Being Something More with Sheetal Ajmani


Sheetal Ajmani is passionate about empowering others to live a life from their souls calling. As a pediatrician and yoga teacher she has found the perfect balance between sharing eastern and western philosophies of what the picture of true health looks like and it all begins with being connected to what feeds your heart and makes you feel aligned with your spirit. Her retreat next summer in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Letters from Lindsay: The Tico Life


Before you pack and take a plane to Costa Rica, consider reading this. Sometimes I am jealous of the ones that work in a building, with air conditioning and luxury lamps and decorations… But then I take a step back. Look where I live, look where I work. I just sit on my porch and look at nature’s decorations on my floor. There is a butterfly that almost looks like

5 Ways Moving to Costa Rica Improved My Health


By Alana Roach Alana is a part of our 2015 True Nature Education Faculty. She is leading her first retreat January 17th – 24th in Santa Terest, Costa Rica. First published on her blog. Pura vida or PURE LIFE holds true in Central America for me. It was a big reason why I came back after visiting for the first time only 6 months ago. Despite my best efforts on

#EverydayMindfulness Instagram Challenge October 1-14!


Please join us from October 1-14 for our very first Instagram Challenge! (btw – we are @truenatureeducation on insta) Yes, we are finally jumping on the instagram challenge train – and when our team here at True Nature thought, “What sort of challenge would reflect what is important to us,” MINDFULNESS came up right away and how we look to bring presence and mindfulness into our work for the company

Being Something More with Devon Schmidt


Beautiful beaches, peaceful serenity, daily yoga; that and much more sums up the experience that is waiting for you with Devon Schmidt and the Day Yoga Studio Yoga Retreat.  We caught up with Devon and she filled us in on her Costa Rica bucket list and what “being something more” means to her. What does it mean for you to “be something more” as part of your yoga practice, teaching,

Being Something More with Jeff "Firewalker" Schmitt


It is not everyday that you have the chance to meet a Shaman.  We are deeply honored to introduce you to Jeff Firewalker.  He and his wife are leading a Yoga and Shamanic Healing Retreat in March/April 2015. What does it mean for you to “be something more” as part of your yoga practice, teaching, and your intentions for your retreat? For me, ‘being something more’ has always been a

Being Something More with TNE Faculty – Crystal Gray


Get to know Crystal Gray, TNE Faculty and hosting a “Surrender to the Flow” retreat in Costa Rica next winter. Embrace your own inner weirdness along with Crystal and her retreat partner, Carrie Williamson while you chill in a tropical paradise. 1. What does it mean for you to “be something more” as part of your yoga practice, teaching, and your intentions for your retreat? Being something more in my

Being Something More – Andrea Dyer


Veteran TNE faculty member, Andrea Dyer has her 4th Annual Mind | Body | Fitness Yoga Retreat coming up in early 2015.  Andrea has a great community behind here that is on board for a little fun in the sun – and there is always room for one more!  She has definitely found her “Costa Rica Legs” as she puts it and would be an amazing guide and teacher for

Top 10 Questions Your Students Will Ask You About Your Costa Rica Retreat


You have done it! You’ve been dreaming about leading students through flowing yoga and mediation practices within the heart of the jungle or along the shore of the ocean.  And, now it is manifesting into reality! You are leading your first retreat in Costa Rica!  First of all – YAY YOU!  Secondly – Now what? Well, here is where we can help.  Now it’s time to not only share and

Being Something More with Karina Ayn Mirsky

Karina Ayn Mirsky, MA, ERYT, Sangha Yoga Institute

Take a sacred sabbatical from your busy life and the cold winter weather.  Join Karina Ayn Mirsky on the Pacific shore of the lush Costa Rican Rainforest.  This retreat offers an opportunity to restore your vital energy, revitalize your life, and reach into and out from your Heart. Learn more about Karina’s retreat and register here. 1. What does it mean for you to “be something more” as part of

Community Kitchen: Fermented Tomatillo Salsa Verde


Trish Carty is a part of our 2015 Teaching Faculty. She is leading an incredible retreat, Fermentation for Your Mind, Body & Spirit on an amazing bio-dynamic farm February 7-14, 2015. Her blog, Keep the Beet keeps you on the cutting edge of the wonderful health benefits of fermented foods. This great summer salsa recipe is perfect keep on hand for a post yoga snack! Last summer, at the Farm

Being Something More with Alana Roach


Alana Roach is committed to getting the very most out of the spiritual experience she is having in this human lifetime. She has chosen to share her discoveries on the yoga mat with her students and the TNE Community is thrilled for her upcoming retreat, Explorations of Self, in Santa Teresa, January 2015. Here is what Alana has to say about what it means to “be something more…” What does

Being Something More with Trish Carty


Trish Carty is a part of the 2015 True Nature Yoga & Wellness Faculty. Her retreat, Fermentation for your Mind, Body, and Spirit combines nutrition with a focus on making your own fermented foods and yoga against the backdrop of the rainforest. Her blog, Keep the Beat, is packed full of wisdom, recipes and information to help people live and enjoy a healthy life. What does it mean for you

Defining Jungle Love – Karma Yoga in Action


Last week on yoga retreat with Missy Balsam Yoga, we had an amazing group come together at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge. For our service “karma” yoga project, we reached out to a local tico family — a mother and daughter — to give their house new life with a fresh coat of paint. Having endured hard times of late, the mother and daughter had been robbed the week before. What’s