Being a Dad… What Does Fatherhood Mean?


“Wow! Am I really a Dad?” Even after 6+ years, I am still settling into the humbling and miraculous journey of being a dad. Earlier this week, I recapped, with my wife Luna, the birth of our daughters, Jaya and Sasha. What an incredible journey, as these beings grew inside of their mother, and then

What am I here for?


What am I here for? It’s more than 14 letters creating a question. It is a question that I’d like to answer while I fight against resistance. After having a difficult time, we are probably not completely full of energy. I have been part of that group of people that are tired sometimes, but I always

Top Five Adventure Gifts for Dad

Adventure Gifts for Dad: Retreat

With Father’s Day only a month away, it’s time to start thinking about what to get dad. My dad has always been incredibly difficult to shop for. He refuses to tell me what he wants and I am left to search for the perfect gift with little to no guidance. But I have since mastered

My Mom Kicks My Butt


The morning air is crisp and just as I start crossing the road, my avalanche backpack on and skis over my shoulder, my mom has already clicked into her bindings and is taking a first stride up the track.  It’s cold, so I know I won’t see her for at least the first pitch- her

Cheers to Our Protectors, Our Creators, Our Mothers, and a Little Bit of Chocolate: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie (Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-Baked, and Vegan)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

What is a mother? She is a woman that helps create us and protect us. She carries us in her belly for 9 months giving nourishment and a home to grow in. A mother is a woman who dedicates her life to taking care of someone or something beyond herself. She is self-less, beautiful, and

Meet True Nature Leaders Susan and Christopher

Meet True Nature Instructors Susan Urquhart-Brown and Christopher Brown

Meet Susan Urquhart-Brown and Christopher Brown, two of True Nature’s incredible retreat leaders!  This fall, Susan and Christopher are leading the “Power of Presence” retreat in Peru’s Sacred Valley. In our exclusive interview with Susan and Christopher, we discussed yogic influences, passions, and the true power of presence! Susan is a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness

Top 5 Gifts for the Active Mom


Mother’s Day is around the corner. It’s time to start shopping! Traditionally Mother’s Day is filled with flowers, cakes, and charm bracelets. But that’s not every mom’s style. If you’ve got an active mom, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve created an ultimate list of gifts for the active mom. Every active mom will

Open Letter to Mom; Thanks for Teaching me to Find my True Nature

Open Letter to Mom: Paddleboard Yoga

Dear Mom, I remember when I was a little girl and you would take us to the beach. The other moms would lather up in sunscreen and hide under the umbrellas. But not you. You were right there with us, building sandcastles, body surfing the waves, and laughing in the sunshine. You never worried about

Step Out of Comfort and Into Adventure

Step Out of Comfort and Into Parachuting

Some of the most meaningful quotes I have ever heard are from individuals who are speaking English as a second language.  There is something about a limited vocabulary, and actually having to take the time to think about what you are saying, that can really boil an aspect of life down to a profound essence.

Meet True Nature Leader: Adriana Lee


At True Nature, we believe in the magic of movement and the bliss of being. These are things that True Nature retreat leader Adriana Lee loves sharing with others. She’ll be sharing this and more at her upcoming August retreat in Greece. We had the opportunity to ask Adriana a few questions about the retreat