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Top 5 Gifts for the Active Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to start shopping! Traditionally Mother’s Day is filled with flowers, cakes, and charm bracelets. But that’s not every mom’s style. If you’ve got an active mom, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve created an ultimate list of gifts for the active mom. Every active mom will adore any one of these gifts.

Gifts for the Active Mom: Subscription Box

1. The gift that keeps on giving

Subscription boxes have been a popular gift for years. They’re the gift that keeps on giving! But there are more options than the traditional wine, cheese, or chocolate subscription boxes.

If you’ve got a mom who is particularly health conscious, check out Graze or NatureBox for a health snack subscription. If your mom is a yogi, then she’ll love the any of the YogiSurprise boxes. Whichever subscription box you choose, it’s a great way to remind her how much she means to you, every single month.


Gifts for the Active Mom: Camera

2. A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Is your mom always behind the camera? Then why not get her a camera that can withstand her active lifestyle. Of course, there is always the GoPro. Famous for being both affordable and durable, this little camera will allow your mom to capture beautiful videos of her adventures.

If your mom loves to dive, then she’ll love the SeaLife cameras. These cameras were designed to capture gorgeous photos of life under the sea. If you are looking for a more versatile camera your mom can use for any activities, check out these great waterproof and durable cameras.


Gifts for the Active Mom: Speakers

3. Beats on the Go

If your mom loves music as much as she loves being active, than a portable speaker could be the perfect gift. The BoomBottle is a wireless speaker that’s the same size and shape as a water bottle. This powerful speaker can easily fit in a backpack or the water bottle cage of a bicycle.

For an even smaller option, check out the Puma Soundchuck, a tiny speaker that brings great tunes to any location. It comes with a silicone cord that will let your mom hook it to just about anything

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4. An Ohm-azing Yoga Mat

For the yogi moms out there, a yoga mat can be a great gift. But don’t just get any yoga mat. Get one that will make her jaw drop. The Yoloha cork yoga mats are all gorgeously designed and made with eco-friendly cork material (which gets stickier as it gets wet).

For more stunning yoga mats, check out this list of the most beautiful and unique yoga mats around. And if you’ve got a traveling yogi mom, pick her up one of these travel yoga mats for her next trip.


5. A Life-Changing Journey

There are tons of different gifts for the active mom that are fun and will make her smile on her next adventure, but why not give her the adventure itself? Giving your mom a week-long yoga retreat is the perfect way to say thank you for everything she has done for you.

A yoga and wellness retreat in some of the most beautiful places on earth will give her a chance to relax and show her that you truly embrace and support her active nature. You could even make it a bonding experience and go with her!

Celebrate her with these gifts for the active mom

Your mom will love any of these gifts for the active mom. What she will love most is the fact that you found a gift perfect for her. Celebrate what makes your mom unique. Celebrate her love of the outdoors and the fact that she’d rather go camping that get her nails done. Your mom is an active woman and this Mother’s Day you can honor that by giving her any one of these gifts for the active mom. She’s bound to appreciate the thought as much as the gift itself! Make sure to wish her a happy Mother’s Day on our behalf!