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A Global Service Project Paints Hope for the Future

A Global Service Project Paints Hope for the Future

A note from Costa Rica

Lindsay is a village leader in Costa Rica who partners with True Nature Education on multiple Karma Yoga projects. She was kind enough to share how one recent global service project from a TNE retreat genuinely touched the lives of those in need. The physical support was simply metaphor for the emotional support that was given. We are so grateful at True Nature to be involved in these programs and would love to help you plan your next global service project! Enjoy the heart felt words of Lindsay!


It is sad to miss someone.

When a loved person dies, the empty space is there, you can see it, you can feel it. Our neighbor, decided to come and start a new life so far from the place where she spent half of her life. Her sad eyes seemed opposite to her beautiful and sincere smile, her deep wish to help the ones around her, made all of us to see her as one more family member.Global Service Project Paints Hope for the Future

Every time when we needed a hand (or two), she was there. As everyone here knows, I am honored to look for the community projects in the área, so every time TNE comes to visit us, they spend hours helping us to improve our village, bringing their brave spirit of cooperation and joy.

As soon as I had to look for a good one project from our list, I thought of this lady and her home.She was so excited to know about it. Not everyday you have a group of volunteers painting your house, so she decided to show her gratitude, doing something that really touched our heart…

She told us about her young son, he had an accident, it was a motorcycle crash and he passed away. So we discovered the reason of her sad mirage. Three days before the group came to start their project, there was a young man living in her home, his name is Jose and he is 24 years old, same age as the son she lost in that accident. Same name, too.

Jose was a homeless boy that because of the drugs addiction could not continue with his dream of becoming a tour guide. He came to the rehab center from the village (where my father volunteers as a motivator ) and his life changed. He became a new person and my neighbor and her husband decided to open the doors of their home for bringing him a new opportunity.

Painting Global Service ProjectThis young man has been working so hard to this family, he is thankful for the miracle of having a new family, a family that trust in his change. We all deserve a new chance to make the things right.

It is a kind of chain of good actions. You never know how far your blessings will go.I would like to thank my dearest friend Joshua and his family for bringing too much joy to our village. I would like to thank you for choosing to travel with a purpose.

While I write it, Jose is trying to find the way to go back to school. Their new parents are so proud of him, same like us, all of us.

Miracles may have different sizes, colors and names. This miracle was signed with love and painted with some rollers and paintbrushes during a rainy morning.

Costa Rica Global Service Project