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Letters From Lindsay: Being the Bridge

Dear Friends,

A beautiful sunny morning, after almost a week of rain, rain  and more rain. I like rain, however I honestly enjoy when the sun shines! I am sitting on my table, typing this letter and baking a cake for my sister.

A mom’s life is something like this… We can work, clean, cook and care of the kids at the same time… The cake smells delicious and it is also for my mom, who came back home yesterday after her monthly stay in the hospital, the cake is almost ready and this is also for you…


Yes, for you!

Thank you for booking your vacation through True Nature Education and for giving a special value to your fun, to your time, to your expectations. There are too many reasons for us to be thankful. I am so blessed! I have a wonderful family, a mother who is fighting against cancer and you know what, she will be the winner!

It feels great to be the bridge between cultures and languages. It feels amazing to know that your visit will make a possitive change in the life of so many people, because every step you do in my country, you are making a difference.

Behind the volunteer service, there is a happy family getting the benefit and a happy community improved. Behind the school presentation there is a group of ladies preparing a special present for the kids. And, it is possible because of you.

This year, we will have a party for the people in the community, on December 21. We do not have the Thanksgiving day tradition in Costa Rica, however it will be something like this after your visit. We are going to have a party, food and presents for the people in town, for the neediest families. If you want to join this cause, you are invited to bring something, anything counts. It is fine if it is a second hand article or if it is new.

Cake is on my table now. I wish I could send you a piece of cake…

Pura Vida and Happy Holidays,


Lindsay Padilla is a nature lover and mom of two boys. She has been teaching Spanish since 2006 and working for the development of rural communities in Costa Rica. She enjoys writing, reading and swimming.

Are you interested in learning more about the Costa Rican way of life, called Pura Vida? Our service programs which can be added on during any of our retreats include opportunities to stay with Lindsay and her family and support our efforts in their village.  Learn more here.