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Happy New Year! With a fresh start to a new year comes a chance to wipe the slate clean and for personal ideals to be acknowledged and possibly realized. It is wonderful when they are, although if we are honest, sometimes resolutions are commonly forgotten — sometimes almost as soon as we are getting used to writing the new years digits on forms. Yet in the coming year of 2020, which is not just a new year but a brand new decade, is a bit more of a big deal for intention setting.

Not only is it a new decade, the astrological weather shows incredibly strong energies to support you setting not just resolutions, but some much more serious intentions that can be sparked, enhanced, and honored as a part of your practice in a powerful way. 

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Planets in the sky show the weekend of January 10th to be a wonderful time to devote, or set aside some time for yourself or your spiritual practice to find clarity around what it is your highest self would like you bring into this next phase. Devoting some time for this on this weekend, you can take your New Years Resolutions and have more time to develop them after some recovery time from the holiday hustle and overwhelm.

This weekend would be the best time to go within to see what you would like to bring fourth. Meditation, yoga practice, journaling, self care, and even ritual will all be wonderful tools to help you with intention setting and manifest. Let me share why. 

January 10th’s Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer around Noon Eastern Standard Time, so over the weekend you can bathe in the afterglow of this event with very potent energy to work with. The Solar Eclipse on the Eve of December 25th will have ended the previous six-month cycle in 2019. The Lunar Eclipse on the 10th (and 3-day window afterward) will set the new stage for the next six-month cycle to come. This is a perfect time for intention setting for the next six-month cycle, the new year, and the new decade. 

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The Moon rules Cancer which gives it double potency being in its own sign. Cancer is good energy for turning inwards and attuning to our deepest needs and self-care. Cancer can also be deeply sensitive and incredibly soft and nurturing energy to use to tune in these needs. Possibly even stay home and tend to more self-care than is typical. It is a water sign so it can be guided by emotional pulls, the feminine, and receptivity. It wants a container to feel secure – so holding space, identifying intentions and deeper needs are ideal for this. The water can also help loosen the soil, so the receptivity of the watery Cancer energy is also very fertile soil for new seeds or to be planted as our intentions moving forward. 

On Friday the 10th of January, the Moon aligns with the North Node of the Moon, known as our destiny or something akin to a North star, which makes it extra auspicious and powerful. On Saturday the 11th the Moon will be in a supportive Trine to Neptune in Pisces – which is great energy to dream, and dream big with celestial support. On Sunday the 12th, the Moon will move into Leo to help us move into our heart space, inner fire, and bring courage to step into our dreams as well as have fun with creative energy and inspiration that emerges and wants to come out to play after going within. This will be the bright nurturing sunshine needed to warm the soil and assist with the manifestation through intention setting. 

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In addition to this, Jupiter, the planet of positivity and expansion moved in Capricorn on December 2, 2019 for approximately the next year to follow. This is a significant shift in energy that you may have noticed or picked up on. Capricorn energies are very stabilizing for Jupiter’s sometimes ungrounded optimism. Working with these energies gives a chance to ground our dreams in reality more than before. Capricorn is also an Earth sign, which can gift us with more accessible energy to the healing and grounding energy of Mother Earth. 

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As for divine Masculine and Feminine energies, these will both be in liberating signs. Even though Jupiter has left Sagittarius, Mars will now be there. The divine masculine energies will bee seeking the bigger picture and greater truth fueled by fire, and we will also have more access to our own inner guru, instinctual and intuitive nature, as well as that which is a bit more light-hearted and free.

Meanwhile, Venus will be transiting the sign of Aquarius. This translates into our inner values are in a really in a great place to be focused on, known, and surrendered to the Universe for new growth. Aquarius is known for individuation, de-conditioning outdated belief structures, and liberation from the known. As Venus, our inner feminine nature is attracting our newly established inner values with new ground, our inner masculine action-oriented Mars is seeking the big picture and greater ultimate way to get there. 

intention setting


Of course, be aware that all the lunar activity is going to be opposing Jupiter, the South Node of The Moon representing the past, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn – all major players, so the intensity will be amped up. However, the positive spin here is seeking how to harness the energy of dissolving the old structures that are no longer supporting Soul growth, let them go, and really know and set the new intentions in the fertile soil of our path moving forward. 

We have to exhale and let go stagnant air to be able to take in new breath, a new spark of life, and a new direction moving forward that is alignment with our path. Sometimes we have to clear the old accumulation to make room for the new. The beginning of 2020 is proving to provide incredibly rich energies for intention setting, and accessing our higher selves as well as our inner being simultaneously, for next cycle, next decade, and the New Year ahead. 

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About the Author

Tracy Rubino, also known as Star Trace, is a native of Denver, Colorado. She is an intuitive, writer, artist, animal advocate, astrologer, tarot reader, and yogi. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Axis Yoga in 2012, and has specialized in teaching Restorative Yoga for many years. In 2015 she began studying Evolutionary Astrology intensely with The School of Jeffrey Wolf Green. In addition to this, she has also received a Reiki certification specializing in animal healing in late 2017, as well as having worked at an animal shelter and has also been a beloved pet sitter since college. She has her own rescue dog and loves to be in nature or meditating. She is currently a Virtual Assistant at Following the Divine Mystery with Natalie Cutsforth. She can be reached at or found at via Sagittarius Arrows.

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At first glance the holidays exude a joyful and spirited time of year. Parties and merriment abound while ’tis-ing the season to give warms and fills our hearts. While this may be true for some, for others the holidays can bring up challenging and negative feelings and emotions around the excessive commercialism of our society, grief and sadness over the loss of loved ones can be especially hard during this time of year and even the anxiety over the pressure of “new beginnings” with the New Year knocking on our door can remind us of our failed attempts at resolutions and intentions in the past. How do we find a balance? How can we cut straight to the real meaning of the season which truly centers around hope and possibility? Here are three ways to check in and reconnect with discovering your own “reason for the season.”

Make a list of what you love about the holidays

Make a list of three (or more) things that you love about this time of year. Is it listening to Christmas music or making cookies with your loved ones? Is it making homemade gifts or volunteering at the local shelter. Let’s be honest – they do not say “the hustle and bustle” of the holidays for no reason. It is so easy to get caught up in what might be not important to you at all during this time of year. By keeping your list close by and when things come up that you may not feel so comfortable with, looking to your list and touching in with one of those, you can stay close to what is important to you.

Create a space to reflect on the last year

We can get so caught up in looking to the New Year to see what “we can change” about ourselves that we often forget to stop and reflect on our accomplishments, our challenges, our ups and downs and what we have learned over the past year. It’s important to look back with thoughtful reflection and perhaps with a little more of that, you will find it a bit easier to look ahead with optimism and excitement.

Find time to give back

Regardless of whether we love or hate the holiday season, making time to give is not just something we should do once a year – BUT if that is the case, being of service to others is a straight shot of love right to the heart and truly has the potential to bring an abiding peace to your soul. Perhaps it is volunteering at a shelter by cooking a holiday meal or maybe it is choosing to make donations in your families names instead of buying gifts. It is ALWAYS the season of giving around here at True Nature and we love the holidays especially because of that.