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Experience the Rhythms of Joy with Tiina Kivinen

With December just around the corner, our 2012-2013 retreat season is about to be underway. One of the first retreats on our calendar is Rhythms of Joy: A Costa Rica Yoga Experience, from January 12-19, 2013.
Hosted at the beautiful Nosara Bed & Breakfast Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica, you will experience a week-long immersion in yoga, nature, rhythm, and spirit along the Pacific Coast near one of Costa Rica’s best-protected wildlife preserves. Within the nurturing environment of jungle life, daily yoga classes will guide you through the tuning of your individual spirit alongside a thriving community of yogis.
The retreat will be co-hosted by True Nature Education Co-Founders, Joshua Canter and Kristin Luna Ray, alongside the talented Tiina Kivinen. Tiina is a wonderful yoga teacher, hailing from Ontario, Canada, and having achieved her 500-HR Professional Level Certified Yoga Teacher through the Nosara Institute. Her Costa Rica yoga roots have remained strong as the assistant director of Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training in Nosara. When she is not in Costa Rica, Tiina teaches at Hot Yoga Peterborough in Peterborough, ON.
I was lucky to catch up with Tiina to check in with her about the upcoming retreat and gain some insight into her thoughts and excitement.
True Nature Education:  Thanks for taking some time away from your busy schedule! We are so excited to return to Costa Rica and unite with you for this unique program. Tell us, what is your intention for the Rhythms of Joy retreat?

Tiina:  My intention for Rhythms Of Joy retreat is that everyone who participates will get exactly what they need out of the experience… especially a heightened state of love, joy, and peace! Being on a yoga retreat can be a highly transformative experience, especially in such an inspiring environment as Costa Rica, and the practices that we are bringing together; kirtan, yoga dancing, yoga practice, mindfulness, all awaken a state of innate joy and praising of life!
As assistant director of Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training at Nosara Yoga Institute, I have seen time and time again the amazing healing power of dancing in the epic and beautiful nature of Costa Rica.
The Rhythms of Joy Retreat will inspire you to sing and dance, linger in nourishing stillness and deepen your experience of asana and meditation. Moving the body freely, joining our voices in song, diving into asana and meditation practices, while in the cathedral of nature will bring the experience to a whole new level of transformation.
TNE:  How does Costa Rica and this retreat create vital mental and physical health for the individual?
Tiina:  This retreat creates vital mental and physical health for the individual and community as we will be practicing yoga, meditation, yoga dance, and kirtan in the amazing nature of Costa Rica. Not only a yoga retreat, Rhythms of Joy will inspire you to sing and dance… practices that are integral in maintaining the health and vitality of the individual and community. I’m often inspired by this Gabrielle Roth quote:

“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?”

Awaken from a blissful yogic relaxation to the green jungle life and feel the presence of pure prana, life-energy vibrating within and around you. Dance in the warm waves during sunset, feeling the body of the ocean moving in rhythm with your own body, cleansing away anything that no longer serves you. Chant divine names and songs of praise with other friends and yogis in harmony with the singing birds and howling monkeys.

Costa Rica is truly an incredible place to refill your well and dance and sing in your true nature!

For more information on the Rhythms of Joy Retreat, contact us at or by phone at (800) 482-5215.