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Why retreat?

Dr. Margo Bachman, DACM

Do you wonder what all the hype about retreats are about? Have you been contemplating signing up for one and are unsure if it’s right for you?

Let me invite you to learn about the plethora of benefits from going on a retreat. It all starts with taking a break from the demands of day-to-day life and providing an opportunity to unwind your nervous system and de-stress all the cells in your body. 

Retreats allow time and space to tune into yourself, take time to connect within, to be bathed by nature and rejuvenating practices and healthy foods. They also allow you to connect with others with a similar intention, providing support and camaraderie. Every day is full of new, meaningful experiences to purely nourish yourself on all levels- body, mind and spirit.

If your retreat includes a service project you have the option to participate in helping a greater cause. It can bring joy to the heart to step outside our immediate world and lend a hand to aid our planet.

And now imagine afterwards…. emerging anew, with more energy, vitality, and excitement for life- with greater joy, better sleep and digestion, more clarity and focus…and an increased ability to handle difficult situations since you have deeply taken care of yourself. Yes, these are all possible!

There is a concept called ojas in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a subtle aspect of ourselves, which is a deep energy reserve in the body. Ojas governs immunity and vitality, and helps to maintain natural resistance. It gives endurance and strength, and creates a buffer when harsh winds blow.

Ojas is lost by: 

  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • poor digestion
  • overwork
  • excessive challenging emotions

Ojas can be strengthened and replenished by: 

  • following a nourishing diet and lifestyle 
  • spending time in nature
  • sleeping soundly
  • taking a break from electronics and media stimulation; 
  • practicing meditation and certain breathing exercises  (pranayama); 
  • taking rejuvenating herbs

Going on retreat does wonders for ojas. Spending time away from computers, telephones, televisions, and your daily demands allows your nervous system to relax deeply and rejuvenate. Have you ever noticed a lustrous glow on people when they return from a restful holiday in nature? That is ojas.



Dr. Margo Bachman DACM has been passionate about natural medicine and healing for over thirty years. Her own healing experiences and innate curiosity continue to inspire her life and her career. She discovered holistic medicine to heal herself from menstrual problems, pregnancy loss, hormonal craziness and all sorts of other ailments and has been amazed by the power of natural medicine.

Join Dr. Margo as she leads you through a variety of healing practices to support and nurture your well-being. She will teach mindful movement, breath work, and meditation practices, as well as classes on Ayurveda, women’s health, and self-care. Help a greater cause by helping the endangered sea turtles on her upcoming retreat to Costa Rica.