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Spring is dynamic, sexy, and magical. We start to shed the cold, dark, and wet Winter and start to enter the pulsation of life as things start to blossom and spring into action. We start to follow the natural ways of Nature but sometimes the transition isn’t as easy as nature makes it look. Humans have a hard time with gracefully transitioning from feeling sluggish and heavy, similar to a cranky bear that just got woken up. Spring is a place where we come from the cranky bear and start to become more of this vibrant young cub that is excited for action! So how do we do this in a way that we can feel stable, grounded, graceful, and feeling that spring groove? There are many ways in the Ayurvedic traditions and one is through food.

It is important to understand the kapha dosha and how to bring it to balance. When out of balance we can feel dull, sluggish, mentally tired and even depressed. The lust for life seems to be in far reach. When in balance we can feel strong, stable, composed and grounded. We feel like wonder woman or superman. Your prescription for spring is to find a rhythm and routine that help you gradually lighten up mentally, physically and emotionally without disturbing the virtues of kapha. Eat lighter foods, add certain herbs into your diet, practice yoga and meditation, and find a gratitude or devotional practice. Start to get the brain to notice the small lighter things, the simple things, instead of overwhelming it with too much, again making you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Spring is a very inspiring season. Everything starts to bloom and the animals are out to play. There is beauty all around us. We must find a routine that makes us feel the beauty we see in the world. Stick with the changes you start to make, even if its small. Find true commitment because you are worth the vibrancy. Create space for yourself, make more time for your commitments instead of spreading yourself thin for everyone and everything else. When eating, stay light and In between raw and cooked. When practicing asana, stay with doing more heated postures that work with the pelvis and legs since that is more of our earthy and watery parts of the body. Find your breath and use some stillness to re ground and to feel the prana, the life force flowing through your body. Deep breaths, remember, create space and build heat. Get the body moving and think about a butterfly, how do you become one instead of the sleepy bear. Keep it simple, feel your grove, and start to blossom.

Since in my opinion it is not time to put the sugariest fruits into the diet again yet I wanted to create a smoothie that would help with the lightness we need to obtain during this transition. It mostly consists of super foods and my favorite protein powder called Tropeaka. Tropeaka is a brand from Australia and they use no cane sugar like most proteins do. They are filled with complete amino acids, 3 powerful plant based proteins, doesn’t cause bloating, and filled with antioxidants. Its vegan, gluten free, soy free, and definitely non gmo. If you haven’t checked this brand out I highly suggest them. They have things from energy boots, to protein, to alkaline greens. If you want to add this protein, use my friend Sitaras code so you can get 15 percent off your first order! How is that not exciting?! Here is the code and the recipe for you beautiful humans! Transition smoothly and happy spring. Until next time <3


Groovy Superfood

2 servings

1 can coconut milk with full fat and fat included into blender

2 tbl chia seeds

2 tbl lean protein from TROPEAKA I used vanilla for this one

2 tbl maca powder

1 tbl bee pollen

2 tbl goji berries

1 tsp vanilla

2 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp cardamom

1 tbl honey (2 if you want sweeter)

¼-1/2 cup filtered water

Optional* handful of spinach and ¼ avocado

-Put everything into high speed blender and blend till fully smooth. Save the rest for later or share with a friend! Enjoy

About the Cook

Chelsea Shapouri, currently in Ventura, California, is an entrepreneur with a love for holistic health, yoga/meditation, herbal medicine, travel, and the outdoors. Her aim is to help Chelsea Shapouri, The Grains of Lifepeople achieve their true authenticity and move away from stress and into balance using her knowledge of Holistic Living. Chelsea is currently teaching “Yoga Medicine” at local studios and indoor rock-climbing gyms, creating a cookbook, taking photos with her favorite companions, hosting local workshops, and enjoying the ocean and trails on her days off. To learn more about her mission and offers, you can go to her website,, or email her at; Join the team to spread this awareness of happiness as well as taking care of our earth and people.