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Aligning your life

We’ve had many challenges and uncertainties for quite a while, haven’t we? Perhaps you find yourself reigning in your spending, holding back on making decisions, and feeling cautious about taking your next steps. I get it.

In spite of it all, are you doing what’s necessary to align to the life you truly want to live? Are you invested in creating your own desired destiny?

I’ve heard many reasons to explain why someone has fallen away from their yoga practice, deferred a trip to recharge or put off working on any personal issue that would elevate their quality of life. People have complained to me that Yoga retreats or coaching is too expensive. I’ve also heard “I don’t have time.”, “I’m too tired/exhausted/overwhelmed/stressed out.”

Let me ask you this…How much time do you spend on stuff that doesn’t serve you? Think about the hours spent mindlessly watching TV, shopping for stuff you don’t really need, partying, going out to eat, scrolling, gossiping…all the while lamenting and complaining about the very things you wish to change?

If you’re exhausted, that’s a really important reality to reckon with. In fact, it’s an epidemic in our culture. But, time marches on and life will certainly pass you by if you accept being exhausted, burned out, sick, miserable, stressed or whatever adjective you want to use.

Is being content with discontent the way you want to spend your precious time on this earth?

Facing your fatigue, resistance and excuses lights up a giant neon arrow that points straight at your own evolution. Investing your resources is worth every minute, every

dollar and every ounce of fortitude you can give it. Regardless of the self talk re-runs looping in your mind about your perceived limitations, you likely have more agency to change than you actually realize.

I’ve taken some brave steps out of my comfort zone over the years that have provided me opportunities to challenge my own thinking and behaviors. I’ve invested thousands of dollars and countless hours in Yoga training, coaching training, therapy, personal coaching, and online courses. I made the time to learn new things despite a busy life.

I had to look at myself in the mirror and reckon with my demons and distractions. Not always easy, but so worth the investment.

Can you afford just a few minutes each day to invest in yourself? Truth is, you can’t afford not to! Just get on your yoga mat and breathe. You don’t have to demand a grandiose practice of yourself, just a smidge of time to simply breathe and be.

That’s a really great start to investing in your happiness and well being. Who knows what could arise from this simple act of self care?




Cyndi Powers is the mindset mentor for changing the way you think about your body, food, exercise and your life.

She’s been a Yoga teacher for more than 25 years, a Thai Yoga bodyworker, owned a Yoga studio, is an Integrative Health Coach, and now provides a fresh perspective and blueprint to living a healthy, happy life of abundance without stressing over the scale or what you can or can’t eat. Join Cyndi in Panama May 7-13, 2023!