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Honour Yourself with a Therapeutic Spring Clean

As we begin to approach the spring season, it’s the perfect opportunity to give our mind a good cleanse from all the overthinking, worry and stress. With all the super-moons we’ve had this year so far, this is a great time to do a reset mentally, physically and emotionally. What will you manifest this year? Which wellness habits will you start practicing?



1. Meditation – “I am all that I am in the now”

The most powerful way to let go of all thoughts and be still in the present is through the practice of meditation. Being mindful and living in the moment is not something that comes easy for everybody, although it should. Naturally we are created to savour and live each experience, but somewhere along the way we lost the memo. So, we worry, and we continue to live in the past or hope for a better future, without actually seeing what’s right in front of us in the now. Assigning some quiet quality time every day can work wonders for your overall health. It can help you gain the clarity you need by giving your mind a break from the non-stop chatter. This month, commit yourself to at least 15 minutes of meditation every day. This is your quiet time, when you can close the door on all that’s been bugging you and just let yourself be calm and at peace. Press pause on life and simply be in the now, without having to pressure yourself into thinking or feeling anything.



2. Journaling – “I express myself freely”

Finding ways in which you can express yourself freely can be beneficial for your health in general. Through journaling you can declutter the mind, by putting your thoughts and feelings out there. It is a beautiful experience that does not require you to follow any rules and you might even be surprised how good it feels once you start doing it. Physically writing things down also helps you to let go easier, and through the process you might discover some great ideas which were somewhere in your subconscious mind, beneath all the other unnecessary worry. To get yourself motivated, buy a beautiful journal and some coloured pens.


spring clean


3. Mindful breathing – “I follow the rhythm of my breath”

We are constantly underestimating the power of our breath, still knowing that it is the most important aspect of life. So, if our breath is what keeps us alive, then how can we best use it so that we can activate our life force with more vibrancy? Daily pranayama/yogic breathing exercises are super effective for the nervous system, helping release worry, stress and anxiety. By connecting with your breath, you bring your attention to your current state of being, without being distracted of other external stimuli. Whilst there are different types of breathing techniques you can try; a simple way is to just bring your awareness to every inhale and every exhale. Sit on a chair with your back straight or lie down with your spine aligned and close your eyes. Relax your body and inhale through the nose, filling your lungs with air, pause for a second and then exhale through the mouth. You can do so at least 5-10 times or longer. Each time you inhale, know you are bringing a fresh supply of oxygen in the body, and with each exhale, release whatever you need to let go of.


4. Yoga – “I create harmony and balance in my body”

Physical purification of the body is very important and effective for a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is not a sport or a fitness regime, but a way in which we honour our physical, mental and spiritual self and bring these in harmony. In yoga we are always beginners. The mat is your safe space to help you connect with your inner self and let go of any physical and energetic blockages. Practicing yoga a few times a week not only can bring your body in balance but you also become more disciplined and self-aware. You begin to see just how amazing the body really is and start to respect and honour it.


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5. Get social – “I am open to connecting with other souls.”

Sometimes all you need is some social therapy, meaning going out with friends and having a good laugh. Social connections are super important, for they can soften our hearts and fill our lives with joy. Honouring others also means to honour yourself and making time for your loved ones is needed. Whenever I find myself in a bit of a mental funk, having a good catch up and light-hearted conversation with my closest friends works wonders. I travel a lot so it’s hard to physically meet, but even a video or audio call can be so energising, a time when you completely disconnect from your own bubble of life and step out of it. Openly communicating with others, sharing your ideas, thoughts and feelings can also activate and balance your heart chakra, the energy space in the body that governs trust, connection and unconditional love. The more connected we become to the external world, we also learn to trust our inner one.


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6. Take a break from social media “I feel connect with the external world”

Social media certainly comes with its benefits, especially if you travel a lot or use it for your business. But sometimes we can become so stuck in the “social” cyber world that we forget that there is a real world out there, waiting for us to go and be part of it. Give yourself the permission to switch off from emails, notifications and from posting your life to the world at least one day per week. It can be very challenging as most of us have become so dependent on it, but it’s important to take a break, restore and rejuvenate your mind from all the social media buzz.


spring clean


7. Start a walking challenge “I trust my own abilities to manifest and achieve my goals”

Walking outdoors is an amazing way to hit refresh for our whole self and connect with nature. It is also a great way to release those happy endorphins and get away from being surrounded by gadgets, chores and indoor stale air. By starting a challenge, your mind will become more focused and disciplined towards achieving a goal. When not in excess, goal setting and achieving is beneficial towards our overall health, but it also boosts our confidence and self-belief in our abilities. Walking is super relaxing and yet energising at the same time. So put on your trainers, leave your phone behind and get out there, exploring.

How will you honour yourself this month?



About the Author

Miriam Indries is a published author, yoga and meditation teacher, passionate about holistic healing. She is also a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner and NLP coach. A keen traveller, wondering soul and student of life, Miriam is the creator of, online platform empowering others to find their greatness.