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Giving Back: Reflections of Service in 2019

The decision to serve, especially while traveling abroad, is an honorable and noble choice that we celebrate with our participants. Integrating service programs (“Karma Yoga”) into our wellness retreats is at the foundation of our company’s mission and vision.

At the core of True Nature’s values is an emphasis on community service. True Nature Travels sprouted out of the CREER Service Organization, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for the healthy evolution of the native Costa Rican culture. This year, we celebrate our 13th year!

From small beginnings in the villages of Costa Rica to the expansion of community projects around the world, it has been an incredible decade of learning, growth, and service. Our mission began as a token of thanks for the hospitality we felt from our neighbors when we arrived in Costa Rica in 2004. Today, we are humbled and honored to share that it has turned into a global operation, serving more than 25 communities in 8 countries!

2019 Reflection

Giving Back in 2019PERU – School and Orphanage Projects
This year, we began our second year of work in the Sacred Valley of Peru. CREER has provided support for three different schools and two orphanages, offering resources and opportunities for the Andean children who hike from the mountains to seek education and places to live.


GUATEMALALa Puerta Abierta Learning Center

Throughout 2019, CREER continued our work with “La Puerta” on Lake AtitlanGiving Back in 2019 in Guatemala. CREER brought several volunteer groups to help assist with projects at the learning center, including planting organic gardens, assisting with the construction of the new communal area, and helping to launch the new International Traveling Library Project.


COSTA RICABlue Banyan Monkey Sanctuary

Giving Back in 2019As part of CREER‘s Land Stewardship Program, we have expanded our 8-year partnership with the Blue Banyan Monkey Sanctuary. This year, CREER will help to support five endangered species of monkeys, along with sloths, and various species of birds that are rehabilitated at the sanctuary. CREER’s volunteers have the opportunity to work with the animals while visiting Costa Rica.

Global Service, Adventure, and Leadership Programs

CREER continues to partner with True Nature Education to provide exciting and meaningful travel abroad opportunities. Through “The Global Service, Adventure, and Leadership Program” participants have the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, and many other countries where they experience the authentic and rich culture while working with CREER to support the local people and communities.


True Nature is thrilled to announce we are expanding our service project efforts in 2020! We are excited to partner with CREER and offer service project opportunities in a few of our newest destinations. To learn more and find out how you can give back, visit


Giving Back in 2019