Be A Change-Maker: 5 Steps You Can Take to Change the World


Many of us have the desire to take action to help our communities and the world but get stuck on where to start and what to do. Here are 5 steps you can take to change the world for the better: 1. Start with yourself: The first step to making the world a better place is to work on yourself. Identify areas where you can improve and take action to

4 Reasons to Lead a Retreat

Why should I lead a retreat?

  Leading a retreat can be a deeply rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. Have you wondered why you should lead a retreat? Here are 4 reasons why you might consider leading a retreat: 1. Share Your Expertise If you have a particular skill or area of expertise, leading a retreat can be a great way to share that knowledge with others. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, music, writing, snowboarding, hiking,

10 Tips for Mindful Gardening


Gardening can be a wonderful way to connect with nature and cultivate a sense of peace and mindfulness. Here are ten tips for making the most of your gardening experience. 1. Begin with intention: Before you start gardening, take a few moments to set an intention for your time with the soil. This can be as simple as taking a deep breath and thinking about why you are choosing to

Meet the Teacher: Daphne Larkin

Daphne Larkin Yoga Teacher

Daphne Larkin is an inspired vinyasa yoga teacher and industry leader based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Known as a teacher’s teacher, she has spent her life studying movement, music and the creative arts.   In 2004, she co-founded Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville where she directs Sanctuary’s Teacher Training programs and has been training teachers since 2008.  Over her 20-year teaching career, Daphne has created 2 popular instructional yoga DVDs, an

The Thing About Excuses

Aligning your life

We’ve had many challenges and uncertainties for quite a while, haven’t we? Perhaps you find yourself reigning in your spending, holding back on making decisions, and feeling cautious about taking your next steps. I get it. In spite of it all, are you doing what’s necessary to align to the life you truly want to live? Are you invested in creating your own desired destiny? I’ve heard many reasons to

Meet the Teacher: Stephen Kirsch

Yoga Teacher Stephen Kirsch

Stephen Kirsch (He/Him) Stephen fell in love with yoga many years ago when he was looking for a way to balance an active athletic lifestyle and work on his feet with a complementary practice. He quickly pursued training and began teaching at some of the biggest yoga studios in Boston. Stephen is passionate about guiding his students through a practice that encourages them to listen and be present and challenges

Give Yourself Permission to Relax — Here’s How


Stress is a normal part of work. No matter how much you avoid it, factors like heavy workloads, long hours, and tight deadlines cause stress. Over 61% of employees stated that stress caused them to experience tiredness and loss of control, leading to low productivity and inadequate performance. Additionally, stress harms your health. It increases blood pressure, causes headaches, and decreases immunity. If left unattended, you may experience fatigue and develop

Meet the Teacher: Cyndi Bulka Powers


Cyndi Bulka Powers is a Health & Wellness coach and has been a Yoga teacher for nearly 30 years. She owned a successful yoga studio for 15 years where her yoga classes, workshops, and retreats touched thousands of lives all around the world. Her teaching philosophy is kind and clear so she can meet students where they’re at, regardless of experience, age or physical condition. Cyndi encourages a non-competitive &

Worry and its Remedy

Worry and its Remedy

Worry. It’s an experience we all have at various points in our lives. Some of us are prone to worrying; some are chronic worriers. Oftentimes, we woe about things over which we have no control. Sometimes we worry about things that scare us, intimidate us or force us to step outside of our comfort zone. No matter the source of your worries, it is undeniably draining and exhausting to carry

Meet the Teacher: Laurel Morgan Parks


Crossover violinist Laurel Morgan Parks has been following her musical path since the young age of 4 when her dad brought home a banged up fiddle with a bow that lacked most of its hairs – it was love at first listen! As a professional musician Parks has performed with acts such as the Eagles, Sarah McLachlan, Amy Grant, Evanescence, Josh Grobin and Disturbed, but also with her own projects

Costa Rican Food: An Authentic Experience

Costa Rican food

Thinking of Costa Rica? (so are we 🙂 ) There are many amazing things I could say about Costa Rica. We can sit together to talk for hours about the incredible places to explore only 51,100 kms away, but from my experience, as a Costa Rican lady who loves her roots, I recommend you to try its food first. Afterward, dive into the beautiful nature, from the blue ocean to

Meet the Teachers: Myla Ivers and Lauren LiBrandi


Hello Lovely Humans, My name is Lauren LiBrandi and I am so excited to co lead the True Nature Costa Rica/Peru Retreats with Myla Ivers! Being a Sagittarius, I absolutely love to travel, learn new valuable information, and live life with a positive twist! I believe in the soulful medicine of laughter! On my day to day I focus on teaching/taking yoga, customizing  personalized stretch routines, Reiki healings, hosting sound baths,

5 Tips for Solo Vacationers

Solo Travel

  According to research, one in six Americans have taken at least one solo vacation. Traveling by yourself can be a rewarding experience, but if you have never done it before, it may seem unappealing. These tips from True Nature Travels will help you prepare to enjoy vacationing by yourself. 5 Tips for Solo Vacationers   Focus on the Benefits If you aren’t excited about the idea of vacationing alone,


Mobility Training

Targeted Mobility Training is a mat-based training method that assists clients with tight hips, locked up backs, and screaming hamstrings. (So that is everyone right??? – LOL) This training method assists movers to radically change their flexibility, range of motion, and mobility. Who doesn’t need that. This practice uses gravity and time against passive tension to melt into various poses. It is not about the pose – it is about