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Top 3 Reasons You Should Teach a Yoga Retreat

Everyone knows that yoga retreats are the best. It’s a chance to relax and nourish yourself while some fabulous teacher leads you through an incredible yoga practice. That, of course, is when you go to a yoga retreat. But what about when you teach a yoga retreat? Sure, it may not be the unplugged vacation your students are going, but there is something special you get when you teach a yoga retreat. We think of it as one of the many perks of being a yoga teacher.

Oh the places you’ll go… When you teach a yoga retreat

teach a yoga retreat abroad

Not all of us can afford a spontaneous trip to Italy or Peru, and as a yoga teacher you know that cash flow isn’t always what you’d like it be. But when you lead a yoga retreat you have an opportunity to go to exotic countries all around the world… for free. In fact, in addition to free trips to countries like Guatemala or Costa Rica, you could be getting paid to teach yoga in these magical countries.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of a yoga retreat somewhere exciting, but could never really figure out how to afford it, why not teach a yoga retreat in the country yourself? It’s a great way to go wherever you dream of going without breaking the bank in doing so.

It’s a great chance to bond with inspiring yogis

teach a yoga retreat community 

One of the things we love about hosting yoga retreats is the incredible bunch of yogis we get to meet along the way. Every day someone new is signing up for our yoga retreats and each individual yogi brings a world view and a lifetime of experience that is different from what we know.

When you teach a yoga retreat you open yourself up to all of these people. Even if many of them are people you have practiced with in the studio, a yoga retreat offers a different kind of bonding experience where everyone can open up and share their authentic selves with one another. What better way to get connected with the inspiring yogis in your life than to lead them through yoga practices in some of the most beautiful places on Earth?

Your own practice will grow from the experience

teach a yoga retreat self growth  

Anyone who has taught yoga knows that teaching is an incredible learning experience and every class you teach serves to deepen your own yoga practice as well. This is especially true when you teach a yoga retreat. The intensive setting of a yoga retreat steeps you in the yoga world and the constant teaching forces you to face your boundaries and redefine your limits.

Our yoga teachers are constantly raving about what they learned by teaching yoga retreats with us and we are endlessly amazed by the wisdom that so many of them find during these experiences. There is something uniquely powerful about teaching a yoga retreat… something simply teaching in a studio cannot touch.

Want to find out how you can teach a yoga retreat in some of the most amazing locations in the world? We’ve got your back.