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Meet the Teacher Sianna Sherman and Masood Ali Khan

Sianna Sherman: Love-In-Action, Visionary of Rasa Yoga Collective


For nearly three decades, Sianna Sherman has been a beacon of love and wisdom in the global yoga community. As an international yoga teacher, she has touched the lives of tens of thousands of students and fellow teachers around the world. Sianna is not just a teacher; she is Love-In-Action, committed to serving humanity through her transformative offerings.

Visionary Leadership:

As the visionary behind the Rasa Yoga Collective, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL, Sianna fosters community and collaboration. Her teachings extend beyond the physical practice, delving into the realms of mythology, ritual, and soulful connection. A gifted storyteller, Sianna awakens the imagination through the language of the soul, inviting participants into a sacred space of self-discovery. 

Shadow Work Apprentice:

Dedicated to the path of shadow work, Sianna weaves this transformative practice into every offering. She invites her students to explore the depths of their being with humility, devotion, and a profound care for the collective. Sianna’s commitment to emotional intelligence, social justice activism, anti-racism, mantra, and Tantric yoga philosophy creates a rich tapestry of teachings that inspire and empower.

Love Beyond Boundaries:

Sianna leads Rasa Yoga teacher training courses and a 13 Moon Mystery School, sharing her wisdom with those who seek a deeper understanding of the yogic path. A featured contributor to magazines, podcasts, and summits worldwide, Sianna extends her reach to inspire and uplift the global yoga community.

Fearless Heart Activation:

In partnership with her Beloved, Masood Ali Khan, Sianna co-hosts the Fearless Heart Activation series. This initiative aims to inspire courageous conversations and create brave spaces for real transformation in these times. Together, they crafted Alchemy of Love, supporting couples in deepening relationships and emotional intimacy.   

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Masood Ali Khan: Bridging Music, Meditation, and Healing


Masood Ali Khan, a multifaceted soul, is a father, men’s group facilitator, shadow explorer, energy healer, meditation and yoga instructor, and a unique musician of prayer. His journey of infusing the power of heart-centered music into the practice of bhakti handpan kirtan has made him a pioneer in this meditative art form.

‘Music & Meditation as Medicine’:

Masood’s music is a prayer, a ceremony, and a vessel for healing. He holds ceremonial spaces that uplift and transform, creating a meditative experience that merges the healing potential of heart and mind. His acclaimed music albums resonate at international festivals, Rasa Yoga teacher trainings, ‘Alchemy of Love’ couples retreats, and ‘Alchemy of Avalon’ pilgrimages with Sianna Sherman.

A Web of Love:

Through sacred mantras, Masood’s music brings voices and prayers together, interconnecting hearts across the globe. His vision is to cultivate a mindset of peace, compassion, support, and liberation, fostering unity and love in the collective human experience.  

Alchemy of Love:

Masood, alongside Sianna, co-created Alchemy of Love to support deepening relationships and emotional intimacy for couples. Together, they inspire others to have the courage to feel, heal, love, and evolve, serving humanity through their transformative offerings.

In the synergy of Sianna Sherman and Masood Ali Khan, the union of yoga, music, and healing becomes a potent force for personal and collective transformation. Embark on a journey with these soulful guides, and may you find inspiration, love, and a profound connection to the heart’s wisdom.


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