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LILA: Divine Play with Farah Nazarali

Farah Nazarali

True Nature was able to spend some time getting to know Yoga Teacher and Podcast Producer, Farah Nazarali. Take a glimpse into her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.

TN: How does the idea of “DIVINE PLAY: IMAGINE, CREATE, PLAY” incorporate into your upcoming Yoga Retreat, and what themes do you see coming up throughout the journey?

FN: I choose the word IMAGINE because visualization is such an important part of creation. We must be able to see, visualize, and imagine something before we can birth it into form. When we imagine the best version of ourselves, it opens up the possibility for us to step into that version.

During the Retreat, we will speak about svadharma or soul purpose. When we are connected to our soul purpose, we are able to tap into a greater force in our lives to support us especially in times of hardship. The other piece of soul purpose is that our purpose is connected to the well-being of the whole and that sheds new light on our relationships because it is in being in relationship that we are able to shine our Light.

The Retreat is also about health as a foundation for a fulfilling, purposeful and empowered life. Yoga offers so many tools and practices- not only for physical health but for mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. I am hoping the Retreat will inspire people to commit and re-commit to those practices that are health-affirming; plant-based food, sunshine, nature, movement, oceans and forests, rest, and play.

When we are on track with our health, we can examine and inquire into the deeper questions of life. With so much violence, inequality, racial and social injustice, we need as many people as possible that are healthy, connected to their soul purpose, and inspired to contribute to the health, happiness, and justice for all.

Humans are born of God and we carry within our hearts a Divine Spark. When we are connected to our hearts, we feel connected to all of life and we can use our CREATIVE capacities for meaning, purpose, justice, and harmony. When I say CREATIVE, I’m not referring to what is artistic; rather I am talking about the ability to bring into form; to create, to manifest. And, I’m not talking about manifesting our ambitions and desires that are self-serving; I’m referring to a creative capacity to bring into form events and experiences that serve the aspiration of the soul- to love and serve all of creation, equally and without reservation. This is why I choose the word CREATE.

As for the word PLAY- play is an important part of spiritual life. It gives us joie-de-vivre or the joy of living. As adults, we are often burdened by responsibilities and roles and we forget how to play and cultivate joy. Dancing, singing, and being outside offer opportunities to re-connect with the spirit inside us that is loving, playful, spontaneous, and abundant.


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Farah Nazarali is a podcast producer, an advocate of natural medicine and plant-based diets, and an inspirational yoga teacher who lives and teaches by example. She has been leading Retreats for several years and is a beloved teacher in Vancouver, Canada. She has a passion for creating long-lasting transformation and facilitating life-changing experiences.

In her free time, Farah enjoys ocean-bathing and forest gazing and is working on her first book- Drisht Point: A Portal to the Sacred.