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What am I here for?

It’s more than 14 letters creating a question. It is a question that I’d like to answer while I fight against resistance.

After having a difficult time, we are probably not completely full of energy. I have been part of that group of people that are tired sometimes, but I always fight for what I really love and it is helping to create a better place to live!

What am I here for?

I am here to encourage people to believe that if we are united, working together, no matter if we are just a small group, we can make a big difference.

Today is a great day! A good opportunity to do something for others.

It is interesting, because I have heard a lot of expressions like, “We can do nothing about it”, “It is imposible”, and “Don’t even try, you can’t do it”.

I can, you can, we all can!

What we really need is to start doing the impossible. There are too many people doing the possible now!

If we start now, we can do exactly the same thing tomorrow, with a new mind-set, so the ordinary things will turn to extraordinary things.

During many years, we have been working hard hand in hand with the True Nature. It has been an interesting adventure.

Painting buildings and homes, repairing houses, helping to build an English classroom at the local school and even giving a hand (or two) to the local people in their farms, without forgetting the other many activities we have been involved in… Too many good projects that are counting in our fight to create a better place to live, in our fight to show the entire world that the real power is inside you, inside me, the power of God acting through our hands.

There is a bridge between the countries, between the languages and we cross it together while we volunteer.

See you around here soon. No matter when you can come visit us, you will always be welcome here in Costa Rica, at home.

I wish you a happy day, plenty of peace and love.


About the Author: Lindsay Padilla 

Lindsay was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. She currently lives in Costa Rica where she helps foreigners immerse themselves in her beautiful country. True Nature works with Lindsay and The Real Costa Rica to provide service opportunities to our retreat participants. We love working with Lindsay and we cannot wait for our next Costa Rica retreat