5 Green Ways to Travel Locally

5 Green Ways for Local Travel

Local Travel is a great way to satisfy your wanderlust yet stay safe in these uncertain times. Usually, traveling near home provides you with safety, plus you don’t have to rely on agencies or even other people—it’s a great way to have a solo adventure or a couple’s adventure. Additionally, traveling locally is very green

6 Ways the Great Outdoors is Great for Your Health

6 Ways the Great Outdoors is Great for Your Health

When you’re having a rough day, a little sunshine and a cool breeze can work wonders for health. There’s just something about being surrounded by nature that lifts your spirits. Time outdoors makes even the most stressful of days seem just a little bit better. The idea that spending time outdoors can improve your mental

12 Calming Activities You Can Do Outdoors

15 calming outdoor activities

Spending time in nature has been proven to be good for humans. Even throughout the rush and bustle of the last couple of decades, as we have seen technology explode in use around the world, there will always be parts of us that need the Great Outdoors. It has been shown that spending time outside

4 Travel Trends to Anticipate After the Pandemic

4 Travel Trends to Anticipate After the Pandemic

The pandemic has effectively put a halt to many of our travel plans. Due to border closures, flight cancellations, and lockdowns, it was essentially impossible to travel safely back in 2020. But now that more people are getting the vaccine and economies are starting to recover, traveling is certainly back on the table for many folks. In

5 Ways Nature Impacts Our Well-Being and How to Have an Amazing Outdoor Adventure

5 Ways Nature Impacts Our Well-Being and How to Have an Amazing Outdoor Adventure

In our pursuit of health and happiness, we tend to focus so much on the material goals and taking a daily multivitamin, that we completely forget about Mother Nature how much the modern lifestyle has distanced us from our roots. Yes, you can have an amazing life chasing after material goals or simply by eating

New Destination: France!


BONJOUR! Have you ever wanted to go to France? How about rolling out your yoga mat in a beautiful Chateau in the countryside of France? True Nature Travels is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Chateau de Bardouly in Saint-Aubin-de-Cadelech, France!   We invite you to retreat at Chateau de Bardouly, an elegant 17th-century

5 Ways to Love and Respect Yourself Through Healthy Living

5 Ways to Love and Respect Yourself Through Healthy Living

It’s so easy to get sidetracked when stress becomes too overwhelming. We focus on so many external factors like job performance, appearance, and meeting societal expectations that we forget what makes us happy and fulfilled. So much so that many people abandon their health goals or even kick-start new ones, but for the wrong reasons, which only means

How to Practice Self-Love Through Exercise and Enjoy It

Self-Love Through Exercise

There are people who religiously work out and spend hours every week toning their bodies, all the while feeling like it’s some form of mandatory maintenance. Then there are those who, while training, use the opportunity to appreciate their spirit as much as their physique. They are grateful for their temple, they cherish their capabilities

5 Essential Survival Skills Every Adventure Traveler Should Master

5 Essential Survival Skills Every Adventure Traveler Should Master

Nature-based travel has become our escape from the stress of the pandemic, a means to restoring our connection to Mother Earth. While we have yet to go back to restorative yoga retreats, some still crave the adrenaline-packed adventure trips that help you feel pure exhilaration and still get away from the pandemic-related chaos. The preparation

Spring Yoga Reset

Spring Yoga Reset

Get inspiration to declutter, detoxify, and make space for your intentions and dreams. Learn simple tips to declutter your house, declutter your mind and declutter your life! Learn how to detoxify your body with the cleansing power of green foods and join me in the kitchen with a workshop on mason jar magic. Finally, explore

Spring Self-care with Detox Tea

spring detox tea

“The rivers are swollen with snowmelt, and the sap is starting to run in the trees. All the moisture that was bound by freezing temperatures is now moving to clear winter stagnation.” -Cara Barstrom. Just as nature is starting to unfold from its slumber, our bodies start to crave a sense of lightning and clearing.

New Retreat Destinations in the U.S!

United States Retreats

True Nature is thrilled to announce a catalog of retreats in the United States!  We hope you can join us in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, the beautiful desert in New Mexico, and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina on a relaxing and inspiring retreat!    TAOS, NEW MEXICO ENCHANTED DESERT RETREAT CENTER

4 Tips for Planning a Safe Road Trip


The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced you to put your travel plans for 2020 on hold. But as restrictions lift, you might be interested in exploring past your own backyard once more, especially during the holiday season. In 2021, travelers will begin venturing out again while taking steps to stay safe. You may want to

Most Beautiful Secret Beaches in Europe You Should Add to Your Post-Coronavirus Bucket List

The hidden gems of the Makarska Riviera

The past year has been stress-filled, uncertain, and challenging for most of us. Not only have we had to deal with loss of various kinds, the loss of freedom to travel and explore, the loss of freedom to interact the way we’re accustomed to, all the way to the loss of our loved ones, the