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Costa Rica’s Best Kept Secrets: A lesson to practice and practice!

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Last weekend was fun.
We decided to camp at Barra Honda National Park, in the province of Guanacaste.
It was raining cats and dogs, the camping area wasn’t too flat and we put our camping tent when we arrived at night, so you can imagine how comfortable it was… but after driving for about 5 hours, we were sleeping well.
I love Arenal area and if I could choose a place to spend the rest of my life, I could choose exactly the same! I pretty much enjoy my village, the people, the environment, everything, however Guanacaste has something special that calls me regularly and this time we just listened Mother Nature. She called us from Terciopelo Cave, 42 meters under the ground!
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We walked for hours under the rain. We saw different birds and lots of plants. When we got to the entrance of the cave, we discovered there was a 18 meters ladder. Wow! What an incredible experience! We decided to enter and I was really scared. It was dark and cold…
I am not completely sure if it was cold! Maybe I was cold because of my fears. Someone named this cavern “Terciopelo” which is the Spanish name of a poisoned snake from my beautiful country. You may have an idea about what I was expecting to find there, but I didn’t find any kind of snake, instead of this, I found myself.
I have been scared of many things during my life, I have been passing through many different situations and I thought I was weak because I cried, because I felt too sad, because I hadn’t the total control thousand of times and things were a disaster from my point of view.
I didn’t know I am too strong because I cried, because nobody always can have the control, because life goes as it is and it is always perfect, not from our point of view, but from God’s point of view.
The cave was dark and silent. It was good to me, it was amazing to stay there, I enjoyed the detail of not be able to see anything, what is invisible to the eyes is the most important to life.
When the exploration finished, I closed my eyes and that way I started to go out, step by step. My friend were laughing when they saw me going up the ladder with my eyes closed, but I was happy (and not too scary now).
The Lindsay inside me is Pura Vida! I like her very much! She has many mistakes and she tries to enjoy of the moment, she wants to improve and now I know she doesn’t care if life doesn’t go the expected way, she doesn’t care if there is darkness around, because the light is always inside her.
Nature is the best teacher and some important lessons can also be learned in Costa Rica!
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