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Meet Julie: Join her Costa Rica Yoga Retreat for a unique journey during the Summer Solstice

Feeling acostaricayogaretreatleader little chilly in these winter months? Well, we promise you just thinking about Julie’s Summer Solstice Retreat will start warming up your heart. True Nature Education is so thrilled to have this shinning leader on our team. She will be bringing a group to the magical lands of Mt. Chirripo, Costa Rica June 18th- June 25th, 2016. Limited spots are still available at early bird pricing so grab them while you can! Click here to learn more!

Curious to learn a little more about Julie and her Costa Rica Yoga Retreat? Check out our exclusive interview below:

TNE: How does the idea of Summer Solstice play into your upcoming Yoga Retreat, and what themes do you see coming up? 

The Summer Solstice marks a shift in the season and the beginning of the Ayurvedic Pitta season. Hot, intense and full of passion! It is a valuable time to celebrate the light and love, not only around us but also within us. In many cultures, light symbols consciousness and self-illumination. For thousands of years the Hindus have pTrueNature1raised the sun as both the physical and spiritual heart of our world and creator of life itself.

I want to offer a unique journey for this celebration of the spiritual heart and inner light. Guiding you to either begin or deepen your yoga practise and empowering you to introduce more yoga and light into your life. We will be exploring the transformation that happens, feeling the magic of Pura Vida in Costa Rica and celebrating Summer Solstice.

When I think of themes I’d like to introduce, it is about self-love, transformation, inner light, the yoga path, but I am so excited to see the flow of energy in the group and to discover new themes along the way, which the individual body and mind brings out.

We will manifest our dreams and goals, whilst creating space for deep gratitude of living from a state of pure being and infinite love. And practice our power of shining brighter from within.

TNE: Who has been your greatest influence and why?

It is difficult for me to name only one source of influence or inspiration in life, as there are so many interesting paths ways to learn. I resOMI_5716onate with the Dhama teachings, which offers such a humble and simple guidance to a happy way of life. I am influenced by anything that allows me to live a simple life where just being me is good enough and being free, open-hearted, loving and devoted is accepted as a meaningful lifestyle. My family has influenced me greatly, growing up with a spiritual mother, teaching me about meditation and self-expression has had a huge impact on where I am today. My yoga teachers, who I am still learning from, inspire me every day to learn more, offer more of myself and be devoted in my self-practice.

TNE: If there was a yoga pose or mediation practice that described you – what would it be and why?
I think right now, where I am this very moment, it would be Camatkarasana (wild thing). It brings a beautiful element of dance and unique expression into your practice and opens the heart from a strong, happy and balanced place.

I read a very beautiful poetic translation of what the asana means, “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart”. I am excited, enchanted, blissful and open to explore and create. So for me this pose is an expression of creativity, joy and openness.

TNE: Other than yoga and meditation – what are some of your passions? Will these be explored in your retreat
My greatest passion besides yoga is traveling. Visiting new places and get in touch with other cultures and ways of life. I love to spend time outside, feeling close to nature, either in the forest horseback riding, hiking in the mountains or playing by the beach. I love astrology – especially the Vedic astrology. The way that the moon and the universe affect us fascinate me, so I read a lot about that.IMG_4335

TNE: What is on your “Costa Rica bucket list” and what are you most excited about?
First of all I am very excited to be in the National Park of Chirripo during the retreat. It is such a magical and beautiful place to be. Second I am super excited about the Summer Solstice event that we will be having on June 20th. Celebrating the longest day of the year with soothing yoga, a garden event with candle lights and exquisite local food and later a temple ceremony or a guided walk through the rainforest depending on the weather. Other than that I hope to stay in Costa Rica after the retreat to explore some of the beaches and activities around.

TNE: Is there a saying or quote that really resonates with you and your upcoming retreat?
If you think positively, sound becomes music, movement becomes dance, smile becomes laughter, mind becomes meditation – life becomes a celebration.