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Creating a Yoga Space in Your Bedroom brought to you by Modernize

Wanting to create that perfect space for your home practice? Hannah West from Modernize has some great tips and hints! Check out her guest spot and get some inspiration….


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Like eating a healthy breakfast, doing yoga before you start your day can raise your energy levels and boost your metabolism. It also reduces anxiety by letting you start off each day with a clean slate, free of distractions and in touch with yourself.

Dashing off to squeeze your studio lesson in before work can defeat the purpose of the calming and centering practice of yoga. If that describes your morning, maybe you should think about creating your own private yoga space at home. Even if you don’t think you have much space to work with, a little corner of your room is enough to help you start your day mindfully.


First, you’re going to need enough room to stretch out. If you have to, rearrange a little furniture or even get rid of a few things you don’t need. Deflect distractions by removing objects from

your space, even if it means re-hanging a picture frame or poster somewhere else. Put distance between your special spot and the TV, the alarm clock, or your workspace. If necessary, hang or erect some kind of partition that separates you from the distractions of your living space.

Soften Hard Surfaces

Adding a little cushion to the floor will protect you from injury in addition to making you feel more comfortable. Even doing yoga on carpet can be hard on your back and neck if you don’t use a cushion. Aside from a yoga mat, you can consider rubber flooring tiles or cushions for meditation–anything to make sure discomfort won’t be a distraction.

Create Mood Lighting

Natural light coming in from outside on a sunny day can greatly contribute to your feeling of serenity. But peaceful lighting can be a challenge for people whose rooms have small windows or fluorescent overhead lights. Use partitions or even sheets from your linen closet to soften harsh light. Make sure you do this in a way that doesn’t create a fire hazard, and be careful to blow out candles after every session if you use them to set the mood.

Nail the Ambiance

You have your free space, your soft surface, and your peaceful lighting. Now you have the option to complete the sensory experience with calming sounds. The music you choose should give you the sense of spiritual retreat. You can also use a sound machine to feel more connected with nature and keep your mind a blank slate for meditation. For an extra touch of ambiance, throw in pleasant fragrances. Use scented candles, incense, potpourri, or even a plug-in scent to stimulate the part of your brain that regulates emotions. Scents like lavender, pine, and jasmine are known for their calming effects.

Find Inspiration

Removing distractions is vital to creating a yoga space, but that doesn’t mean removing every personal touch. Find something that inspires you and use it as the visual focal point of your space. Whether it’s a photograph of a distant landscape, a painting, a sculpture, or even a beautiful plant, whatever helps you both concentrate and clear your mind at the same time can serve as your inspiration.

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Thank you Hannah for the awesome article! Did you dedicate a space for your home practice? We would love to hear about it! Feel free to share below.


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