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Tales from the Road: Scenic Overlook

Our trip to Costa Rica and Finca Luna Nueva has allowed me and the eight remarkable women on this trip time to relax, reflect and connect in conversation in the awesome beauty of the rainforest and the powerful shadows of Arenal volcano.

The nine of us have a common denominator: We are “driven” and bear a lot of responsibility. Relaxing and being still are practices that present challenges. In the wonder of discovering Arenal and Lake Arenal, we have found moments to sit and soak in the magnificence of being present here.

Yesterday, we were floating on paddle-boards on the world’s largest lake – with the remnants of the lost city of Arenal underneath us.  Most of are here seeking balance in our busy lives – so standing up on a paddle-board and finding a new balance in our yoga poses was an act of faith that we can do anything we set our minds to do. Even the familiar can teach us something new and show us how much courage we already own.

Our guide told us to not struggle with the balance – recognize a potential spill and to dive into the lake rather than fight. Let Go! Then get back on and seek balance – again. And again.

Our hike up the rocky sides of Arenal Volcano had us watching each uncertain step – not looking back or ahead until we reached a scenic overlook.  At the top of where we were allowed to climb, we got perspective on the view of the vast mirror of Lake Arenal and the mysterious volano looming above us hidden in its constant cloud cover. Our guide provided us with the stories of how the volcano’s past eruptions came with little warning and how it changed everything for miles, but nature, time after time, brought life back.  It’s a powerful moment when you realize that life is like this volcano. The best  we can do each day is to climb mindfully, take time at scenic overlooks and then proceed.

Today is the 4th anniversary of leaving my former job in a Fortune 50 company.  Arenal, the rainforest and these 8 amazing women are my scenic overlook. Onward!

Reporting from the field:
Andrea Dyer