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Enjoy Life. Offline.

Enjoy life offline

In our modern age, it has become the norm to spend hours on our smartphones each day, thus exposing us to potentially harmful blue light and radio frequency energy. Overuse of digital screens can lead to eye strain, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, headaches and even anxiety and depression. At True Nature, our team is always on the lookout for ways to remain present and healthy regardless of the bustling world around us (and in the palm of our hands). The newest tool for mindfulness to catch our eye is from our friends in Peru, The Mudita Pure: Your Minimalist Phone. It includes all of the essentials of our phones (i.e. calls/texts, calendar, music, alarm clock, Bluetooth, and notes), but sets itself apart from smartphones with its ultra-low SAR, long-lasting battery life, and E Ink display. 

Enjoy life offline

With a regular yoga and meditation practice, it is impossible to not feel the negative effects of some of the products we rely on. And rely we do. Our phones have become such an important part of our lives that many of us feel naked or even anxious without it in our pocket. Imagine the freedom of releasing yourself from the bright display and programmed slot machine-style notifications of your smartphone. The concept of reducing eye strain is enough for us to get excited about this new product, but Mudita’s intention of freedom, joy and living in the present moment is what really solidified our interest in what they are developing. Visit our affiliate link here to read more about this back-to-basics approach to phone usage and to reserve one of your own.