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Forming a Deep Connection with Mother Earth for World Earth Day

World Earth Day


April is all about World Earth Day, a great day of honouring Mother Nature and its powerful energy. Celebrating this, we can engage in different practices which help us connect with this grounding force and come in closer contact with it. This month, devote some time to bring alignment within your energetic self by focusing on nature and its beauty.

Get out in the nature and practice karma yoga

Mother nature is kind, powerful and loving. It provides us with a home and beautiful energy that boosts our life force. Find a beach nearby by, a park or any space in nature where you can go and World Earth Daydo a clean-up. It can be as small or as big as you’d like. Devoting some of your time to look after the environment is beneficial for the nature and yourself. Karma yoga teaches us to be humble and let go of our desires to receive recognition for any acts of kindness we do and this is a good way to do something with a good intention. Looking after nature is like looking after our body, because physically we are connected with all that is around us.

Take a walk barefoot

World Earth DayOne of the best ways to connect with Mother nature is to walk barefoot. This can be on a beach, in a park or on any land really. Connecting our skin to the earthy energy provides us with stability and grounding. Doing so, we also activate Mooladhara, the root chakra, the energy system in the body located at the base of our spine governing our stability and feeling safe and protected in the world. Practice a walking meditation and with every step
you take, feel the soles of your feet connecting with the earth. Here you can also do the Hawaiian forgiveness practice, known as Ho’oponopono, a beautiful way for a spiritual cleanse but also to show your complete gratitude for nature. Close your eyes and practice Ho’oponopono towards nature with an intention of love and honesty: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. Show your love, gratitude and appreciation for it.

Plant something

Gardening is not for everybody, but once in a while, it’s good to get your hands in soil and plant something. Planting a seed teaches us to be patient and trusting in the process. It’s like giving life to something. If you don’t have a garden, you can go to a forest and plant a small tree somewhere. It’s about learning to recognise the beauty of nature and the vitality provided by the earth for all living beings. Plants are living organisms and they require just as much nurture and care as we do in order to develop and grow. The kind earthy energy provides this for us all, and being involved in the process is a humbling and unique experience.


Karma Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Asana practice is a great way to become more connected with the Earthy energy and bring stability and grounding within the body. Standing asanas teach us to connect our feet to the ground beneath us and feel in tune with the energy provided by Mother Earth. A great 5 asana sequence to try for this is:

1. Tadasana/Mountain pose
2. Utkatasana/Fierce pose
3. Vrksasana/Tree pose
4. Virabhadrasana II/Warrior II
5. Virabhadrasana III/Warrior III

Each of these asanas require us to have the soles of our feet on the ground completely and to find our physical balance. They also build strength in the ankles and the leg muscles. When working on this sequence, it’s best to bring your awareness to the lower part of the body, to the legs and the feet and notice how you are feeling as you become more still. If you find it hard to keep your balance, continue to practice and imagine there is a string connecting your feet to the mat or the ground.


About the Author

Miriam Indries is a published author, yoga and meditation teacher, passionate about holistic healing. She is also a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner and NLP coach. A keen traveller, wondering soul and student of life, Miriam is the creator of, online platform empowering others to find their greatness.