Reflections on my True Nature Italy Retreat


Ever wonder what life on a True Nature Travels retreat really looks like? Check out this awesome blog from True Nature retreater, Denneshia Brown, as she gives you an inside view of what to expect during a True Nature Italy retreat!  Reflections on my True Nature Italy retreat I am grateful for the opportunity to

Fall into Fall with the Nutty Apple Crumble


Ah Fall, where the colors change, there’s a bit of a chill in the air, the sun isn’t so strong, and we start to welcome back the foods of comfort and warmth. We start to enter a season that welcomes half of hibernation and half of exploring. t’s a time to get inspired and put

The Season of Change: 5 Tips for Making the Most out of Autumn

season of change 3

With the leaves going from green to red and the winds changing from warm to cool, it is no wonder autumn is considered the season of change. But it’s not just the environment that changes. Autumn heralds in a time of transition and invites us to embrace the energy of change. Of course, change can

Tips on How to Travel With Your Bike on an Adventure

traveling with your bike on an adventure1

You are ready and set to travel with your bike on an adventure. Have you packed all the essentials for your trip? This post will ensure that you do just that. You do not want to find out thousands of miles away from home that you left some essential items. While you want to keep

Take a Hike with the Barefoot Bar

The Barefoot Bar

Take a Hike with the Barefoot Bar Adventure; an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity; engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory. The summer and “Indian Summer” have so much to offer us with the outdoors. The sun is out, waters are warmer, family and friends are free

Top Three Things an Adventure Vacation Will Teach You

adventure vacation: rock climbing

Do you ever feel like lying on the beach for a week straight or going in and out of museums and art galleries just isn’t quite what you want from your vacation? Like there’s got to be something more? So did I. I wanted my vacations to be more interactive. That’s what led me to

Meet True Nature Leaders Sarah and Christine


Next summer, Sarah and Christine are leading “The Ultimate Amalfi Experience: Discover. Explore. Renew.” retreat in Italy. In this exclusive interview with True Nature leaders Sarah and Christine, we discuss yoga influences, favorite poses, passions, and more! Sarah is a Toronto based yoga teacher that that brings a fun, playful energy to her classes. She believes

Bringing Your Retreat Home: How to ease back into real life after a glorious week away.


“Bringing Your Retreat Home: How to ease back into real life after a glorious week away.” first appeared on Being Well Yoga. Thanks to author, Lisa Feder, for letting us share this amazing blog about bringing your retreat home and for her awesome tips about keeping the retreat wisdom alive long after the retreat is over!

Mediation and Running as a Cure for Depression?


Meditation and running has long been considered only for improving physical health. But the recent studies have shown that the running, along with meditation, will help a lot in preventing or reducing depression. People who have depression tend to be ruminative thinkers, and they worry a lot. They also tend to have a smaller hippocampus

Meet Ra Yoga’s Kyle and Kaitlin!


This fall, True Nature is heading to Peru with Kyle Weiger and Kaitlin Honeycutt of Ra Yoga. We’re offering an exclusive interview so you can get to know these incredible yogis and learn more about their upcoming retreat.  Interview with Kyle Weiger of Ra Yoga   1. How does the idea of community and connection play