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Tamales are Pure Art!

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My days have been too busy.

We have been organizing some art festivals in the village.
Last Saturday, my church (the one TNE has been supporting through different building projects) had a talent show and we could enjoy of the beautiful voices and amazing hand made creations that members and community friends decided to bring.
So I found myself sitting on the table, at the middle of this week and still busy, trying to find some great material to show, a good song to sing, a sublime poem to read or something for my own participation in the community art festival. Something!
Suddenly, I discovered that my two little boys were quiet and looking at me (which is extremely strange considering their full energy)
and I decided to get immersed into my kitchen.
As many mothers usually do, I asked them what they would like to eat and the response was… TAMALES.
Why not just cereal? Eggs? Bread and peanut butter?
They wanted to have tamales for dinner and they had a beautiful smile on their face.
When I call my mom in order to tell her this situation as a joke, she says ” Great! Make an extra big one for me”.
tamales are art2
And here I am. Tamales are still on the pot. Boiling…
While cooking the tamales, I think about the possibility to create a special dish for my art presentation and tamales look like a gift, wrapped in a natural way.
tamales are art3
Life is a gift. Food is a gift, too.
If we can have the energy to cook, it is great, but if we can have the energy and compassion to cook for others, that is ART.
Costa Rica has too much to offer! Life lessons can be wrapped in banana leaves sometimes and the best gift is what you do with your hands.
tamales are art1
On this rainy night, we are going to celebrate! Yes! We are going to camp in my living room tonight. We are going to eat tamales.
Now I know what to do as my “ART PROJECT”.
tamales are art7
Life goes in a slow way when you enjoy the privilege of having a family, having a place to call home and people around to call friends.
Art is what I learned tonight. The best expression of art is just to be here now!!!
Hugs to all the humans from this planet!
tamales are art6