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5 Karma Yoga Ideas to do Abroad and at Home

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. “-Gandhi

Karma yoga is the school of yoga that teaches us to be of service to the world without any expectation in return. We are unique souls brought together on this planet and our contribution is needed. We often underestimate that we can make a difference, when in fact we have all the tools to do so. Having the right intention to be of selfless service is at the core of karma yoga.

Here are 5 ways to practice karma yoga during your travels or at home.

Nature clean-ups5-karma-yoga-ideas-nature-clean-up

You don’t need to be part of an environmental organization to contribute to the natural environment we are in. Whether you are traveling to an exotic destination, or hanging out at your local beach, why not do some good while you’re at it. Grab yourself some gloves for hygiene reasons a couple of bags (eco-friendly would be ideal) and start picking up some of the rubbish. Looking after Mother Nature also means creating a more harmonious internal environment for the self.

Give to our furry friends


These days, many animal charities operate like businesses so even volunteers will need to fill out a lot of paper work and the process can sometimes take way too long. If this is the case, seek another way to help the animals. Almost every place in the world will have stray cats or dogs roaming around the place, looking for food and shelter. Take an hour of your day and a few dollars from your pocket and feed the strays. Remember that we are all souls living together on this planet, it doesn’t matter if you are a human or an animal.

Help out a local in need

If you find yourself on an island or in a small village during your travels, you will most likely meet locals who have a small business to make ends met. These people rely on tourists to5-karma-yoga-ideas-help-localmake a living and they put a lot of work to make sure they have enough to provide. Ask how you can help out; maybe you can wash dishes for a day, or help them clean up; you could even find a local who works on a field and give your time by spending the day with them picking fruits or helping them in their agricultural routine. Whatever it is that you can help with, ask and there will always be a way.

Tis’ the season of giving

5-karma-yoga-ideas-giveAs the festive season approaches, there are plenty of ways we can give back to those in need. The truth is we could all do with a little bit more compassion and kindness. Whether you are a wondering soul on the road these holidays, or spending time in your city, allocate some time to bring joy to somebody else’s journey. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or spend your day at an elderly home. Time is the most precious gift we can offer to one another.


Share your talents with the world

Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is also about acknowledging your gifts and how you can share these with others. If you’re traveling to a country where they don’t have the resources for learning
English and this is your primary language, why not share your natural ability and help out? For the creatives out there, you can devote your time to your craft and create unique Christmas cards for your loved ones with a message of hope, love or joy. Sometimes even offering a helping hand to a family member or being a good listener is enough to make a difference.

We all have a purpose and many often feel lost not knowing theirs. I have learned that by asking the universe the simple question of “How could I best be of service to the world?” This will bring in new opportunities for you to contribute and make a difference. You attract the energy you put out in the world and when you focus enough on bringing something good for the planet, what you seek will come to you eventually.


About the Author


Miriam Indries is a published author, yoga and meditation teacher, passionate about holistic healing. She is also a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner and NLP coach. A keen traveller, wondering soul and student of life, Miriam is the creator of, online platform empowering others to find their greatness.