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How to Let Go of 2017 and Jump Into the New Year with a Clean Slate

New Year

The New Year is here! With the turn of the year comes the time to let go of everything that happened in 2017 (good and bad) and make room for whatever awaits in 2018. Below are some tips to help you say goodbye to 2017 and embrace 2018 with a warm, enthusiastic welcome.

Before you plan, reflect on what has passed 

New Year

The rhetoric around the new year often involved words like “goals,” “resolutions,” and “change”. While I definitely support the focus on growth that the new year brings, I often find people are too quick to jump into the new without taking time to think about the old.

The dawn of the new year isn’t just a time to create goals for the future, but a time to reflect on the past. Take a moment this year to think about everything that happened in 2017. What were the highs? What were the lows? What moments make you feel strong and proud? What moments do you think you could have handled differently? Let 2017 be your teacher and use what you learn from the past year to shape your resolutions for the new year.


Fill this year with the things that nourish you 

On January 1st, 2018, we all throw away our old calendars and turn to the first page of our new one. You have 12 months of blank pages to fill. But don’t let the emptiness fool you. We have all learned from experience that if you are not careful, that year will fill up with unimportant and time-consuming obligations in no time.

When planning your new year, be conscious and mindful of every decision. When an opportunity arises, stop to consider. Does it nourish you? Does it make you feel stronger, healthier, or happier? Does it involve the people and things you love? Take care in crafting your 2018 calendar and it might just be the best year yet.

Don’t let your goals block out opportunities 

Again, I’m all for setting resolutions and creating a plan to achieve some new goals in 2018. I think goal-setting is an important and valuable step in growth. But I think it is just as important for growth to be open to things you may not have even thought of yet.

This year, set some solid, achievable goals and create a plan to meet them. At the same time, make an effort to stay open to opportunity. You never know when and in what form it will come to you and you don’t want to be so focused on your goals that you miss the chance to experience whatever wonders await in 2018!

This New Year, make it all about YOU! 

2018 is the year of YOU. Whether it’s making time to soak in the tub every week, joining a local sports club you’ve always been curious about, or going on a life-changing global adventure, let 2018 be all about things that make your body, mind, and soul happier than ever. Above all, that’s what I believe the New Year should be about. During the holidays we spend so much time focusing on the needs of others, so let the New Year be about returning to the self and making a commitment to prioritize your needs again.

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