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3 Mindful New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s almost time to part ways with 2018 and welcome in a new year. This is a great time for reflection, gratitude, letting go of what needs to be left behind and starting fresh. Aren’t we so lucky to be able to do this? It is also the period when we make new year’s resolutions, to begin the next chapter of our lives by setting clear intentions.

Amongst the personal goals you will create for yourself, here are 3 mindful new year’s resolutions you can make for 2019.

Acknowledge Your Inner Power

We are all gifted with an immense power within. We are creators with amazing capabilities to transform ourselves and our world in a way that creates more harmony and balance. Realise your potential and all the wonderful things you can do and manifest in your life. As reflect over the experiences you had this year, bring to your mind the more challenging ones and how you were able to deal with them. You will realize that what once seemed impossible to cope with, was actually just a way to teach you how to tap into this inner power you hold. You have the ability to open any barriers that may block your way ahead, and the key to this is by realising it. Know that if you become more mindful of yourself and your inner stillness, no external events or factors can take this away from you. Tapping into your inner power will also guide you towards new ways of approaching life with more confidence and self-trust, knowing that whatever road blocks you may encounter, you can trust yourself to keep moving forward.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

The most beautiful aspect of human kind is that we are all unique. No two people on this planet are the same, as our souls have their own paths to journey on. Your unique talents are yours, you have been gifted with these so you can serve the world in your own special way. We often compare ourselves with others and put a negative spin to it, wishing we had the things they did. The good news is that you will never be like somebody else; the not so good news is that if you don’t embrace this, you will never let your true authentic self shine. Make this part of your new year’s resolutions and discover just how beautiful you are inside out, just the way you are. Find your unique qualities and what makes you be YOU. Our purpose is often wrapped around in these unique qualities and as we begin to discover and manifest them, it starts to shine and be released. We find our way by being and living as our most original self. The great thing about embracing your uniqueness is that it will teach you to accept other people for who they are, without any judgement.

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Spread Unconditional Love

The heart chakra, located in the middle of the chest is the energy centre where infinite unconditional love resides. We are so blessed to be gifted with the ability to always give and receive love without it ever running out. Being mindful of this aspect, you can first start by making a pact with yourself that for 2019, you will access this great superpower more often. The only way to realise its potential is to first use it for yourself. As part of your 2019 new year’s resolutions, start to love yourself unconditionally and you will see just how much your inner and outer world will change for the better. Unconditional love is the selfless kind, the type you give with no expectation, other than to share this magical ability with others. When you stand from a place of love, you will start to see beauty in everything and everyone. And it really doesn’t matter what others’ think of you because when you spread love everywhere you go, you create a positive impact.

Always know that you have the opportunity to recreate and reshape your outer world by nurturing your inner one. Bring your awareness to these 3 new year’s resolutions, meditate on them and sit with each one for as long as you need to. Eventually, they will become your beacon of light to brighten your days as you step foot into a new chapter, which it’s yours to create.


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Miriam Indries is a published author, yoga and meditation teacher, passionate about holistic healing. She is also a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner and NLP coach. A keen traveller, wondering soul and student of life, Miriam is the creator of, online platform empowering others to find their greatness.