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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day this Year


It’s that time of the year! Mother’s Day is upon us, which means now is the time to celebrate everything your mother has done for you over the years and make her realize how much you appreciate the role she has served, and continues to serve, in your life. Or, if you’re like me, it’s the time of the year when you stress about what gift to give the woman who has given you everything, even life itself. For some reason, flowers never seem to cut it for me. I mean flowers next to actually birthing and raising me… it just doesn’t quite compare. Which is why I’ve dedicated much of my time to figure out more creative and meaningful way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Read on for five of my favorite creative Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Go tea tasting (yes, that’s a thing!)


You’ve heard of wine tasting, but… tea tasting? It’s not unlike wine tasting; a tea sommelier will guide you through a menu of teas and offer samples of a range of white, green, red, and black teas. You’ll enjoy some of the best teas in the world while learning about the harvesting, roasting, and brewing process. For all the tea connoisseurs out there—or anyone interested in a unique and delightful Mother’s Day celebration—look for a tea tasting room near you! If you are based in the Bay Area or New York City, we recommend teance or tea drunk respectively.

2. Reconnect to yourselves and to each other

Every time I ask my mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, I get the same response: “Time with you.” It’s sweet but really doesn’t help when I’m weaving through shops trying to nail the perfect gift. But at the end of the day, she’s not wrong; the best gift is always time together. So this mother’s day, give your mom exactly what she wants and take her on a week-long yoga retreat anywhere in the world. It’s not only the gift of epic travel, but it’s the gift of saying, “yes, Mom. I will drop everything to spend a week with you in a foreign country.” Reconnect with your mom and say “thank you” this year by dedicating a whole week to exploring your yoga practices together.

3. Take her for a walk down memory lane


Our childhood is full of memories of our mothers. Collect your memories and offer those as your Mother’s Day gift this year. If your parents no longer live where you grew up, you can do this remotely by collecting photos of memorable moments, cooking foods that your mom used to prepare, and telling her stories of things she once did that meant the world to you. If you are still near your hometown, take your mom for a literal walk down memory lane. Eat lunch at that café where you broke down in tears and she was there for you. Get your nails done at the salon where you got your first ever manicure for your high school prom. Spend this Mother’s Day showing your mom how much her support through the years meant to you (and will always mean to you).

4. Take her on the adventure of a lifetime


Do you and your mom have more of an adventurous side? Then give her an opportunity to get out and explore. Even better? Go with her. Plan some mother-child bonding time by booking you both on an epic adventure. Imagine riding through the Dolomites of Italy, mud splashing on your wheels, then getting back to the hotel and sitting down for a glass of locally made Italian wine. Or scaling epic vertical limestone routes with views of the Aegean Sea during a rock-climbing retreat on the island of Kalymnos, Greece. If this kind of blood-pumping, adrenaline-inducing adventure is up your mom’s alley, then what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than going on an adventure of a lifetime together?

5. Give her the same celebratory treatment she gave you



We all have that thing. The thing our mom would do to celebrate special occasions. Maybe it was a trip to the beach, or dinner at your favorite restaurant, or tickets to see that movie you’d been whining about for weeks. For me, it was my favorite breakfast served on our red “You Are Special Plate” in front of my favorite Disney movie (eating in front of the TV was a huge rarity for us and very exciting). Whatever that “thing” is, turn the tables and offer it to your mom this year. Let her feel a little of the joy you felt when you were young.

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