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Meet True Nature Leader Julie Hruska

From September 23-29, 2018, we’re headed to Amorgos, Greece with Julie Hruska for a week of yoga to unplug from the outside world and reconnect with your spirit. Below, Julie tells us what inspired the theme of her “Awaken Your Inner Goddess in Greece” Retreat, who her greatest yoga influences have been, what quotes inspire her practice, and more! Meet Julie and find out what you can expect on her retreat by checking out our exclusive interview below!

1. How does the idea of “Awaken Your Inner Goddess”  play into your upcoming Yoga Retreat, and what themes do you see coming up throughout the journey?

The theme of my upcoming retreat “Awaken Your Inner Goddess” is about empowering women to awaken or reawaken their divine feminine energy and to encourage women to realize how amazing they truly are. Women have so many facets to their character and take on a lot of responsibilities. Throughout their relationships, career, parenting, and other roles, women often lose parts of their identity. These incredible women focus so much on helping others that they forget to take care and nurture themselves. Many of us fall into a stagnate role of going through the motions each day, sleepwalking through life. At this retreat, we will break away from the monotony of daily life. I will help them awaken to the present moment, tapping into their unique beauty and powerful spirit. By the end of the retreat, guests will leave with renewed vitality and confidence that enables them to live joyously in the present moment.

2. Who has been your greatest influence and why?

I have never been a big fan of yoga celebrities or gurus. They are people, just like you and me. When we place people on a pedestal, they become god-like and their abilities seem unattainable. I have learned so much from many incredible people, but to chose one doesn’t feel authentic to me. I am greatly influenced by all my teachers, mentors, books and other teachings; they’ve become part of who I am. What influences and inspires me is empowering others. I am inspired by people who overcome challenging circumstances. During my life, I have been faced with many challenges, from parenting a child with learning difficulties to facing crippling anxiety, from financial hardships to the daily struggles of being a single parent. When I meet people who have faced and conquered their challenges, I am in awe. Reflecting on my journey thus far, I seek to help others become the hero of their own story; stop looking beyond yourself and realize everything you need is within. 

3. If there was a yoga pose or meditation practice that described you – what would it be and why? 

Urdhva Dhanurasana, also known as wheel pose, best describes me. It is a heart opening pose that symbolizes my heart being wide open, filled with love, compassion and acceptance for all. In this posture, your chakras are fully aligned, which represents clarity and equanimity. When I am clear and balanced, I function as my highest self, able to be of service to my students. 

4. Other than yoga and meditation – what are some of your passions? Will these be explored in your retreat?

I love to travel!!! Traveling opens my eyes to new people, places and culture. I am a student of the world, learning from every where I go and from everyone I meet. I once read, “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” When I travel, I become a more compassionate member of this beautiful world we are blessed to be a part of. 

By traveling to Greece for the retreat, those who attend will meet new people from Greece and around the world. They will also gain exposure to new places, food and culture. I’ll encourage everyone to participate in daily island explorations and we will engage in a karma yoga service project, working to help local people overcome some of the challenges they are facing. 

5. What is on your “Greece bucket list” and what are you most excited about?

I am most excited about gathering an incredible group of women on the amazing island of Amorgos! I’m looking forward to hiking on the breath-taking mountain to sea trails, exploring the picturesque villages and experiencing relaxation at the on-site spa. 

6.   Is there a saying or quote that really resonates with you and your upcoming retreat?

Yes, there are so many empowering quotes that I’ll bring into our retreat. One that is currently resonating with me states: A goddess is “a woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels: mind, body, spirit. A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self-awareness, experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun. A woman who understands she has an unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who is inspired to give to those around her because of her own sense of gratitude and abundance.” ~unknown.

To me, a goddess is just this, not an unattainable statue but an authentic woman in touch with herself.

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