Labor Day.


Labor Day. What meaning do you find in those two words? For myself, I must admit that the meaning seems to be lacking. Yet I have always enjoyed this particular holiday, as it is one of the few that remains noncontroversial, without any associated traditions or religious origins and connotations. It is truly a unifying

The Inner Adventure; Spiritual Explorations in India


Some people fear the unknown; I chase it. Bungee jumping over waterfalls; zip lining through the rainforest; climbing barefoot in the mountains of Peru… adventure is my True Nature and it’s something I’ve pursued with eagerness and joy since I was a young girl. Most of my adventures tend to be outward facing. I’m frequently

Green Smoothie Creamsicles: A Nutritious Sweet Treat

green-smoothie-creamsicles-holding popsicle-over-others

What can be more refreshing than a frosty, bright popsicle? They’re an almost ubiquitous part of summer, and they are a truly revitalizing nutritious sweet treat that can be enjoyed at any time. What if you could have the creamy, sweet treat of a delicious popsicle while getting in a nutritious dose of veggies, too?

5 Best Summer Adventures You Don’t Want to Miss


Summer has finally arrived, so now it’s time to figure out how you can take full advantage of these sun-filled days! Many of us work during the weekdays, so this requires us to get creative with our limited hours of freedom in the evenings and on the weekends. Here are just a few summer adventures

A Yoga Sequence for Freedom


This Independence Day, I bring you a yoga sequence focused on freedom, the type of internal freedom that most of us struggle with daily. I am speaking about the freedom from stress and emotional pain and the freedom from physical pain. Believe it or not the two are linked. Often our emotional pain is manifested

Celebrate: 4th of July Eats


Welcoming July 4th with so much excitement and gratitude! It’s such a great day to take the time to be outside, be with the ones we love, and celebrate our lives. We start to welcome the summer season, the warmth, the activities, and the foods that come in abundance at this time. This is a

Solo Travel; The Road to Independence


I always considered myself an independent person. But as the youngest child growing up in a 95% white suburb of California, my understanding of what “independence” meant was about as deep as my understanding of “diversity”. In other words, it was very limited. My class schedule was dictated by the pressure of college applications. Which

To My Dad, My Coach, and My Role Model


When I was a little girl, my dad coached nearly all of my softball teams. As I got older, he continued to coach me beyond little league and onto travel summer ball.  We traveled the state and played tournaments nearly every summer weekend. I remember one tournament particularly well. We were in Santa Cruz playing

5 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day This Year

Celebrate Father's Day

My dad is my everything. He made me the person I am today and taught me the value of integrity, kindness, and generosity. Which is why, every Father’s Day, I am at a total loss for how on earth to show my appreciation. Now that I’m in my twenties, a hand-painted mug that says “#1

5 Tips On Preparing For Your Yoga Retreat


One of the main questions asked by people who are planning on attending a yoga retreat is how to prepare properly for the experience. Even if you’ve been to a yoga retreat before, every one is different so you can’t be certain that you’re ready mentally or physically to attend. If this will be your