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Thinking of Costa Rica?

(so are we 🙂 )

Costa Rican beach

There are many amazing things I could say about Costa Rica. We can sit together to talk for hours about the incredible places to explore only 51,100 kms away, but from my experience, as a Costa Rican lady who loves her roots, I recommend you to try its food first. Afterward, dive into the beautiful nature, from the blue ocean to the green hills; from the pasture lands to the exciting experience of staying in a luxury resort or just living with a host family who also represents a beautiful way to experience the luxury! 

The magic starts when you first taste the typical food.

The experience increases if you help to prepare it in a house, with a local family that will invite you to get immersed into the culture.

Costa Rican FoodYour trip will never be complete without having tried the Gallo Pinto, it is a traditional dish  of black beans and rice with onions, pepper, garlic and cilantro. That is the way we start our day, we invite the family members to help us preparing the breakfast, and Gallo Pinto is served with fried eggs or scrambled eggs, tortillas and sour cream. 

Life in Costa Rica is not fast. The rooster is our alarm to know when we need to wake up and the first one who goes to the kitchen is the one who will prepare coffee (in my case, I pretend not to listen the rooster, which is why my husband is the one who makes coffee every morning! Maybe this comment helps just in case you need a tip).

(photo credit: The Striped Spatula)

Once we are all together, we start helping each other in order to be ready on time and of course, to have the time enough to enjoy breakfast in calm.

We also eat some fruit or bread sometimes instead of the Gallo Pinto, but the legend says that when you eat Gallo Pinto you will have a lucky day and yes, we are lucky!

Today we are celebrating my dad’s birthday and I am baking a cake for him!

It is possible to buy a cake at the supermarket, but we normally bake instead of buying a cake. When you prepare it with love, the taste is unique and a birthday celebration is unique! That is the perfect opportunity to give a piece of love, handmade love.

Dad loves chocolate cake and I am sure you can find a recipe on the web or in cook books you have at home. Today I am going to share this moment with you and feel that you guys are going to join us in my Dad’s celebration. So here is the Arroz Guacho Recipe (Sticky Rice Recipe). It will be our main dish tonight, and it is prepared at mom’s home, on her wood stove.

*   *  *

Arroz Guacho

Cooking time: 1 hour.


1 lb meat, cut into 1- inch cubes

1 lb uncooked long grain rice, rinsed and dried

3 teaspoons vegetable oil

1 roll chopped cilantro

1 crushed clove garlic

1/2 cup red and green chopped pepper

1/2 cup chopped onion

Salt and turmeric to taste



Heat vegetable oil in a saucepan over medium high heat.

Add the meat and stir for five minutes.

Add water just to cover the meat.

Bring it to a boil until the meat is tender.

Add all the chopped veggies and stir.

Add uncooked rice and more water so that there is one inch above meat level.

Stir occasionally to avoid scorching until rice is cooked.

Serve with a home made tortilla and enjoy!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The secret to food that tastes so fresh and delicious in Costa Rica is because it is prepared with love and most of the ingredients are from the garden, planted by the family and completely chemical free. Greenhouses and agriculture are part of our culture. We always find a site to start planting vegetables and believe me, the taste is better when you have worked hard to enjoy the harvest.

I encourage you to prepare this delicious recipe and to find ways to plant seeds and watch how they grow. The process is medicine for the soul. Nature is the best doctor and the best medicine!


About the Author

Lindsay Padilla

Costa Rican mom of 2 boys. Spanish instructor and Program Coordinator in the village of San Rafael, Peñas Blancas, CR.
Lindsay has been a part of the True Nature team for many years, supporting our Costa Rican retreats.

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yoga teachers

Hello Lovely Humans,

My name is Lauren LiBrandi and I am so excited to co lead the True Nature Costa Rica/Peru Retreats with Lauren LiBrandiMyla Ivers! Being a Sagittarius, I absolutely love to travel, learn new valuable information, and live life with a positive twist! I believe in the soulful medicine of laughter!

On my day to day I focus on teaching/taking yoga, customizing  personalized stretch routines, Reiki healings, hosting sound baths, movement medicine and finding joy in the process of holding space for others. All these healing tools have helped me formulate Magician’s Method, my offerings to help guide others through their healing journey.

On my off time you can find me catching waves in Malibu or on a near by dance floor shaking my groove thang!

To move with Joy is to live through Spirit!

*  *  *  *  *  *

Hey everyone!

My name is Myla Ivers. A little about me, I currently live in LA with my two kitties, Flake and Ninja Bear. I am obsessed with  travel and documenting my adventures. I believe the key to staying young is to play more, that is definitely something Lauren and I always bring to our retreats.

When I am home I focus on my brand Master Your Magic, women’s transformation, empowerment and akashic records. The combination of clarity and confidence is a powerful thing and I love working with people who want to share their unique gifts with the world.

If you are looking for a retreat with two magical women, look no further!

*  *  *  *  *  *

Every retreat hosted by Myla Ivers and Lauren LiBrandi is a beautiful blend of yoga, reiki, akashic records, adventure, relaxation, community, energy and chakra balancing, great food and unique opportunities to immerse yourself in cultures around the world.

Ready to glow from the inside out in 2023? We got you!








Check out some of Myla and Lauren’s past retreats here:



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Solo Travel


According to research, one in six Americans have taken at least one solo vacation. Traveling by yourself can be a rewarding experience, but if you have never done it before, it may seem unappealing. These tips from True Nature Travels will help you prepare to enjoy vacationing by yourself.

5 Tips for Solo Vacationers


  1. Focus on the Benefits

If you aren’t excited about the idea of vacationing alone, you may be focusing too much on the perceived downsides. Instead, think about the benefits. Traveling solo forces you out of your comfort zone, encourages you to meet new people and is a great way to learn more about yourself.


Additionally, since you only have to cover your costs, you may be able to afford some experiences that would be too expensive if you had to pay for several people. Solo traveling also affords you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it.


  1. Choose the Right Destination

For most people, budget is a major consideration. Factor in the cost of airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, food, attractions and whatever else you will need to spend money on. Traveling within the United States is the most budget-friendly option.

travel destinationNext, consider how long you have. If you are going on a short trip, it probably doesn’t make sense to go someplace where travel time will use up most of your vacation time. Consider the time of year. If you are looking for a place to escape the summer heat, a destination like Canada might be a good option.

Consider what you like to do. If you love the beach, a destination known for its breathtaking beaches, such as Costa Rica, might be just the place. Finally, consider the practical aspects. Will you be comfortable in someplace where most people don’t speak your language? What kind of transportation and access to technology does your destination have? Do your research, particularly if you are considering a destination you have never been to before.


  1. Book in Advance

Spontaneous travel can be fun, but it can also be risky. You may arrive at your destination only to find out that there’s a big event in town and all the hotels are booked or renting out for a price that is way higher than you budgeted for. Booking important accommodations in advance provides you with peace of mind that you won’t be scrambling to find transportation or a place to sleep.

The same rings true if you want to attend any retreats or group trips during your vacation. For instance, if you’re planning to attend one of the many incredible yoga retreats offered via True Nature Travels, it’s important that you have everything squared away as soon as possible. This is important because many retreats can fill up quickly — which could get in the way of your plans.


  1. Practice Doing Things By Yourself

If you aren’t used to doing things alone, the idea of traveling solo may give you anxiety. Start practicing before your trip. Make plans with your friends and then show up early. Go on a day trip by yourself. Take a bus or a train alone. Many people experience the spotlight effect when doing activities, such as eating or going to the movies alone. Plan a few solo dinners at local restaurants to get used to this feeling.


solo travel


  1. Stay Safe

Traveling alone is not as dangerous as a lot of people fear it is, but you should take safety precautions. Avoid staying in a ground-level hotel room and lock your luggage whenever you leave. Lock the deadbolt on your room door. If you notice any suspicious activity, notify the front desk or the police. Be aware of any cultural expectations if you are traveling in a foreign country. Some countries may have expectations about appropriate clothing and other etiquettes that you aren’t used to.

It is normal to be intimidated by traveling alone for the first time. However, the more you prepare, the easier it will be. When you choose the ideal destination for your budget, book in advance and have a plan for safety, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy a solo excursion that will quite possibly be the first of many to come!


Are you looking for the ultimate travel experience? Consider a retreat with True Nature Travels. We offer retreats at destinations around the world. Check out our calendar today!

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Angel’s Aspirational Account

A past retreat participant shares her experience on a Costa Rican getaway with Jen Brewer.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

It’s been over a week since I woke to an alarm clock of howler monkeys, toucans and other tropical birds. It’s hard to believe a trip that you spend an entire year anticipating, in the midst of a global pandemic–when things are so weird–is finally here. Then seven quick days go by, and it’s over. The realization that I’ve already been home and back to work a week, time moves so fast!

I wanted to take a little time and reflect on my trip. I don’t want to forget any of it.

If you’ve been in my circle for any amount of time, you are not surprised that although a slight reservation about money I had my bag packed, so to speak, and was on board for a trip to Costa Rica early on. To be quite honest, I didn’t even know where we were going exactly. A friend’s dad had spent some time in CR and when she asked me where I would be staying, I couldn’t answer her. In fact, on the flight from Charlotte to San Jose, a sweet lady sitting next to me asked the same question and the only answer I could give her was the name of the resort. When she asked, “but what town”? I had no clue. I am certain she thought I was crazy or irresponsible, maybe both! But you see…when you trust your people, it doesn’t matter what town you are going to be visiting. I knew without a doubt that all I had to do was get to the San Jose airport and Jennifer would have the rest of the details wrapped up with a bow. She was my fearless leader for the week and I never had any concerns.

This trip was a yoga retreat. I mean, just read the description, how could I not sign up for this? The Lord knows I need to work on “practicing joyful living”.

“Reset, refocus, and learn to access the joy that lies within. In our everyday lives it is easy to fill the calendar to the max and stretch our limits. When life gets stressful it is easy to forget how to create our own self-care rituals. This retreat has been designed to bring awareness to the quality of thoughts, habits in body movement and posture, and the overflowing of our calendars. During your seven day stay you will be encouraged to slow down, breath deep, connect with nature and move mindfully.”

I get it…a yoga retreat seems so bougie. I was a little apprehensive at times to say that was what I was going for. I didn’t talk much about it before I left. People probably wondered why I would go on a yoga retreat – I mean, I do yoga, occasionally, but I’m certainly not a yogi – YET. But as we all know, I keep a bag packed and am ready to go whenever and to wherever the offer is made. But that description?? Yes, please!

So, with the balance paid for the trip I made my passport application, booked my flight and waited. I was a nervous wreck. Not nervous about Costa Rica  per se, or the virus; but nervous I wouldn’t have all my paperwork in order and I’d end up having to spend the week at the airport because I couldn’t get through customs. Or that I would have forgotten something significant and there wouldn’t be a Target to run to.



My husband and I needed to leave for the airport about 3:30am, and we finally got on the road just a little after 4 – SO TYPICAL. It was Daylight Savings Day – bad idea, lol, for a flight that leaves THAT early in the morning. Thankfully, our airport is a small airport and most of the staff and crew forgot it was DST also. I made it through security and on the plane with no issues. It was pitch black and COLD when we took off and the plane even had to be de-iced. It’s a quick flight from WV to Charlotte, thankfully, and a nice reward for being up that early was I managed to be up high enough and early enough to see the sun rise from above, what a sight! I love the sunshine, and it was fun to welcome her to work that day.

The Charlotte airport was PACKED out. I haven’t been around that many people in one place in – well, in over a year! CLT was the place that all my “covid related travel requirements” would first be checked. Score for me, my Costa Rican health questionnaire was completed properly and I was cleared to board the plane. Flying in to San Jose, all I could see were the mountains and I kind of felt like we took a wrong turn and I was back home. But, once I stepped foot off that plane, I felt the difference in the air and knew we had not in fact taken a wrong turn – but this also meant I had to ditch my sweatshirt, pronto!

The San Jose airport isn’t huge, and I managed to make my way to baggage claim to look for the travel rep that would be meeting us. This is where I met two of the sweetest women, who would become some of my favorite people during the week. Jennifer had mentioned to me that there would likely be two women from HHI on my flight, but I had no clue who they were…until I saw them. I have a steel trap mind for faces and I immediately recognized sweet Barbara from last summer when she and I were doing some virtual yoga classes with Jennifer, during the pandemic. If you know me, you know I’ve never met a stranger so I walked right up to she and Frances and asked if they were there for Jennifer’s yoga retreat. I think I may have scared them a little…I get it, it does seem kind of stalkerish, but it’s who I am. Lol

The 3 of us gathered our belongings and off we went. Once outside we were greeted by the sweetest travel representative, she was there to take us to the hotel. She told us her name was Jenni – without the –fer. Our hotel was only minutes from the airport so it wasn’t long before we were checked in and settled, heading off to the pool…get me to some sunshine, STAT! I had also met Pam by this point, another student of Jennifer’s from HHI, and the 3 of us headed to a lounge chair to chill in the warmth of the sun. It did not disappoint. We had a nice dinner at the hotel that night, went over our Monday morning game plan for breakfast and catching the shuttle to the coast and then we all retired to our rooms. Jen and I shared a room that night…I think we may have talked until we fell asleep, and I’m not sure who was asleep first. What a long day it had been.

Up and at ‘em early…the shuttle was set to meet us at 7:45 am for the three-four hour trip to the coast. Along the way, we stopped at a roadside fruit stand and bought local plantain chips, mangoes and a papaya, lol. We also made a pit-stop at the Crocodile Bridge and saw what must have been very old crocodiles under the bridge, they were massive! I had just watched the movie The Penguin Bloom on Netflix and all I could think about was “don’t lean on the rail – it might break and you’ll be eaten by a crocodile” (that’s what happens to the mom in the movie, except she isn’t eaten by a crocodile – she’s paralyzed).


Costa Rica Yoga RetreatFinally, we arrive at the resort, La Cusinga Lodge and Spa, walk up the jungle lined walkway and are greeted by a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean AND a HUMPBACK whale showing off. WHAT??? What a treat! We were served fresh pineapple juice with spearmint upon arrival and we stood in awe of the view before us. I don’t exactly know how everyone else felt, but this girl from little ol’ West Virginia felt incredibly fortunate. Okay, Okay…you’re right, there were tears. We journeyed over to the restaurant and had the best meal – so far – of the day. Lol. We would quickly learn that each meal we would be served would be THE BEST MEAL. Fresh, local, much of it farm to table…it was ALL so good. The manager took us on a tour of the property – showed us to our rooms, the path to the swimming hole, the pool and how to get to the yoga studio – also breathtaking! Jennifer and I had a room with a great view for the week! Shocking to no one…our door remained open most of the time, just like our college dorm room.

The next 6 days would be spent waking up to the sound of howler monkeys, jungle birds and rain forest bugs. We were up with the sunshine, errrrr, monkey howling, and the day was underway. We meditated and had breakfast, did yoga and ate lunch. Spent several hours lounging at the pool or hiking to the ocean and exploring caves, reading in hammocks or getting a massage (everyone but me!). Evenings would be filled with dinner and then restorative yoga. We went from daylight to dark and I wouldn’t have had it any other way – it was fabulous, much less stressful than when I’m daylight to dark at home. Most of the week, it felt as though we slept for 2 days at a time and then lived life for 4 days worth of time.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat


In addition to good food and a lot of yoga, a few special things we participated in were: a visit to the Whale’s Tail one afternoon and had a picnic lunch. It was beautiful and can best be appreciated by googling it so you can see some drone pics. We walked the beach when the tide was low, and it would soon be swallowed up by the ocean again. It definitely makes you appreciate the way nature does its thing and doesn’t need any of us to remind it how to be perfect. Another thing we did was participate in a traditional cacao ceremony. This event was quite spiritual and personal for me, so I won’t write much about it here. Just know that it was deeply impactful and I’ll never forget it. The least fun excursion we had was getting tested for Covid. The guy was very kind and gentle – thank goodness. We eagerly awaited our results…half joking that maybe we’d be positive and have to stay.

This trip was one I’ll never forget. I got so much out of this week: time with an old friend, met three new friends, experienced the culture of another country and was well cared for by the staff at La Cusinga – I mean, seriously, they could not have been any better!!  Every single second of this trip was better than I could have ever imagined.


So much thanks to offer up:

*New friends – you guys were warned that I’m a lifer, you’ll never get rid of me! Thank you for being a part of my safe zone that week, and making me feel like I’m part of the HHI pack! I’ll see you for dinner the next time I’m there, count on it!yoga retreat

**Jennifer – thank you for organizing a trip that allowed me to practice joyful living – something that I had forgotten how to do. Thank you for letting me see I’m capable. That I can take up space. That I have the strength to hold Mountain Pose (my least favorite pose – I always feel SO vulnerable) as the one I wanted a picture of, to capture the growth I had; I’m now ready to face whatever comes at me! Thanks for helping me find it in me. I hope this won’t be my last Jen Brewer Yoga trip.

***My husband – THANK YOU for loving me enough that you are okay giving me room to be me. Thank you for supporting my need to be with my friends, while knowing I miss you much. I appreciate your trust and that you encourage me to go – to live – to do. Next time, you’re getting on the plane too…you have to see this place.

COSTA RICA – thank you – you were so kind to me ❤️

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Island of Dominica: Yoga Retreat & Nature Center

Dominica retreat

With a 180-degree view of the ocean as your backdrop, this Caribbean gem on the Island of Dominica offers a dynamic collection of retreat, adventure, spa treatments, wellness, yoga, gourmet cuisine, local culture, and history. With the deep energy of this special center and the crystal blue ocean surrounding, immerse your senses in all this escape has to offer. Hike to thermal heated waterfalls, snorkel internationally known Champagne reef, soak in mineral springs, indulge in spa treatments, and discover Caribbean cuisine. It’s the perfect spot to unplug from everything as you reconnect to yourself and the Nature Island of the Caribbean.


  • Luxury villas
  • 2 fully-equipped yoga studios with views of the ocean
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Indoor and outdoor gourmet Caribbean restaurant
  • Spa services
  • On-site trails
  • Ocean adventures including kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching
  • Explore the tropical rainforest with its captivating waterfalls and healing hot springs
  • Rich community service education programs

True Nature Travels Blog


Jamaica yoga retreat

Surrounded by lush hills and valleys, a pristine river running through it, and the sun shining on the majestic landscape, this retreat location calls you to slow down, listen, and let go. This Jamaican retreat includes a private section of the beach with a beach house that is 15 minutes from the venue for your ocean getaways during your stay.

Whether you are practicing yoga, overlooking the endless mirage of lushness, eating the fresh local cuisine, hiking or horseback riding the trails, or learning pottery while overlooking the river, this Jamaican sanctuary is all about the full experience that can happen while on retreat.


  • Beautifully restored villas originally built in the 1700’s all with air conditioning and private bathrooms
  • Two pools to cool off during the warm Jamaican afternoons
  • Friendliest staff around that has been on-site for over 20+ years
  • Wonderful trail system for long mindful walks and hikes leading to a cleansing river where you can take a swim
  • Full horse stable offers trail rides through the property and surrounding trails
  • Professional pottery studio where you can take workshops onsite
  • Private Beach with beach house for your retreat beach days (15 mins drive and transportation is provided)



Join Luna and Katy for this once-in-a-lifetime yoga, meditation, and music retreat.  From the Jungle to the Sea, we will immerse ourselves in Jamaica’s sacred lands to slow down, find balance, and remember joy.  Good hope is a magical place located 20 minutes into the mountains on a 3000-acre fruit plantation.  Good Hope also has a wonderful beach dwelling that can be used as much as wished. Read more here.


In this week-long retreat in beautiful Jamaica, we’ll let go of the to-do lists and the “shoulds” and instead reconnect with our practice, our community, and our true Self. Through daily asana and meditation practices as well as the study of the Yoga Sutras, you’ll unite mind, body, and spirit and, in the meantime, connect with like-minded happy yogis in a fun and easy environment. Leave the retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-focused on what’s truly important in life. Read more here.

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Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Ahhhh, Panama.

This country has it all. Colorful beaches, tropical gardens, and incredible biodiversity provide many opportunities to explore this rich country. The immense natural beauty of lush rainforest, towering mountains, long coastlines, wetlands, plains and pastures will ignite your soul.

This secluded island retreat venue is a unique gem in the islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama. Step away from reality and stay in one of the 10 incredible over-the-water bungalows with glass bottom floors and private decks. From there you can swim and snorkel in the crystal blue waters.


  • 10 over-the-water bungalows along with three additional overflow beach houses
  • Each room is air-conditioned and includes a private bathroom, hairdryer, safe, and as well as complimentary towels and snorkel gear
  • Hold your classes in one of two outdoor spaces both only feet from the water
  • Enjoy local island cuisine with wonderful vegetarian options along with fresh fish and seafood
  • Explore adjacent pristine uninhabited islands
  • Take a private boat through the mangroves; see sloths and other wildlife
  • Take a short walk through the forest into the local community where you can also have an opportunity to take part in a local service opportunity

A wonderful local island staff is there to support you and your group with anything you need.  Appreciate true tranquility in an unforgettable site that embraces the essence of True Nature.


We have three NEW retreats coming up in 2023!


During this retreat, we will explore yoga through daily practices as we elevate our awareness and open our hearts to the tropical beauty of Panama. All classes are geared to all levels of practitioners with modifications offered. Beginners are welcome! You will enjoy a sense of community and connection with others while accepting an invitation to drop into your SELF. Read more here.



This retreat is for the sincere water lovers! The merpeople we are at heart find the water to be a kin element. This retreat is also for those that hold dear the influences of yoga, meditation, and relationship to spirit. We will immerse ourselves in this island environment, exploring themes of connection, replenishment, and water’s role in ritual to cleanse, hold creative intentions, and carry the vibration of our prayers. The teachings and practices will celebrate our relationship to the waters, and co-create sacred, transformational space together. Read more here.


Give yourself this gift of renewal with daily yoga and meditation classes, communing with nature, and exploring the beauty of this exclusive secluded island. You will be wrapped in good energy day after day from nourishing food and life-affirming rituals of health and wellness. This is a unique opportunity to be in the community of yogis who support and care for each other while awakening the deep, spiritual, mental, and physical wholeness that everyday life can deplete. Read more here.

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The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Zen into Your Life While Traveling

If you decide to add a little Zen to your life, know that both your body and mind will benefit from
it. To do it, get up early, exercise regularly, take a breath, practice meditation, etc. Incorporating
Zen into your life will bring you many benefits. Then you will realize that you have improved
focus and concentration, got a calm mind and inner peace, and improved insight.

Incorporating Zen into your life doesn’t have to stop when you go on vacation. Choose
destinations that offer some Zen activities. Below you can find out more about Zen activities you
can do on vacation. Accordingly, make an effort to find tourist destinations that offer such

Keep reading to find the ultimate guide to incorporating Zen into your life while traveling.


Meditation is one of the most famous Zen activities. Therefore, look for places to rest where you
can practice meditation unhindered.

Meditation gives you a sense of peace, calm, and balance. Practicing meditation improves your
overall health and emotional well-being. In addition, through meditation, you can relax and learn
how to cope with stress. Meditation helps you stay focused, improve concentration and keep
inner peace.If you want your vacation to be relaxing and to return home with a lot of energy, meditation is an
excellent activity that you can practice on your vacation. This Zen activity will allow you to get a
home ready for new business ventures.

To incorporate Zen into your life while traveling, choose destinations that offer excellent places
for meditation. Those places usually are located in remote areas where you will practice
meditation in complete peace. Deserts in forests, banks of rivers, or streams are the best places
for meditation. When deciding where to spend your vacation, consider this.

The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Zen into Your Life While Traveling-1

Photo by Prasanth Inturi


Golf is an entertaining Zen activity. If you want to spend a relaxing vacation and incorporate Zen
into your life while traveling, choose places that have golf courses.

Golf as a Zen activity involves playing with a relaxed, clear, and focused mind. The key to
success in golf is the ability to quiet your mind and focus on the shot. A great time to play Zen
golf is on vacation. Golf will help you relax, have fun and recharge your batteries.
Playing golf will relieve you of stress caused by various factors. Playing golf individually or in a
group is a great way to forget your problems and spend quality time.

A vacation that will include playing golf every day is great for those who want to incorporate Zen
in their lives while traveling. Therefore, when choosing vacation destinations, choose those that
offer golf courses and golfing. There are many such places around the world. If you decide to
visit Arizona, don’t forget to book the best Scottsdale golf packages. You will relax, have fun and
return home full of energy!


Yoga is a Zen activity that includes breathing techniques, mindfulness, and yoga pose. This
activity involves focusing attention on the present. People who regularly practice yoga aim to
calm down the mind.

Yoga helps in improving flexibility, strength, and balance. Through yoga, you will improve your
overall health. Also, it helps you to relax, relieve stress, and sleep better.
Therefore, if you plan to spend your vacation relaxing through yoga, find places that offer such
opportunities. Costa Rica, India, Argentina, and Thailand – are countries considered the best for
yoga retreat vacations. Therefore, if you want to incorporate Zen in your life while traveling,
choose places offering the possibility of practicing yoga.


Photo by Chevanon Photography

Art colony

The art colony represents the exchange of artists’ ideas with each other in one place. If you are
an art lover and it is something that fulfills and calms you, choose a vacation where you can
admire various works of art every day. Whether it is Italy or France, and regardless of whose
works, such a vacation will be relaxing for you, and you will be able to recharge your batteries.
When choosing a destination for your vacation and your passion is art, find ones that will allow
you to enjoy various artworks every day. That way, you will incorporate Zen into your life while
traveling and feel relaxed and fulfilled after your vacation.

Wrapping up

Incorporating Zen into your life while traveling will bring you many benefits. Therefore, choose
destinations where you can perform Zen activities such as meditation, yoga, golf, or admire the
art colonies, and the like. Get home relaxed with recharged batteries from your vacation!



The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Zen into Your Life While TravelingSadie Brooks

Journalist graduate, travel aficionado, and someone with endless curiosity. Lives in San Francisco, and enjoys reading, cooking, and comedy songs.

“Run from what’s comfortable. Be notorious”


You can follow me on Twitter

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Call it “vacation syndrome”- you have just arrived in a new country where there are sights to see, tastes to try, new adventures to experience. You don’t know where the local gym is, and your usual routine is interrupted by the novelty and excitement of being in this foreign place. So your usual exercise routine slides a little. And then a lot. And before you know it, by the time you get back home you have to scramble to pick back up whatever healthy workout habits you had established before you left to go traveling. 

That is a common story for travelers, whether you are traveling occasionally for business or pleasure, or living life as a digital nomad. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of your surroundings to get in great exercise while traveling. Let’s take a look at how. 

Workout While Traveling_5

Pack For Your Workout

One way to ensure that you are ready for exercise while traveling is to prepare before you leave home. Packing for your workout doesn’t have to mean lugging along a ton of additional gear (you are obviously not bringing your weights and treadmill along with you), but could mean throwing in a few travel-specific additional items that can help make a big difference as you pack. 

Include a pair of good sturdy shoes that are comfortable for hiking, walking, or running. Pack multipurpose clothing items that can work for workouts or days spent sightseeing out on the town. Leggings and tank tops can be easily transformed into a stylish outfit with the addition of layers, then stripped back down to a great workout outfit. 

Consider buying a travel yoga or exercise mat- these thinner mats fold or roll up to be extremely small, so you can conveniently fit them into your suitcase. An exercise mat is a handy thing to have while you travel; it will allow you to set up your workout station wherever you are. So you can do some sun salutations on the top of a mountain, or challenge yourself with sit-ups and push-ups on the beach. 

A few other helpful items you may want to pack include: 

  • Hand grips
  • Headphones
  • Your smartphone or tablet
  • A jump rope
  • Resistance Tubing
  • A swimsuit

If you already have these items ready and waiting to be used in your suitcase, then getting into your workout while traveling will be even easier- without any need to go searching for the nearest gym. 

Do An Online Workout

No matter where you are, you can always get in a guided workout by using an online program. Checking in with your usual online fitness routine can help you stay grounded as you travel, and make sure your workout plan is on track. There are plenty of online fitness classes to choose from, so consider what your top priorities are. 

If you are going to be traveling in a place with limited internet access, you may want to look for an online fitness class that allows you to download videos ahead of time. That way you can tune in and follow along even in the depths of the jungle, or wherever you may be exploring.

Plan A Social Workout

Sometimes working out by yourself can be a drag. Maybe you need the motivation of exercising alongside other people, whether that is virtually or in person. If that is the case, you can look for group activities on sites like Meetup or even Facebook. 

Yoga sessions outdoors, group hikes, and even dance clubs are all great ways to get out there, meet new people, and get active. Plenty of hostels offer workouts like rooftop exercise or yoga sessions, where you can mingle with other travelers while taking in the surrounding environment. 


Check Out Your Surroundings

One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting in a great workout while traveling is to make it feel like an adventure. There are so many fun activities to try as you explore a new place and many of them will help you get in a good workout without even noticing that you are exercising. Here are a few:

Go For A Hike:

Discover the terrain that you are visiting by taking a long hike in the mountains. Challenge yourself to reach a particular vista and watch as the lay of the land spreads out way down beneath you. Bring a friend along and you can make it a race to reach the peak!

Bicycle Around:

Rent a bicycle and explore the surrounding landscape- whether that is an urban environment, a beach path, or a riverside excursion. You will have your muscles working and keeping you fit as you take in the sights and sounds to be experienced.

Dance Dance Dance:

Love hitting the club to go dancing? Taking a dance class, or simply sweating it all out at a dance party, is also a great form of exercise.

Swim, Surf, Snorkel, Dive:

If you are staying near a river, lake, sea, or ocean, then checking out the water sports and activities available is a must. Learning how to surf not only keeps your body active but also allows you to practice a new skill. Swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving are all also activities that will naturally keep you feeling fit and strong as your muscles keep working to help you dive down deep and stay afloat.  Try signing up for a free diving class, then practice on your own- you will be so enthralled with the beauty of witnessing the depths of the sea around you that you may not even remember that you are getting in a workout at the same time.

Walk Everywhere:

Walking is the best way to get around when you travel. Not only will you be able to people watch, learn more about the place you are in, and open yourself up to the beauty of what surrounds you, but you will also be getting exercise as you get from place to place. Where possible, always opt for a walk or bicycle ride instead of the subway, bus, or taxi. Walking equals sightseeing, so look out for surprising features hidden in the landscape as you go.

Workout While Traveling_4

Final Thoughts

Whether you are setting aside time (and part of your budget) to go specifically towards exercising while you travel, following along with an online course in your new surroundings, or getting active out in the local environment, there are plenty of ways to keep up your workout routine as you travel. 

Take advantage of where you are to make your program more exciting, enticing, and enjoyable. Use working out as an opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, or see new sights. Getting active is a great way to explore the world, which is really what traveling is all about in the end. 

True Nature Travels Blog

Local Travel is a great way to satisfy your wanderlust yet stay safe in these uncertain times. Usually, traveling near home provides you with safety, plus you don’t have to rely on agencies or even other people—it’s a great way to have a solo adventure or a couple’s adventure. Additionally, traveling locally is very green since it produces minimal pollution and you get to see how beautiful your area is and awaken your eco-friendly spirit. 

If you’re planning to finish this year with a short trip, here are five ways you can travel locally and stay green and responsible: 

Hop on the train

Hop on the train

One of the easiest ways to travel locally and stay green is to hop on a train and enjoy the mystery ride. Your drive can be quick or it can last a few days or weeks as you jump off and on at random interesting places. Every stop will have something interesting to offer, plus you’ll get to enjoy great comfort and beautiful views (cars and trains don’t share the same routes, so new sights will definitely blow your mind.) 

And another thing, the greenhouse effect of gas emissions per mile from a train is 80% less than cars, and the only way to travel greener is by walking and cycling. So you’ll not only get to see your area from a whole new perspective but also be green in the process. 

Go out camping

Go Camping

If you’re looking for a cheap and exciting way to explore nature and sites near your home, go camping. In certain countries, you can practice free camping, meaning that you can set up camp practically wherever you want. This makes for a great combination of hiking and camping—it doesn’t get any greener than that. You get to explore your area, rest when you want to rest, and stretch your adventure for as long as you have food and energy to go forward. 

And camping can be very green in the environment. If you choose a nearby location, hike there and bring minimal pollutants, you can basically be completely carbon neutral. Of course, make sure to leave no trace or disturb animals and plants. 

Have a boating excursion

Have a boating excursion

Not many vehicles and vessels allow you to experience the world the same way as boats do. They provide you with freedom and give you peace and quiet only the ocean can provide. Plus, you’ll fall in love with the sea and become conscious of all the ways we’re polluting it and destroying its wildlife. And no, you don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy a boat ride. 

In spots with harbors like Sydney, you can easily rent a boat and have a fun excursion. There are practical and affordable options for boat hire in Sydney, so gather your friends and go exploring the city’s coast. Depending on your travel style, you can organize an action-packed excursion from Circular Quay to Manly or have a relaxing sail on a private yacht along Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. This is also an especially fun way to mark a special occasion and a way to travel while respecting all the pandemic safety rules in your state. 

Organize a road trip

Organize a Road Trip

If you’re eco-conscious, you might choose to avoid cars as much as possible, but the thing is that you can organize a perfectly eco-friendly road trip with a few tweaks. The first good idea is to rent a green vehicle that uses a mix of renewable fuels or less carbon-intensive fossil fuel. You can also choose locations that are near your home to reduce travel time. Just take a look at the map, pick a spot you’ve never visited before and start your ride. Find the shortest route to your destination and once you arrive, park and let your legs do the exploring. 

Try Ride-Sharing 

Try ride sharing

If you want to explore your country and meet new people in the process, you can turn to ride-sharing. This tradition is a great way to reduce costs by sharing petrol and reducing CO2 emission (one car produces less pollution than two). And don’t you worry about safety because you don’t have to stand on the side of the road with a sign hoping a good person will stop. Today, you can join communities participating in ridesharing apps

Domestic travel is a great idea, no matter if you need a safe way to travel due to the situation or just want to green up your life. If you pick one of these ways to travel, you can be a very eco-conscious traveler whose hobby and passion doesn’t leave a black mark on the environment.