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Maybe it’s the joy of eating decedent chocolate truffles while cozying up near a fire on a cool and cozy night or it’s the influence of Valentine’s day around the corner; either way something has me feeling romantic and inspired to get experimental with some chocolate in the kitchen. I love exploring different ways of bringing pleasure through our pallets while at the same time bringing a sense of sensuality throughout the body. Personally, I find life very romantic in more avenues than maybe the social norm.

In the program I’m studying in currently, we are learning about all types of spices and the healing properties they bring to our bodies. Something so small yet so powerful can bring a type of healing or awakening with just a single bite of food, magic in pure form. 

Magic from spices, magic from moist and rich chocolate truffles; combine them and we have a journey of the senses. To me, that’s what food is all about, an exploration of senses that bring us to a state of euphoria. It is another chance to love everything that is happening to us and find that area of romance in our lives.


The community we get to share the food with, the process of making the food, and then the pleasure of tasting the masterpiece that was curated is all a ritual that gets to bring us as people back to life’s richness. I feel what a day like valentine’s day can be a reminder for is all forms of love, intimacy, devotion, and connection. Do they not all have the same meaning in a form? There is definitely an avenue of marketing that gets brought around this time of the year that is fixated on couples, nice dinners, gifts, etc. but underneath that, there is just a gentle sweet reminder to come back to that feeling of mystery and excitement that everyday life can bring and to feed ourselves and others in a way that will enkindle and revive every cell of our being. 

We can be in love with our self without another’s love to justify the amount we feel and we can also make food that brings pleasure into our being for just ourselves and no other reason than that, because we deserve to enjoy the romance of life even if we are quote on quote single and alone. This time, Valentine’s day, it’s a time to take care of ourselves and enjoy a nice time on our own with treats and whatever sparks our fancy, or gather with the ones we love and share these forms of offerings and devotions to one another that is so ancient, it goes beyond modern times.


This recipe is simple, a little messy, and something that all ages and sexes will in my opinion truly enjoy. Chocolate will bring energy and pleasure while the spice factors will bring warmth and excitement. 

Nutmeg is a spice that is an aphrodisiac, slight sedative, and helps aid digestion and brain function. Paprika is heating so it can help warm your body temperature as well as start to move any excess mucus that is in your gut lining, causing a nice detox effect and a support to your digestive health. All Spice is known as a slight sedative and even anti-inflammatory aid. Then, we have the sweetness of Orange zest which’s flavor will bring such an unusual taste into your mouth that it’ll bring the, “mmmmmmm.. what is that” question into the mind as you take bite after bite. Why not have a relationship with our food in a way of fascination and charm? Why not have a great relationship with ourselves, others, and everything this beautiful life has to offer? 

These modalities are just other ways to spice up our lives a little bit more and bring in a little more play while exploring edges. Flavoring can be intimidating but so rewarding in the end, so I hope you enjoy the process of sharing this gift of food with yourself, the ones you love and truly enjoy the sense awakening that may just happen when you bite into these decedent little chocolate truffle treats. I hope you enjoy your time of making some of this delicious medicine and blessed be. Xoxox


Chocolate Truffle Recipe:

 8 oz of bitter sweet chocolate
¼ cup of butter or coconut oil (they will be softer with oil so make sure you refrigerate at all times unless eating)
1 cup almond butter (creamy)
1 ½ tsp of flakey sea salt
1 tsp of freshly grated orange zest
2 tsp of vanilla
1 fresh nutmeg grated about ¼ of the way or a little more (test first)
3/4 tsp of plain paprika
2/4 tsp of All Spice
Cacao powder for rolling 

Take the chocolate and butter and place it in a heat safe bowl. Then take the bowl and put it on a sauce pan filled with a little bit of water. Bring the water to boil then reduce the heat to low and stir the chocolate and butter until mixed. This is a double broiler type of action. 

Take the bowl off the sauce pan and wipe the bottom down to get all the water off so none of that moisture enters the chocolate. Once done, place the remaining ingredients into the bowl and stir with a spatula until incorporated. This is the fun part now of folk method cooking. YOU get to control the level of spice to your liking. Use mine as an outline then try it and see if you want more spice, add more paprika. If you want a little more sweetness, add a little more of the all spice & nutmeg. Have some fun with it.

Then refrigerate for about two hours. Pull out when done and then take a little cookie scoop or smaller spoon and start to spoon out some balls. Roll the balls in the palm and then place them in a bowl with the Cacao powder. Toss around a little and then place the truffle on a plate. Continue the process. Hands may fill up with some chocolate so I like to place them back into the fridge while I wash my hands and then start once again. 

Refrigerate for a couple more minutes and then serve when you are ready. Can hold up to one week in the fridge.



Chelsea Shapouri is a Lifestyle Consultant for women and an Elemental Yoga Instructor based in Santa Cruz, CA. In her work, she offers Ayurvedic lifestyle modalities, Yoga, Breath work, Meditations, and Ayurvedic Recipes. Every client and student is rare and special to her. Chelsea’s mission is to find their unique rhythm, their primal-natural state, and from there support them with techniques and recipes that are meant for their bio-individuality. Harmony for the emotional body, physical body, and mental state is the embodiment she lives by and wishes to offer. Bringing people back home to themselves with techniques they can simply do themselves is what she lives for. The art of service is the art of love and she shares what has helped her heal for the hope to help others heal. Stay connected to Chelsea and read her story through social media or her website: