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A Yoga Sequence for Earth Day – Gratitude for Mother Earth

As we enter into Spring, we hear the birds singing more vibrantly, we see the trees blooming, and the Earth becoming more colorful again. Perhaps you are also experiencing this feeling of waking up and connecting back to the Earth as Winter has left and the Earth seems to become more alive. The beautiful cycle. Earth Day is fast approaching us, a day when we are reminded to give thanks to the Earth by supporting environmental protection. The yoga sequence I offer below is intended to ground you and connect you to the Earth. I encourage you to find a quiet space outside before beginning.

Standing in Mountain pose, hands to heart’s center, feeling your feet on the Earth. Begin by moving your toes, feeling all aspects of the Earth, the cycles of energy. Start feeling that energy radiate up through your feet, throughout your body, your palms, your third eye. Breathe deeply.

Continue breathing, focusing in on all the energy you feel throughout your body. Now hear the sounds around you, the birds, the wind. And feel the air touching your skin. Perhaps it’s cold and crisp, perhaps it’s warm and sunny. Breathe deeply.

Inhaling, lift your arms to the sky, looking up at your hands. With your hands clasped together above your head, slowly side bend to the left. Instead of crunching the left side of your body, feel like you are moving up and over the full moon, keeping both the left and right side body long. Breathe deeply here. Slowly return back and repeat by bending over to the right side.

Breathe, and on your on time, bring your hands back to heart’s center. On your next inhale, raise your arms up to the sky and clasp your hands together. Slowly bend back allowing your throat to open and your upper back to slowly arc up and over. Feel your chest open and allow the flowing energy of the Earth and the sky to seep into your heart. On your own time slowly return to mountain pose.

On your next inhale, raise your arms to sky and then move through one sun salutation on your own breath. As you arrive in Downward Dog, feel your palms and feet simultaneously supported by the Earth’s surface. The Earth supports us every day in more ways than we are constantly aware. The Earth supplies us with water, nourishing fruits and vegetables, physical support, wood for our homes, emotional support through nature, the list goes on and on. As you pedal out your feet in this Downward Dog, I encourage you to think about all the ways in which Mother Earth served you today.

Slowly lift your right leg in three-legged dog, and bring it through to Warrior II. Feel the energy in your grounded feet, and allow that energy to escape back out through your finger tips. While you feel the power and strength you have in Warrior II, focus in on how you can restore what you allow Mother Earth to provide you with each day. Windmill your hands back down to the Earth, and take a some breaths in downward dog.

Repeat with your left leg, raising your left leg in downward dog and bringing it through to Warrior II. Focusing now on how you can think about Earth Day each and every day. The energy extending from your fingertips is the small things you do each day to thank Mother Earth for what she does for you. Perhaps it is eliminating plastic, perhaps conserving water, driving less, eating a more plant-based diet, recycling and composting. The possibilities are endless in how we can continuously care for the Earth.

Windmill your hands back down to the Earth and step your left leg back to Downward Dog. When you are ready, slowly walk your feet to your hands and roll up, bringing your hand’s to heart’s center. As your palms press against each other, breathe and focus in on how your body and mind feel after spending this time in nature, moving your body and sharing gratitude for Mother Earth. Focus in on an intention for how every day can be Earth Day. Namaste.


About the Author

Alexandra is thrilled to be working with True Nature! As a Yoga Teacher and Artist with a Master of Public Health in Environmental Health, work experience at the Environmental Protection Agency, and a passion for travel, her life’s path weaves into the mission and values of True Nature Travels. Since first traveling to Costa Rica at the age of fourteen to study ecology at remote biological field stations, she saw the power that experiential travel abroad has on one’s growth. Since then, she has worked the organic fields of a spiritual and intentional community and continued to travel, immersing herself in the local cultures.