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How to Practice Self-Love Through Exercise and Enjoy It

Self-Love Through Exercise

Self-Love Through Exercise

There are people who religiously work out and spend hours every week toning their bodies, all the while feeling like it’s some form of mandatory maintenance. Then there are those who, while training, use the opportunity to appreciate their spirit as much as their physique. They are grateful for their temple, they cherish their capabilities and happily work on building them up, in order to build themselves up one training session at a time. Exercise, as it turns out, can be a form of self-love, or merely a form of self-maintenance. 

Although you might begin a new workout routine wanting a new look, you can use this new routine as a way to build up your mindset, your confidence, and above all, your appreciation of yourself. This will only elevate the enjoyment you feel with every workout and it will help you feel better in your own skin. In turn, that will unleash an avalanche of positivity in your thoughts and actions and inspire you to love yourself more each and every day. Here’s how you can start this positive cycle!

Define your own dress code

Self-Love Through Exercise

The “dress for success” mantra in the world of fitness doesn’t only apply to the success of your workouts and the performance you’re able to build up for each individual session. It’s about finding the clothes that make you feel good in your own skin, that make you feel like you can move freely and not hide your body. You can research the finest workout apparel for women and find form-fitting, but also loose bottoms, leggings, hoodies, tank tops, crop tops, you name it. 

Wear your mind! Use a t-shirt with an empowering slogan so that it reminds you of your “why” every time you step up to the treadmill. Use your workout garments as a way to dress into your new role of a powerful, enthusiastic individual working her way to her goals. Treat yourself to a piece of clothing you like and wear it with pride – it’s just another way to nourish yourself!

Nourish your body right

Self-Love Through Exercise

Exercise is a great first step towards self-love, but it needs the support of proper nutrition. As the fundamental pillar of health and wellbeing, your nutrition will define how well your body adapts to your training, but also how energized you feel, how well you recover, and so forth. Too many women believe that simply cutting their portions in half or completely depriving themselves of food they love will do the trick. Nourishing your body and building self-love takes more than that.

You can start by creating a strong meal plan with all the needed micro and macronutrients accounted for. You can then elevate your energy by researching the best available women workout supplement options to see what makes sense for your training and nutrition needs. Learn what extra steps you can do for your body, and you’ll eliminate cravings, help your body recover properly, and elevate performance, all in one go.

Diversify your exercise selection

Self-Love Through Exercise

Some of us fear change, while others relish in the opportunity to try something new. Either way, trying out new movements, exercise plans, or even entire training approaches can be good for your body and soul alike. You can turn an ordinary workout into an adventure and take a hike in the wilderness with a group of people you love.

You can switch from an ordinary gym routine and take up a Zumba class or a yoga course. It can help you slow down or speed up. It can be a way to move your body differently and to keep your body alert and present in every movement, but it can also keep you motivated and allow you to avoid boredom.

Find your mantras

Self-Love Through Exercise

Positivity can stem from all kinds of places, your language included. We often derail our own self-love efforts by continuously being too harsh with ourselves. Would you ever use the same negative tone or words with your friend trying to lose weight, boost endurance, or simply get healthy? Hardly possible. You would likely use encouraging words, send empowering texts, and boost their self-esteem when they lack the morale to stay on track with their goals.

Look for affirmations and positive mantras that can fuel you to keep moving forward. It takes time to develop a positive mindset towards yourself, but self-love requires consistency, so you can practice in front of a mirror. You can have a few written down so that you can repeat them to yourself the next time you’re preparing for a workout. While you’re doing that, your mind will begin to internalize these positive thoughts and being to use them elsewhere in your life – which means you’ll have more love and compassion for yourself, and you’ll be a better companion to yourself in life.

Exercise can, indeed, become your therapy and a safe zone for you to experience growth, both spiritual and physical. For you to make the most of your workouts and your fitness in general, you can reinforce your training habits with other, supplementary behaviors like the ones listed here, and you’ll feel much more empowered in your new routine. No matter your physique or your goals, you’ll learn to love yourself every step of the way.

Self-Love Through Exercise