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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Latin American culture by experiencing it firsthand. Diverse and vibrant, these immersive experiences take you beyond the realm of the ordinary, plunging you into the heart of local traditions.

Local Festivals

Festivals play a crucial role in Latin America, offering a glimpse into the region’s cultural essence. For instance, the ‘Festival de la Luz’, a breathtaking parade of lights held in San José, Costa Rica‘s capital. The festival features illuminated floats, marching bands, and fireworks, bringing the city to life with color and music. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead celebration is a unique blend of indigenous beliefs and Catholicism, characterized by vibrant altars, marigold flowers, and sugar skulls.

Traditional Workshops

Participating in traditional workshops can be a captivating way to learn about the local customs and crafts. In Peru, you can join a weaving workshop in the Sacred Valley, where you learn traditional Quechuan weaving techniques from local artisans. Panama, a land blessed with fertile soils and a perfect climate, is also a thriving hub for cacao production. Chocolate lovers and curious travelers alike can partake in the “Cacao and Chocolate Tour” in Panama‘s Bocas del Toro region. This immersive journey begins at Up in the Hill, a certified organic farm and chocolate factory, where visitors can witness the entire process of chocolate making – from cacao pod to delectable treat. Here, one can learn about the cultivation of cacao trees, the fermentation and drying process of the cacao beans, and finally, the transformation of these beans into rich, aromatic chocolate. The tour concludes with a tasting of the farm’s finest chocolate products, a sweet finale to a fascinating cultural experience.

Culinary Experiences

Guatemala, the heart of the Mayan world, boasts a vibrant and unique gastronomy that is deeply rooted in its rich cultural heritage. An unforgettable culinary journey through this Central American gem should definitely begin with its national dish, “Pepian”. This traditional stew, a blend of roasted spices, meat, and vegetables, offers a taste of the complex flavors typical of Guatemalan cuisine. In Oaxaca, Mexico, partake in a Mezcal tasting tour to learn about the production of this traditional spirit and taste the different varieties.

Each of these experiences provides an authentic insight into Latin American culture, making your travel truly enriching. So on your next trip, don’t just visit Latin America, experience it!

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True Nature Travels Blog

Ever wonder what life on a True Nature Travels retreat really looks like? Check out this awesome blog from True Nature retreater, Denneshia Brown, as she gives you an inside view of what to expect during a True Nature Italy retreat! 

Reflections on my True Nature Italy retreat

True Nature Italy Retreat6I am grateful for the opportunity to travel abroad to Tuscany, Italy through True Nature Travels. My life was impacted in a way no words can express. I met a few the most amazing people while being there. Living with them for a week helped me to embrace no longer being an individual, but being apart of a family. From eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together to sharing the very same rooms and facilities, I wouldn’t have traded this experience for nothing in the world. Everyone was so diverse in their various ways including myself but yet we blended very well.

Our guides Molly and Franz did everything in their power to make sure we had a true and authentic Italian experience. They worked well together as a team and executed every tour and service project we involved ourselves in. They welcomed us with open arms to their home, provided us with comfortable beds and wonderfully prepped meals from talented chefs. Such amazing hospitality! The environment was just so friendly and relaxing that I didn’t want to leave. The atmosphere helped me unwind and leave my thoughts of negativity at home and the yoga sessions inspired me to take better care of my body. 

The experience that impacted my time being in Italy most was meeting with African refugees who traveled from their homeland to Italy in search of new and better life. I was able to connect with a few of them and I’m glad I decided to step out of the box and get to know them. They shared experiences both good and bad and I shared mine as well to show them that they were not alone. I encourage them as they encouraged me and we left lasting imprints on one another’s hearts. To know that there are people like me that have a passion to excel and achieve their goals let’s me know that I too am not alone on this journey.

I would love to travel abroad again through True Nature Travels! This whole trip was an impactful one in various ways! I would recommend all NHSLS students to grab a hold of this opportunity when it comes back around, you won’t be disappointed.

About the Author: Denneshia Brown

Denneshia Brown, attending York College in Queens, New York where she’s currently pursuing a bachelorette degree in Social Work. Due to her life changing experiences as a teenager, she’s developed a heart for young people and desires to impact those lives with the various gifts and talents of inspired by creativity. An active youth and worship leader at her local church, she inspires youth to embrace being unique and to stand out amongst their peers in boldness! Inspired by her desire to travel and her recent trip to Italy, she developed an interest in social issues as a whole and hopes that in due time, she can help advocate for a groundbreaking change on macro level  for those in need.