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Ayurveda On The Road: Tips For Healthy Traveling




Not everyone loves traveling, however, those who do can attest to the fact that traveling is an entire fun package. Asides the fact that it is interesting and full of excitement, it also holds memories which you would treasure for years to come.

The fun in traveling does not start from the road trip it starts from the anticipation. Waiting for the designated day to arrive comes with its own type of fun, as you could find yourself fantasizing before then.

In order to enjoy your travel, it is advised that you carefully and painstakingly select everything you need, so that you do not get on board and realize that you left out one or two things. Now, there is an undeniable fact which is, stating how exactly your travel might be. You might be surprised to find out that, it is either more strenuous than usual or more comfortable than you expected. On a conventional note, there is no escaping it you might be faced with stress, which could come in different forms.

Below are some of the common symptoms which travelers are likely to experience:

  • Dysfunctional digestive system
  • Impaired immune system
  • Constant feeling of tiredness
  • Feeling overexcited
  • Feeling depressed
  • Body pains and aches

These common symptoms are what Ayurveda seeks to handle. Ayurveda tries to ensure that the spirit, body, and mind are in one piece so that you would feel bubbly and balanced.

It would interest you to know that one of Ayurveda’s foundational goals is providing optimum balance to your well-being.


Below are some essential tips, which would keep you on the right track while traveling:

  • Body massage: When you have had a long stressful day of undergoing touristy pursuits, it might be tempting to go straight off to sleep. This is not advised, however. It is best to
    perform a massage on your body. If you cannot do it yourself, then you can get someone to help. In a good number of cases, you might not get someone who would be readily available, so you have to do it yourself. All you need do is, commence from the top; your head, perform a massage on the scalp, right down to your feet. Do not skip your stomach, as a good massage helps with proper digestion. This is why it is important always to go along with a small bottle of oil, to perform this traditional Ayurvedic massage.
  • Yoga practice: When traveling, the commonest activity you would perform is sitting, and this makes you quite stiff, depending on the number of hours traveled. Yoga comes in handy to eliminate this body stiffness. When Ayurveda and Yoga are practiced together, the advantages are always much. You do not need to perform complex hand and leg twists for Yoga, all you need is a wide space which would give room for ample movement and body and mind healing. During your trip, you can perform some Yoga on your seat, or probably after your trip has ended. You can do some basic exercises such as forward folds, side bends, stand twists and the likes. Simply move your body gracefully.
  • Remaining Hydrated: Water is essential for all forms of travel, and it is necessary to have an ample quantity with you. The cool breeze seeping through the air-conditioners, or the tough breeze blowing through the window in your car, is enough to make you dehydrated and cause you to lose balance. It is more advisable to take water than alcohol prior to and when traveling, as alcohol makes you dehydrated. For your trip, take along with you, a portable water bottle, and ensure it is quite warm so that it can promote easy digestion and for your overall comfortability. For increased effectiveness, you can mix with any natural superfood such as shilajit, turmeric, lemon and a host of others. Every superfood has its own benefits. Lemon juice mixed with warm water protects the body from Immune system deficiencies. To turn the usual water to natural energy drink and to boost your energy level, you should use shilajit. But there are other amazing health benefits of mumio.
  • Enough sleep: The importance of enough sleep cannot be overstated. Before you travel, ensure that you sleep well, because it is important to your health. It is better to have a goodnight’s rest prior to your travel, than during the trip itself, except if it is a very long one, it is still safe to fall asleep for a while. After your trip, your body also needs enough sleep, especially at night. During the night, your mind and body undergo detoxification and repair, and results are best gotten when you are asleep. If it is hard to sleep, then you can perform any of the following activities:
  • Take a shower
  • Listen to music
  • Meditation
  • Read any random book


  • Pause to breathe: If you want to know how stressed you are, take a moment and check your breathing pattern, you will observe that it is quite shallow. Also, when you are feeling more relaxed, your breathing pattern becomes deep. Hence, the deeper you breathe, the better your health is. Hence, during the course of your travel, take a moment to perform a simple breathing exercise. For 4-5 seconds, breathe in through your nose, and breathe out for six seconds. Repeat this for a good number of times until you feel fulfilled. If you are someone who finds it quite difficult to keep up with exercises such as this, you can place a reminder for yourself, at a particular time of the day when you can perform it. With time, you will get used to it.



Having gone through these tips, planning your next vacation would be easy. You can take a mental picture of yourself undergoing these activities, and plan how they would fit into your schedule.

Taking part in any of those tips will aid in reducing the accumulated stress in your body. When you travel, always bear it in mind that, you are focusing on grounding and providing balance to your spirit, mind, and body. Some of them might be rigorous and uncomfortable for you, the end results are usually amazing, and you would be able to enjoy every bit of your trip.