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Top Three Things an Adventure Vacation Will Teach You

adventure vacation: rock climbing

Do you ever feel like lying on the beach for a week straight or going in and out of museums and art galleries just isn’t quite what you want from your vacation? Like there’s got to be something more? So did I. I wanted my vacations to be more interactive. That’s what led me to go on my first adventure vacation; and I’ve become hooked on traveling this way ever since.

An adventure vacation can mean a lot of things. It can mean rock climbing in Greece, surfing in Costa Rica, mountain biking in Italy, or practicing yoga in Peru. Whatever adventure vacation you decide to take, one thing is certain: you’re going to learn a lot. Here are the top three things I’ve learned from years of adventure vacations.

1. The joys of stepping outside your comfort zone

adventure vacation: mtb
Photo Natesh Ramasamy by on Flickr

Getting outside your comfort zone is hard and uncomfortable. It means leaving what you know and diving into the unknown—something that’s never easy. An adventure vacation is all about embracing this space outside your comfort zone.

I have always been terrified of mountain biking, but on my adventure trek to Machupicchu, there was an entire half-day of mountain biking. I wasn’t going to miss out, so I pushed myself. It was terrifying, but in the end, I had a huge adrenaline rush and a giant smile on my face. And now mountain biking isn’t so scary to me! So, on your next adventure vacation, expect to be a little uncomfortable from time to time, but know that what lies outside of your comfort zone is worth discovering.

2. How to trust your gut and respect your limits

adventure vacation: rock climbing
Photo by vincenzo di giorgi on Unsplash

When you’re pushing yourself to your limits—something that you often have to do during an adventure vacation—you learn to listen to yourself. Sometimes, you find that your limits are greater than you ever realized and you’re able to push yourself further than you’d imagined. Other times, you learn to take a step back, do a little less, and respect the needs of your body.

Where these limits are, and how to find them, is something you can only learn by pressing right up against your edge. That’s something an adventure vacation can help you do.

3. That ten seconds of confidence can change your life

adventure vacation: bungee jumping
Photo by RP Norris on Flikr

The first time I went bungee jumping, I stood on the edge of the bridge, stared down, and wondered what in the world I had done wrong to end up here. Then, I took a deep breath and jumped. The rush of adrenaline that filled me was incredible and the joy I felt seeing the world from such a different perspective is indescribable. Turns out I really love bungee jumping; but I would have never known that it I hadn’t had a few seconds of confidence.

Adventure vacations are full of those moments. From deciding to sign up for an adventure retreat to all the small moments of saying yes along the way, your confidence will be called upon time and time again. But what you’ll learn, when the fear subsides and the wonder sets in, is that a little bit of confidence can go a long way.

Is an adventure vacation right for you?

If you want a vacation that has a little more umpf than your traditional beach holiday, then an adventure vacation is for you. If you are tired of the city streets and want the feeling of dirt between your toes and wind in your hair, then an adventure vacation is for you. If you want to embark on one of the most exciting, life-changing journeys of your life, then an adventure vacation is for you. Sign up for one of True Nature Travels’ adventure retreats for a week that will stick with you for a lifetime!

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