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Finding Freedom of the Self; How to Let Go and Surrender

Finding freedom of the self

Finding freedom of the self

Finding freedom of the self; how to let go and surrender

As we approach the half way line in the year, this is a great time to pause, reflect and release everything that is holding you back from living with confidence, bliss and freedom. The thing is all of us can feel completely free, we just have to be open to let go and release what we are holding on to so tightly. Through every experience, we pick up different energy, conscious and unconscious reactions which can all trigger tension or imbalances in the mind, body, and soul. We can attach ourselves to people, things, situations and experiences that can create a heaviness internally. Finding freedom is about learning to let go of all the attachments, of the unnecessary emotional baggage we carry around, and by acknowledging that it already exists within ourselves.

Freeing the physical body

It’s no surprise that moving the body and being physically active brings many health benefits. But on an energetic level, this also helps us to release any blockages we may have within. One of the main aspects of hatha yoga is about purification of the physical body. When we practice asanas and bring our body in alignment, we release toxins, muscular tightness and clear out anything that impedes our energetic flow. Through movement we create space in the body, to feel more freely, to think more clearly and to breathe more deeply. Bringing our attention to the breath and practicing pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) will also get the prana or life force within flowing freely. Although hatha yoga brings a harmonious state to the physical body, any type of physical exercise will benefit you in feeling free in the body. Negative emotions and thoughts, feelings of unworthiness, shame, guilt, etc also get stored in the body resulting in muscular knots, physical pain and even illness. As we continue to allow the mind to wander and keep our emotions inside, we create tension in the physical self. Moving the body, alongside with deep breathing can help release these so we can learn to move freely and enjoy the rhythm of our own body.

Freeing the mind

The mind can sometimes be non-stop, feeding us with different thoughts at all moments of the day. If we pay attention to these, we can go further into creating ideas and scenarios, all resulting in illusions. Practicing meditation is not about sitting in lotus pose with your hands in a mudra and ignoring these thoughts; instead it is about bringing yourself into the present moment, feeling grounded and still, whilst simply observing the non-stop chatter of the mind with no attachment to it. When we do so, we can learn that this is the only experience we are part of; that the past and the future don’t exist, all there is in now. Practicing mindfulness is important, because when we have stillness of mind, we can be present with clarity. And this is true freedom. And when the mind is free, creativity blossoms and we see the world as it is, without any biased preconceptions. We can also allow the mind to be curious and to be open to new things, learning and practicing mindful affirmations.

Freeing the soul

The soul is part of every experience we go through on our physical journey through life. Connecting with this completely authentic and pure part of the self, doesn’t necessarily require any special type of practice. The soul is at the essence of who we are, we are always with it and it is always with us. The soul thrives on all types experiences, excitement, courage, new beginnings, freedom of expression etc We nurture the soul when we learn to love ourselves and love others; when we let go of judgement of the self and others; when we trust and surrender. We can listen to the guidance of it simply by allowing ourselves to listen to the silence within. We can do so through mindfulness and becoming aware of our intuition and its wisdom, separating our desires from it. We can allow the soul to shine through acts of goodness for the self, others and the environment coming from a pure intention. Those who travel often begin to feel more inspired about life and their purpose. This is because the soul feels free to explore the world through a different perception other than being bounded by routine and to do lists. But physical travel is not necessary as this is part of just some people’s journey. Others can simply do so by taking an internal adventure of the soul, journeying through their own self and discovering what is deep inside. Whatever you perceive is making you feel stuck, come back to the present moment, observe it and let go. Freedom is and will always be available to you.



Miriam IndriesMiriam Indries is a published author, yoga and meditation teacher, passionate about holistic healing. She is also a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner and NLP coach. A keen traveller, wondering soul and student of life, Miriam is the creator of, online platform empowering others to find their greatness.