure to review Our Policies.


To register, go to our Online Registration Platform.

A $35 Service and Administration Fee will be added to the tuition rate. 

For technical questions or alternative payment options, please contact us.


Getting There

yogaroom-768x576 (2)You will be booking your flights to the Cusco Airport (CUZ). Most flights will arrive via a connection in Lima. Before booking tickets, please be sure you have received your official confirmation note that the retreat has met its minimums. There will be one group airport shuttle each way based on our flight window guidelines. Be sure your flights align with the provided flight windows if you wish to use the group shuttle.

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